ID Activity Title Status
23183 8 hours ago timeit CLI best of 3: undocumented output format open
12706 8 hours ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open
40748 10 hours ago Tutorial 4.7 More on Defining Functions missing screen prompts open
11352 12 hours ago Update cgi module doc has patch open
25743 yesterday [doc] Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open
23453 yesterday [doc] Clarify bytes vs text with non-seeking tarfile stream open
27779 yesterday Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module open
33252 yesterday [doc] Clarify ResourceWarning documentation open
16652 yesterday [doc] socket.getfqdn docs are not explicit enough about the algorithm. open
20468 yesterday [doc] resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open
45916 yesterday documentation link error open
29964 yesterday [doc] %z directive has no effect on the output of time.strptime open
20281 yesterday [doc] time.strftime %z format specifier is the same as %Z open
23764 2 days ago [doc] Reference inspect.Signature.bind from functools.wraps documentation open
21915 2 days ago [doc] telnetlib.Telnet constructor does not match telnetlib.Telnet.__init__ docstring open
45881 2 days ago Cross compiling on Linux is untested, undocumented, and broken has PR open
23017 2 days ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open
45114 2 days ago bad example for os.stat has PR open
35821 2 days ago Clarify when logging events are propagated when propagate is true has PR open
45922 2 days ago Many method, function, built-in... are not clickable and should be open
38619 3 days ago [Doc] UUID.hex is lowercase has PR open
45920 3 days ago make doctest fails open
19737 3 days ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch has PR open
17383 3 days ago [doc] Possibly ambiguous phrasing in tutorial/modules#more-on-modules has patch open
22618 3 days ago [doc] urllib.parse.parse_qsl different results after urllib.parse.unquote open
12970 3 days ago [doc] os.walk() consider some symlinks as dirs instead of non-dirs has patch open
10149 3 days ago [doc] Data truncation in expat parser open
28445 3 days ago Wrong documentation for GzipFile.peek has PR open
43286 4 days ago [doc] Clarify that Popen.returncode does not get auto-set when the process terminates open
21557 4 days ago [doc] os.popen & os.system lack shell-related security warnings has patch open
22755 4 days ago contextlib.closing documentation should use a new example open
26346 4 days ago PySequenceMethods documentation missing sq_slice and sq_ass_slice open
25415 4 days ago [doc] "there is no public constructor" should be reworded in io module documentation open
23323 4 days ago [doc] mention that flags arg to imaplib's append should be a string open
45903 4 days ago What’s New In Python 3.11: wrong reference to Signature.from_callable has PR open
45397 5 days ago turtle.write doc missing tuple parens for font default in 3.10+ open
38497 5 days ago [doc] Wrong argument name in documentation for open
26683 5 days ago [doc] Questionable terminology ('free variables') for describing what locals() does open
30535 5 days ago [doc] Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open
16242 5 days ago [doc] Document that __getattr__ can be called before __init__ (e.g. by pickle) open
12020 5 days ago [doc] Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open
23882 6 days ago unittest discovery doesn't detect namespace packages when given no parameters has patch has PR open
42238 7 days ago Deprecate has PR open
45877 1 week ago Inconsistency in minimal supported version of Microsoft Visual Studio open
33590 1 week ago [doc] sched.enter priority has no impact on execution open
23952 1 week ago cgi: Document the 'maxlen' member of the cgi module open
45805 1 week ago CO_FUTURE_ANNOTATIONS flag is not documented or in inspect open
45677 1 week ago [doc] improve sqlite3 docs has PR open
32658 1 week ago Metacharacter (\) documentation suggestion open
45832 1 week ago Misleading membersip expression documentation open
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