ID Activity Title Status
30456 12 hours ago 2to3 docs: example of fix for duplicates in second argument of isinstance has superfluous parentheses has PR open
30274 12 hours ago Make documentation match code has PR open
8450 yesterday httplib: false BadStatusLine() raised has PR open
30940 yesterday Documentation for round() is incorrect. has PR open
17140 yesterday Document multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool open
30984 2 days ago traceback.print_exc return value documentation open
30803 2 days ago Truth value of sets not properly documented has PR open
24459 3 days ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open
30964 3 days ago Mention ensurepip in package installation docs has PR open
29284 3 days ago Include thread_name_prefix in the concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor example open
30974 3 days ago Update os.samefile docstring to match documentation open
30969 4 days ago Docs should say that `x is z or x == z` is used for `x in y` in containers that do not implement `__contains__` has PR open
30951 5 days ago Documentation error in inspect module has PR open
18558 6 days ago Iterable glossary entry needs clarification open
30935 1 week ago document the new behavior of get_event_loop() in Python 3.6 has PR open
30937 1 week ago csv module examples miss newline='' when opening files has PR open
23674 1 week ago super() documentation isn't very clear has patch open
15360 1 week ago Behavior of assigning to __dict__ is not documented open
8376 1 week ago Tutorial offers dangerous advice about iterators: “__iter__() can just return self” has patch open
30826 1 week ago More details in reference 'Looping through a list in Python and modifying it' open
30903 1 week ago IPv4Network's hostmask attribute doesn't returns string value as mentioned in Documentation. open
30882 1 week ago Built-in list disappeared from Python 2.7 intersphinx inventory open
30872 2 weeks ago Update curses docs to Python 3 has PR open
26506 2 weeks ago [EASY] hex() documentation: mention "%x" % int has patch has PR open
30840 2 weeks ago Contrary to documentation, relative imports cannot pass through the top level open
20692 2 weeks ago Tutorial and FAQ: how to call a method on an int has patch open
30831 3 weeks ago Inconsistent or wrong documentation around Asynchronous Context Manager open
29933 3 weeks ago asyncio: set_write_buffer_limits() doc doesn't specify unit of the parameters has PR open
30798 3 weeks ago Document that subprocess.Popen does not set PWD open
11975 3 weeks ago Fix referencing of built-in types (list, int, ...) has patch has PR open
13821 3 weeks ago misleading return from isidentifier open
17960 3 weeks ago Clarify the required behaviour of locals() open
30757 4 weeks ago pyinstaller can be added to docs, py2exe ref can be updated has PR open
27163 1 month ago IDLE entry for What's New in Python 3.6 open
30737 1 month ago Update devguide link to the new URL open
29981 1 month ago Update Index for set, dict, and generator 'comprehensions' has PR open
30707 1 month ago Incorrect description of "async with" in PEP492 and documentation open
30420 1 month ago Clarify kwarg handing for subprocess convenience APIs has PR open
17583 1 month ago IDLE HOWTO has patch open
14944 1 month ago Setup & Usage documentation for pydoc, IDLE, & 2to3 open
26656 1 month ago Documentation for re.compile is a bit outdated open
30699 1 month ago Misleading class names in datetime.tzinfo usage examples open
20823 1 month ago Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch open
30625 1 month ago Documentation is unclear how "y*" and "y#" format units vary open
30637 1 month ago Syntax error reported on compile(...), but not on compile(..., ast.PyCF_ONLY_AST) open
30677 1 month ago Enhance documentation of os.mkdir() open
30668 1 month ago DOC: missing word in license.rst open
25514 1 month ago Improve IDLE's "subprocess didn't make connection" message has PR open
30051 1 month ago Document that the random module doesn't support fork open
28206 1 month ago signal.Signals not documented has PR open
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