ID Activity Title Status
42523 1 3/4 hours ago using windows doc incorrectly states version support has PR open
42528 5 hours ago Improve the docs of most Py*_Check{,Exact} API calls has PR open
42520 11 hours ago add_dll_directory only accepts absolute paths open
42238 yesterday Deprecate has PR open
39096 yesterday "Format Specification Mini-Language" doc mistake for Decimal has PR open
41879 2 days ago Outdated description of async iterables in documentation of async for statement has PR open
42492 3 days ago [unittest] Missing docs for context manager attributes open
42347 3 days ago loop.call_exception_handler documentation is lacking open
42483 4 days ago Way working directory is added to sys.path differs between using -c or -m open
34451 4 days ago docs: tutorial/introduction doesn't mention toggle of prompts open
31189 4 days ago README.rst: installing multiple versions: typo open
27259 4 days ago [array doc] Possible missing deprecation warnings? open
42465 6 days ago Reference to subclass method resolve() in PurePath docs open
8264 6 days ago [doc] hasattr doesn't show private (double underscore) attributes exist has patch has PR open
17545 6 days ago [doc] os.listdir and os.path.join inconsistent on empty path open
42429 1 week ago Behavior of general (%g, :g) formatting inconsistent for decimal.Decimal open
42444 1 week ago pathlib.PurePath properties annotated with .. data directive open
42442 1 week ago Tarfile to stdout documentation example open
7460 1 week ago extended slicing not sufficiently covered in docs open
42402 1 week ago Termios module documentation is extremely lacking open
17887 1 week ago docs: summary page - generator vs iterator vs iterable open
13875 2 weeks ago Improve description of cmd module open
17939 2 weeks ago Misleading information about slice assignment in docs open
9538 2 weeks ago Replace confusing pseudoname 'object' in special methods section. has patch open
39584 2 weeks ago multiprocessing.shared_memory: MacOS crashes by running attached Python code has PR open
42316 2 weeks ago Walrus Operator in list index has PR open
7955 2 weeks ago TextIOWrapper Buffering Inconsistent Between _io and _pyio open
12594 2 weeks ago Docs for "Using Python on a Macintosh" needs to be updated has patch open
42280 2 weeks ago The list of standard generic collections is incomplete open
14338 2 weeks ago Document how to forward POST data on redirects open
17437 2 weeks ago Difference between open and open
42343 2 weeks ago threading.local documentation should be on the net... open
42357 2 weeks ago Wrong Availability for signal.SIGCHLD has PR open
12488 2 weeks ago multiprocessing.Connection does not communicate pipe closure between parent and child open
42348 2 weeks ago Language Reference: Set items open
42042 2 weeks ago sphinx3 renders diffrently for 3.10 has PR open
42253 2 weeks ago xml.dom.minidom.rst missing standalone documentation has PR open
42340 2 weeks ago KeyboardInterrupt should come with a warning has patch has PR open
32426 2 weeks ago Tkinter: reference document of possible cursor names open
42324 2 weeks ago Doctest: directives open
42292 2 weeks ago C API: Allocating Objects on the Heap. Misleading documentation. open
15034 2 weeks ago Document best practices for exceptions open
40932 2 weeks ago subprocess docs should warn of shlex use on Windows has PR open
16781 3 weeks ago execfile/exec execution in other than global scope uses locals(), leading to undefined behavior open
42300 3 weeks ago Typo in translation to portuguese open
42179 3 weeks ago Clarify chaining exceptions in tutorial/errors.rst has PR open
42298 3 weeks ago Documented interaction of single-stage init and sub-interpreters inaccurate open
15099 3 weeks ago [doc] exec of function doesn't call __getitem__ or __missing__ on undefined global open
1397474 3 weeks ago [doc] timeit execution enviroment has patch open
25006 3 weeks ago List pybind11 binding generator open
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