ID Activity Title Status
19180 12 hours ago some RFC references could be updated has PR open
30304 yesterday TestCase.assertMultiLineEqual only registered for Unicode strings in 2.7 open
30145 yesterday Create a How to or Tutorial documentation for asyncio open
30487 yesterday DOC: automatically create a venv and install Sphinx when running make has PR open
30449 yesterday Improve __slots__ datamodel documentation has PR open
30420 yesterday Clarify kwarg handing for subprocess convenience APIs has PR open
30475 yesterday Docs for PyDict_GetItemWithError() should say it returns a borrowed reference. has PR open
30466 2 days ago Tutorial doesn't explain the use of classes has PR open
24896 2 days ago It is undocumented that re.UNICODE and re.LOCALE affect re.IGNORECASE has PR open
20265 2 days ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch open
9938 2 days ago Documentation for argparse interactive use has patch open
30456 3 days ago 2to3 docs: example of fix for duplicates in second argument of isinstance has superfluous parentheses has PR open
30440 3 days ago document peephole optimizer effects open
30435 3 days ago Documentation either unclear or incorrect on comparisons between bytes and strings in Python 3 open
24899 4 days ago Add an os.path <=> pathlib equivalence table in pathlib docs has patch has PR open
27269 4 days ago ipaddress: Wrong behavior with ::ffff: style IPs has PR open
30424 4 days ago make pydoc-topics fails open
30274 4 days ago Make documentation match code has PR open
29596 5 days ago Unfinished sentense in howto/clinic.rst has PR open
23560 5 days ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst has patch has PR open
30361 5 days ago Docs example: converting mixed types to floating point has PR open
30419 6 days ago Bdb: Update doc page has PR open
29710 6 days ago Incorrect representation caveat on bitwise operation docs has PR open
30410 6 days ago Documentation for sys.stdout encoding does not reflect the new Windows behavior in Python 3.6+ open
23674 6 days ago super() documentation isn't very clear has patch open
20751 7 days ago Misleading descriptor protocol documentation: direct call, super binding open
17188 7 days ago Document 'from None' in raise statement doc. has patch has PR open
8450 1 week ago httplib: false BadStatusLine() raised has PR open
30396 1 week ago Document the PyClassMethod* C API functions. open
29660 1 week ago Document that print/format_exception ignore etype has PR open
30211 1 week ago Bdb: add docstrings has PR open
30350 1 week ago devguide suggests to use VS 2008 to build Python 2.7, but VS 2008 is no more supported? open
30354 1 week ago Change data model documentation to zero-argument super() has PR open
30312 2 weeks ago Small correction in set code sample open
25409 2 weeks ago fnmatch.fnmatch normalizes slashes/backslashes on Windows has PR open
29920 2 weeks ago Document cgitb.text and cgitb.html has PR open
30217 2 weeks ago Missing entry for the tilde (~) operator in the Index has PR open
10436 2 weeks ago tarfile.extractfile in "r|" stream mode fails with filenames or members from getmembers() open
25435 2 weeks ago Wrong function calls and referring to not removed concepts in descriptor HowTo (documentation) open
29947 2 weeks ago In SocketServer, why not passing a factory instance for the RequestHandlerClass instead of the class itself? has patch has PR open
23702 2 weeks ago still refers to "unbound methods" open
30295 2 weeks ago msvcrt SetErrorMode not documented open
24459 2 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open
12077 3 weeks ago Harmonizing descriptor protocol documentation has patch open
30278 3 weeks ago The element div#sidebar on documentation requires the attribute role="button". open
30085 3 weeks ago Discourage operator.__dunder__ functions has PR open
18669 3 weeks ago curses.chgat() moves cursor, documentation says it shouldn't has PR open
30004 3 weeks ago in regex-howto, improve example on grouping open
27618 3 weeks ago docs for threading.Lock claim it's a class (since 3.3), but it's not (and has never been, apparently) has PR open
30180 3 weeks ago PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords supports required keyword only arguments has PR open
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