ID Activity Title Status
32070 7 hours ago Clarify the behavior of the staticmethod builtin has PR open
30004 yesterday in regex-howto, improve example on grouping has PR open
28617 yesterday Why isn't "in" called a comparison operation? has patch open
31822 yesterday Document that urllib.parse.{Defrag,Split,Parse}Result are namedtuples has PR open
32051 yesterday Possible issue in multiprocessing doc open
28450 2 days ago Misleading/inaccurate documentation about unknown escape sequences in regular expressions open
28951 2 days ago re.flags not documented in Module Contents as promised. open
32039 2 days ago timeit documentation should describe caveats open
31983 3 days ago Officially add Py_SETREF and Py_XSETREF open
32035 3 days ago Documentation of zipfile.ZipFile().writestr() fails to mention that 'data' may also be bytes open
32024 3 days ago Nominal decorator function call syntax is inconsistent with regular function calls open
32017 5 days ago profile.Profile() has no method enable() open
32008 7 days ago Example suggest to use a TLSv1 socket open
32006 1 week ago multiprocessing.Array 'c' code is not documented open
31778 1 week ago ast.literal_eval supports non-literals in Python 3 has PR open
30487 1 week ago DOC: automatically create a venv and install Sphinx when running make has PR open
31937 1 week ago Add the term "dunder" to the glossary open
31982 1 week ago 8.3. collections — Container datatypes open
11253 1 week ago Document ctypes.wintypes constants open
31972 1 week ago Inherited docstrings for pathlib classes are confusing open
31968 1 week ago exec(): method's default arguments from dict-inherited globals has PR open
31942 1 week ago Document that support of start and stop parameters in the Sequence's index() is optional has PR open
30699 1 week ago Misleading class names in datetime.tzinfo usage examples has PR open
29710 1 week ago Incorrect representation caveat on bitwise operation docs has PR open
30548 1 week ago typo in documentation for create_autospec open
31454 1 week ago Include "import as" in tutorial has PR open
31898 2 weeks ago Add a `recommended-packages.txt` file open
31914 2 weeks ago Document Pool.(star)map return type open
8243 2 weeks ago curses writing to window's bottom right position raises: `_curses.error: addstr() returned ERR' open
18534 2 weeks ago State clearly that open() 'file' param is "name" attr of the result open
31739 2 weeks ago socket.close recommended but not demonstrated in same-page example code has PR open
22671 2 weeks ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs has patch open
31871 3 weeks ago Support for file descriptor params in os.path open
24459 3 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch has PR open
31873 3 weeks ago Inconsistent capitalization of proper noun - Unicode. has PR open
31876 3 weeks ago python363.chm includes gibberish open
31869 3 weeks ago commentary on ssl.PROTOCOL_TLS open
31865 3 weeks ago html.unescape does not work as per documentation open
9305 3 weeks ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch open
25041 3 weeks ago document AF_PACKET socket address format has patch has PR open
9842 3 weeks ago Document ... used in recursive repr of containers has PR open
28022 3 weeks ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open
16700 3 weeks ago Document that bytes OS API can returns unusable results on Windows open
31589 4 weeks ago Links for French documentation PDF is broken: LaTeX issue with non-ASCII characters? has PR open
17799 1 month ago settrace docs are wrong about "c_call" events has PR open
31163 1 month ago Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace has PR open
31640 1 month ago Document exit() from parse_args open
31771 1 month ago tkinter geometry string +- when window ovelaps left or top of screen open
31327 1 month ago bug in dateutil\tz\ open
17960 1 month ago Clarify the required behaviour of locals() has PR open
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