ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
38557 1/2 an hour ago PyTuple_GetSlice docs minor inaccuracy open wim.glenn docs@python enhancement 1
38554 3/4 hours ago A fatal error in test_descr has PR open ZackerySpytz     3
38539 3/4 hours ago Update demo files has PR open ju-sh rhettinger enhancement 5
35448 an hour ago ConfigParser .read() - handling of nonexistent files open Adrian Wielgosik   enhancement 3
25635 an hour ago urllib2 cannot fully read FTP file open keakon   behavior 3
24313 1 1/4 hours ago json fails to serialise numpy.int64 open thomas-arildsen   behavior 15
28562 1 1/4 hours ago test_asyncio fails on Android upon calling getaddrinfo() has patch open xdegaye   behavior 4
38555 6 hours ago Undefined behavior in dictreviter_iternext has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
38490 8 hours ago statistics: add covariance, Pearson's correlation, and simple linear regression has PR open twolodzko steven.daprano enhancement 7
38524 8 hours ago functools.cached_property is not supported for setattr open hongweipeng docs@python   8
38517 8 hours ago functools.cached_property should support partial functions and partialmethod's has PR open Ricardo Branco   enhancement 2
38534 8 hours ago Version 3.8.0 has released with a wrong MS KB number reference open seahoh docs@python resource usage 4
12178 10 hours ago csv writer doesn't escape escapechar has patch has PR open ebreck   behavior 10
38483 10 hours ago [venv] Add ~/.venvrc to change module defaults has PR open cooperlees   enhancement 4
38547 11 hours ago test_pty fails when using setsid() open vstinner     1
38553 yesterday Document functools.cached_property supports value updating and clearing open Epic_Wink docs@python enhancement 3
38328 yesterday Speed up the creation time of constant list literals. has PR open brandtbucher   performance 5
38551 yesterday lib2to3 Grammar.txt doesn't have Python 3.8 grammar changes open Peter Ludemann   behavior 3
36541 yesterday Make lib2to3 grammar more closely match Python has PR open thatch   behavior 7
38546 yesterday test_concurrent_futures: test_interpreter_shutdown() warning "reap_children() reaped child process" on AMD64 RHEL7 3.x open vstinner     4
20443 yesterday __code__. co_filename should always be an absolute path has PR open yselivanov   behavior 18
38550 yesterday hashlib missing algorithms has PR open floppymaster   behavior 5
38533 yesterday v3.7.5 py script run ok with python.exe but not pythonw.exe (python silent console not working) open 4evermaat   behavior 11
32856 yesterday Optimize the `for y in [x]` idiom in comprehensions has PR open serhiy.storchaka   performance 9
38552 yesterday Colored Prompt broken in REPL in Windows in 3.8 open MinchinWeb   behavior 1
31202 yesterday Windows pathlib.Path.glob(pattern) fixed part of the pattern changed to lowercase whereas it should be unchanged. has PR open brice.gros   behavior 5
38486 yesterday Dead links in mailbox doc open inada.naoki docs@python   2
38549 yesterday Compiler build paths and related environment variables are ignored for native builds open Alex Grund   compile error 3
38472 yesterday GCC detection in is broken open Alex Grund   compile error 3
38500 yesterday Provide a way to get/set PyInterpreterState.frame_eval without needing to access interpreter internals open fabioz   enhancement 1
38466 yesterday [Easy doc] threading.excepthook doc talks about "object" open srittau docs@python   3
38544 yesterday test_venv: test_isolation() failed on AMD64 Windows7 SP1 3.x: directory not empty: Scripts\ open vstinner     5
38510 yesterday build python with --enable-shared with static linked python against libpython*.a has patch open Chiu Speq   behavior 1
17852 yesterday Built-in module _io can lose data from buffered files in reference cycles has patch has PR open arigo nascheme behavior 67
36732 yesterday Windows: test_asyncio: test_huge_content_recvinto() fails randomly with ProactorEventLoop open vstinner asvetlov   9
38502 yesterday regrtest: use process groups has PR open vstinner     9
36990 yesterday [AIX] test_asyncio.test_create_connection_ipv6_scope fails(in mock test?) open Michael.Felt     1
37897 yesterday test_asyncio hangs on an IPv6-only host open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith   2
37516 yesterday test_asyncio logs: Unknown child process open gburgess   compile error 4
36790 yesterday [Windows] test_asyncio fails with application verifier! _cancel_overlapped() fails with "The handle is invalid" open Alexander Riccio     6
23819 yesterday test_asyncio fails when run under -O open brett.cannon     3
37415 yesterday Error build Python with Intel compiler: <stdatomic.h> doesn't provide atomic_uintptr_t has patch has PR open Saszalez   compile error 13
38085 yesterday Interrupting class creation in __init_subclass__ may lead to incorrect isinstance() and issubclass() results open xitop   behavior 2
38538 yesterday dictobject dictviews don't return NotImplemented for unrecognized types. open mdk   behavior 2
38541 yesterday Performance degradation of attribute accesses in Python 3.7.4 open ttrd   performance 1
26389 yesterday Expand traceback module API to accept just an exception as an argument has PR open brett.cannon   enhancement 16
37759 yesterday Polish whatsnew for 3.8 has PR open rhettinger rhettinger   14
34014 yesterday loop.run_in_executor should propagate current contextvars has PR open hellysmile   enhancement 13
38522 yesterday Py_USING_MEMORY_DEBUGGER is referenced in docs but not present in code open Sümer.Cip     2
38536 2 days ago Trailing space in formatted currency with international=True and symbol following value has PR open Jonas Aschenbrenner   behavior 3
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