ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
37936 8 minutes ago gitignore file is too broad open Greg Price     1
37812 3/4 hours ago Make implicit returns explicit in longobject.c (in CHECK_SMALL_INT) has PR open Greg Price rhettinger enhancement 13
37935 3/4 hours ago Improve performance of pathlib.scandir() has PR open Shai   performance 1
32118 3/4 hours ago Doc for comparison of sequences with non-orderable elements has PR open Dubslow rhettinger enhancement 6
37754 1 1/4 hours ago Persistence of Shared Memory Segment after process exits open vinay0410   behavior 6
37461 2 hours ago email.parser.Parser hang has patch has PR open Guido   security 16
35235 4 hours ago Access violation on alloc in Windows x86-64 python, pymalloc_alloc open markind     7
35998 6 hours ago test_asyncio: test_start_tls_server_1() TimeoutError on Fedora 29 has patch has PR open matrixise     32
37798 8 hours ago Add C fastpath for statistics.NormalDist.inv_cdf() has PR open rhettinger     7
37933 9 hours ago faulthandler causes segfaults has PR open tcaswell   crash 1
37934 9 hours ago Docs: Clarify NotImplemented use cases open aeros167 docs@python enhancement 1
37585 9 hours ago Comparing PyDictValues does not give expected results has PR open Kristian Klette   behavior 5
37932 10 hours ago ConfigParser.items(section) with allow_no_value returns empty strings open Sean Robertson   behavior 1
37531 12 hours ago Fix regrtest timeout for subprocesses: regrtest -jN --timeout=SECONDS has patch has PR open nanjekyejoannah   crash 24
36763 12 hours ago Implementation of the PEP 587 has PR open vstinner     52
37549 12 hours ago os.dup() fails for standard streams on Windows 7 has PR open daveb steve.dower behavior 17
37916 12 hours ago distutils: allow overriding of the RANLIB command on macOS (darwin) has PR open Jakub Piotr Cłapa   compile error 1
14112 yesterday tutorial intro talks of "shallow copy" concept without explanation has patch has PR open tshepang rhettinger enhancement 16
17642 yesterday IDLE add font resizing hot keys and wheel has patch open rhettinger terry.reedy enhancement 17
9938 yesterday Add optional kwargs to argparse has patch has PR open jayt docs@python enhancement 18
37931 yesterday crash reimporting posix after Py_Finalize on mac has patch has PR open Benoit Hudson   crash 1
37757 yesterday TargetScopeError not raised for comprehension scope conflict has PR open ncoghlan ncoghlan behavior 13
31727 yesterday FTP_TLS errors when use certain subcommands open jonathan-lp   behavior 10
23878 yesterday Missing sanity checks for various C library function calls... has patch has PR open dogbert2   behavior 6
34679 yesterday asyncio.add_signal_handler call fails if not on main thread open jnwatson asvetlov behavior 7
10466 yesterday resetlocale throws exception on Windows (getdefaultlocale returns value not usable in setlocale) open skoczian   behavior 16
37830 yesterday continue and break in finally with return in try results with segfault has PR open BTaskaya serhiy.storchaka crash 17
37055 yesterday Numerous warnings with blake2 module has PR open remi.lapeyre     4
29535 yesterday datetime hash is deterministic in some cases has PR open arigo   security 17
36344 yesterday install_certificates.command too complicated open dimpase ned.deily enhancement 6
36205 yesterday Python 3.7 and 3.8 process_time is not reported correctly when built on older macOS versions has PR open Nitapol     9
34155 yesterday email.utils.parseaddr mistakenly parse an email has patch has PR open cnicodeme   security 45
37440 yesterday httplib should enable post-handshake authentication for TLS 1.3 has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 7
37428 yesterday SSLContext.post_handshake_auth implicitly enables cert validation has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes behavior 11
37929 yesterday IDLE: OK sometimes fails to close configdialog open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 1
37925 yesterday --embed not included in python3.8-config usage/--help open hroncok     2
37928 yesterday test_glob.test_selflink() fails randomly on AMD64 Fedora Rawhide Clang Installed 3.x open vstinner     1
37923 yesterday Combining typing.get_type_hints and inspect.signature open dmontague   enhancement 2
37927 yesterday No Instantiation Restrictions for AbstractBaseClasses derived from builtin types open Talha Ahmed   behavior 2
24726 yesterday OrderedDict has strange behaviour when dict.__setitem__ is used. has patch open Mark.Shannon rhettinger crash 16
37439 yesterday Add random.binomialvariate() has PR open rhettinger   enhancement 6
37924 yesterday Embedding Python in Another Application: Compiling under Unix misses the --embed flag open hroncok docs@python   1
37922 yesterday inspect.getsource returns wrong class definition when multiple class definitions share the same name (but are defined in different scopes) open lennyt     4
37890 yesterday Modernize several tests in test_importlib open aeros167   enhancement 10
37921 yesterday Improve zipfile: add support for symlinks has PR open zaphodef   enhancement 1
37902 yesterday Add scrolling for IDLE browsers has PR open GeeVye terry.reedy enhancement 10
28556 yesterday upgrades has PR open gvanrossum     39
37918 yesterday What about an enum for open() modes? open Marco Sulla   enhancement 1
37919 yesterday nntplib throws spurious NNTPProtocolError open msapiro     1
37914 yesterday class timedelta, support the method hours and minutes in field accessors open elinaldosoft   enhancement 6
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