ID Activity Title Status
31146 3 hours ago Docs: On non-public translations, language picker fallback to "English" has PR open
35255 4 hours ago delete "How do I extract the downloaded documentation" section in Windows FAQ has PR open
35250 yesterday Minor parameter documentation mismatch for turtle open
16438 yesterday Numeric operator predecence confusing has patch has PR open
17972 2 days ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
35228 2 days ago Index search in CHM help crashes viewer open
35221 2 days ago Enhance venv activate commands readability open
25438 2 days ago document what codec PyMemberDef T_STRING decodes the char * as open
35220 2 days ago delete "how do I emulate os.kill" section in Windows FAQ has PR open
35151 3 days ago Python 2 xml.etree.ElementTree documentation tutorial uses undocumented arguments open
35190 3 days ago cannot be used to test whether a class provides a particular interface (doc issue) open
35105 6 days ago Document that CPython accepts "invalid" identifiers open
35181 1 week ago Doc: Namespace Packages: Inconsistent documentation of __loader__ being None has PR open
10536 1 week ago Enhancements to gettext docs has patch has PR open
35183 1 week ago os.path.splitext documentation needs typical example open
22021 1 week ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open
35156 1 week ago Consider revising documentation on Python Builds from source open
35165 1 week ago Possible wrong method name in attribute references doc open
9842 1 week ago Document ... used in recursive repr of containers has PR open
31873 1 week ago Inconsistent capitalization of proper noun - Unicode. has PR open
35155 1 week ago Clarify Protocol Handlers in urllib.request Docs has PR open
32666 1 week ago Valgrind documentation seems to need updating open
32971 1 week ago Docs on unittest.TestCase.assertRaises() should clarify context manager details has PR open
35138 1 week ago timeit documentation should have example with function arguments has PR open
35114 2 weeks ago ssl.RAND_status docs describe it as returning True/False; actually returns 1/0 open
35126 2 weeks ago Mistake in FAQ about converting number to string. open
30410 2 weeks ago Documentation for sys.stdout encoding does not reflect the new Windows behavior in Python 3.6+ has PR open
35033 2 weeks ago Column or row spanning cells are not implemented. open
19376 2 weeks ago document that strptime() does not support the Feb 29 if the format does not contain the year has PR open
21314 2 weeks ago Document '/' in signatures open
34788 2 weeks ago ipaddress module fails on rfc4007 scoped IPv6 addresses open
14956 2 weeks ago custom PYTHONPATH may break apps embedding Python open
35083 2 weeks ago Fix documentation for __instancecheck__ open
35035 2 weeks ago Documentation for email.utils is named email.util.rst has PR open
26979 2 weeks ago The danger of PyType_FromSpec() open
23460 3 weeks ago Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules has patch open
34895 3 weeks ago Mark optional stdlib modules in documentation open
34831 3 weeks ago Asyncio Tutorial has PR open
35026 3 weeks ago Winreg's documentation lacks mentioning required permission at some points open
10344 3 weeks ago buffering doc needs fix has PR open
20039 4 weeks ago Missing documentation for argparse.ArgumentTypeError open
34914 4 weeks ago Clarify text encoding used to enable UTF-8 mode open
20582 4 weeks ago socket.getnameinfo() does not document flags open
14911 4 weeks ago generator.throw() documentation inaccurate has patch open
24653 1 month ago Mock.assert_has_calls([]) is surprising for users has PR open
34848 1 month ago range.index only takes one argument when it's documented as taking the usual 3 has PR open
33729 1 month ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open
30250 1 month ago StringIO module truncate behavior of current position open
34203 1 month ago documentation: recommend Python 3 over 2 in faq has PR open
25592 1 month ago distutils docs: data_files always uses sys.prefix has PR open
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