ID Activity Title Status
33111 7 hours ago Merely importing tkinter breaks parallel code (multiprocessing, sharedmem) open
34118 7 hours ago Fix some class entries in 'Built-in Functions' open
34133 8 hours ago ValueError should not be documented as being restricted to only "a built-in operation or function" has PR open
32554 yesterday random.seed(tuple) uses the randomized hash function and so is not reproductible open
29710 yesterday Incorrect representation caveat on bitwise operation docs has PR open
27741 2 days ago datetime.datetime.strptime functionality description incorrect open
34117 2 days ago Rename "generator expressions" to "generator comprehensions" open
34063 3 days ago binhex REASONABLY_LARGE = 32768 so what is 128000 open
34101 5 days ago PyBuffer_GetPointer() not documented open
33729 6 days ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument open
34081 6 days ago Sphinx duplicate label warning in docs has PR open
27351 6 days ago Unexpected behavior when passed fileobject has PR open
34085 6 days ago doc Improve wording on classmethod/staticmethod has PR open
32523 7 days ago inconsistent spacing in changelog.html has PR open
28626 1 week ago Tutorial: rearrange discussion of output formatting to encourage f-strings has patch has PR open
33922 1 week ago [Windows] Document the launcher's -64 suffix has PR open
9004 1 week ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch open
9305 1 week ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch open
13305 1 week ago datetime.strftime("%Y") not consistent for years < 1000 has patch open
31898 1 week ago Add a `recommended-packages.txt` file open
33649 2 weeks ago asyncio docs overhaul open
23850 2 weeks ago Missing documentation for Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_NEWBUFFER open
33961 2 weeks ago Inconsistency in exceptions for dataclasses.dataclass documentation has PR open
17894 2 weeks ago Edits to descriptor howto has patch open
33468 2 weeks ago Add try-finally contextlib.contextmanager example has PR open
34000 2 weeks ago Document when compile returns a code object v. AST open
32996 2 weeks ago Improve What's New in 3.7 has PR open
6761 2 weeks ago Class calling has PR open
5978 2 weeks ago cProfile and profile don't work with pygtk/pyqt and sys.exit(0) has patch has PR open
33971 3 weeks ago os.mknod is subject to "umask" open
33460 3 weeks ago "..." is used to confusingly indicate many different things in chapter 3 has PR open
33883 3 weeks ago doc Mention mypy, pyrex, pytype and PyAnnotate in FAQ has PR open
33869 3 weeks ago doc Add link to list definition in Glossary list entry has PR open
33774 3 weeks ago Document that @lru_cache caches based on exactly how the function arguments are specified open
33953 3 weeks ago The DEFAULT_ENTROPY variable used to store the current default random bytes value should be documented for `secrets` module open
32142 3 weeks ago heapq.heappop - documentation misleading or doesn't work open
33948 3 weeks ago doc truncated lines in PDF open
33921 3 weeks ago Explain that '' can be used to bind to all interfaces for the AF_INET address family in the docs has PR open
33894 3 weeks ago tempfile.tempdir cannot be unset has PR open
32500 3 weeks ago PySequence_Length() raises TypeError on dict type has PR open
33909 3 weeks ago PyObject_CallFinalizerFromDealloc is not referenced in any documentation open
15533 3 weeks ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation: Posix vs Windows has patch open
33783 3 weeks ago Use proper class markup for random.Random docs has PR open
33830 4 weeks ago Error in the output of one example in the httplib docs has PR open
15474 1 month ago Differentiate decorator and decorator factory in docs open
33832 1 month ago doc Add "magic method" entry to Glossary has PR open
33095 1 month ago Cross-reference isolated mode from relevant locations has patch has PR open
33878 1 month ago Doc: Assignment statement to tuple or list: case missing. has PR open
33586 1 month ago 2.7.15 missing release notes on download page open
33882 1 month ago doc Mention breakpoint() in debugger-related FAQ has PR open
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