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33729 30 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open
34172 18 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open
32604 10 months ago [subinterpreters] PEP 554 implementation: add interpreters module has PR open
deferred blocker
36384 1 week ago ipaddress Should not reject IPv4 addresses with leading zeroes as ambiguously octal has PR open
36795 23 months ago "make venv" failed in Docs open
26979 30 months ago The danger of PyType_FromSpec() open
11352 26 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open
28124 25 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open
32824 1 month ago Docs: Using Python on a Macintosh has bad info per Apple site open
11151 124 months ago Arguments to various types not specified in types module open
11573 122 months ago Improve Unicode Documentation with Known Caveats open
9811 120 months ago strftime strips '%' from unknown format codes on OS X open
12476 119 months ago ctypes: need example how to pass raw data from Python open
10149 117 months ago Data truncation in expat parser has patch open
12880 116 months ago ctypes: clearly document how structure bit fields are allocated has patch open
11977 113 months ago Document int.conjugate, .denominator, ... open
4442 107 months ago document immutable type subclassing via __new__ open
14899 107 months ago Naming conventions and guidelines for packages and namespace packages has patch open
15251 106 months ago new.code and new.function crashes Python iterpretter open
14879 106 months ago invalid docs for subprocess exceptions with shell=True open
15555 105 months ago Default newlines of io.TextIOWrapper open
12403 105 months ago Mention sys.displayhook in code module docs and the compile builtin docs has patch open
15775 104 months ago Add StopParser(), ResumeParser, and GetParsingStatus to expat open
10665 104 months ago Expand unicodedata module documentation has patch open
16207 103 months ago distinguish methods from non-methods in classes in the stdtypes docs open
13498 103 months ago os.makedirs exist_ok documentation is incorrect, as is some of the behavior has patch open
11160 103 months ago ZipFile.comment expects bytes open
16437 102 months ago issubclass doc improvement open
16386 102 months ago imp.find_module does not specify registry key it searches on windows has patch open
16568 102 months ago allow constructors to be documented separately from class open
16831 101 months ago Better docs for ABCMeta.__subclasshook__ open
14393 100 months ago Incorporate Guide to Magic Methods? open
16633 100 months ago os.environ updates only one copy of env vars under Windows (GetEnvironmentVariable vs. getenv) open
10994 100 months ago implementation details in sys module open
17067 100 months ago Examples in documentation for 3.x in Deferred translations are rather weak open
17108 99 months ago import silently prefers package over module when both available open
17179 99 months ago Misleading error from type() when passing unknown keyword argument open
17279 99 months ago Document which named built-in classes can be subclassed open
13604 98 months ago update PEP 393 (match implementation) has patch open
17337 98 months ago input() and raw_input() do not work correctly with colored prompts open
1525919 98 months ago email package content-transfer-encoding behaviour changed open
17505 98 months ago email.header.Header.__unicode__ does not decode header open
10799 98 months ago Improve webbrowser (.open) doc and behavior open
2953 97 months ago _zip_directory_cache untested and undocumented open
17858 96 months ago Different documentation for identical methods has patch open
16580 96 months ago Add examples to int.to_bytes and int.from_bytes has patch open
16901 95 months ago In http.cookiejar.FileCookieJar() the .load() and .revert() methods don't work has patch open
18056 95 months ago Document importlib._bootstrap.NamespaceLoader open
18331 95 months ago Document that runpy.run_path and run_module copy the module globals open
16418 94 months ago argparse with many choices can generate absurdly long usage message has patch open
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