ID Activity Title Status
36355 7 hours ago Remove documentation and internal use of the *RESTRICTED constants for PyMemberDef's flags field open
36345 8 hours ago Deprecate Tools/scripts/ in favour of python -m http.server -d has PR open
23984 9 hours ago Documentation error: Descriptors has PR open
36329 yesterday use the right python "make -C Doc/ serve" has PR open
14189 2 days ago Documentation for some C APIs is missing clear specification of the type of reference they return open
36138 2 days ago Improve documentation about converting datetime.timedelta to scalars has PR open
13231 3 days ago sys.settrace - document 'some other code blocks' for 'call' event type open
13649 3 days ago termios.ICANON is not documented open
14547 3 days ago Python symlink to script behaves unexpectedly open
13421 3 days ago PyCFunction_* are not documented anywhere open
13277 3 days ago tzinfo subclasses information open
8387 3 days ago use universal newline mode in csv module examples open
13074 3 days ago Improve documentation of locale encoding functions has patch open
18017 3 days ago ctypes.PyDLL documentation open
9739 3 days ago Output of help(...) is wider than 80 characters has patch open
16272 3 days ago C-API documentation clarification for tp_dictoffset open
1576313 3 days ago os.execvp[e] on win32 fails for current directory has patch open
8997 3 days ago Write documentation for codecs.readbuffer_encode() open
9499 3 days ago Python C/API Execution namespace undocumented. (patch included) has patch open
8822 3 days ago datetime naive and aware types should have a well-defined definition that can be cross-referenced has patch open
14759 3 days ago BSDDB license missing from liscense page in 2.7. open
7057 3 days ago tkinter doc: more 3.x updates open
23311 3 days ago Update PC/example_nt and extending/windows.rst open
5739 3 days ago Language reference is ambiguous regarding next() method lookup open
21889 3 days ago doesn't explain exception open
6911 3 days ago Document changes in asynchat has patch open
1724366 3 days ago cPickle module doesn't work with universal line endings open
3931 3 days ago codecs.charmap_build is untested and undocumented open
16834 3 days ago ioctl mutate_flag behavior in regard to the buffer size limit open
7018 3 days ago Recommend "*" over "#" in getargs.c typecodes open
20749 3 days ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented open
12020 3 days ago Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open
34464 3 days ago There are inconsitencies in the treatment of True, False, None, and __debug__ keywords in the docs open
21314 5 days ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open
34713 5 days ago csvwriter.writerow()'s return type is undocumented open
36277 5 days ago pdb's recursive debug command is not listed in the docs open
36157 6 days ago Document PyInterpreterState_Main(). has PR open
36275 6 days ago DOC: venv.create doesn't include prompt parameter open
36270 6 days ago DOC: Add link to sys.exc_info for "Reference Manual" open
28124 7 days ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open
36240 7 days ago Definitions of time open
36258 1 week ago Incorrect docstring of the ssl module open
18697 1 week ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open
36203 1 week ago PyWeakref_NewRef docs are misleading has PR open
27409 1 week ago List socket.SO_*, SCM_*, MSG_*, IPPROTO_* symbols has patch open
34484 1 week ago Unicode HOWTO incorrectly refers to Private Use Area for surrogateescape has PR open
36189 2 weeks ago DOC: Correct word in tutorial introduction open
36182 2 weeks ago Path.write_text() docs do not include the case that a file exists has PR open
23460 2 weeks ago Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules has patch has PR open
22021 2 weeks ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open
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