ID Activity Title Status
39435 an hour ago pickle: inconsistent arguments vs _pickle.c vs docs has PR open
39426 10 hours ago Pickler docstring misstates default and highest protocols has PR open
39429 yesterday Add a new "Python Development Mode" page to the documentation has PR open
39390 yesterday shutil.copytree - 3.8 changed argument types of the ignore callback has PR open
38495 yesterday print built-in function docs bug has PR open
39416 yesterday Document default numeric string formats has PR open
39417 yesterday Link to "Python Packaging User Guide: Creating and using virtual environments" is broken open
39375 yesterday Document os.environ[x] = y and os.putenv() as thread unsafe open
39379 3 days ago sys.path[0] is already absolute path open
30951 3 days ago Documentation error in inspect module has PR open
29258 3 days ago required for pkgutil.walk_packages in python3 open
36892 3 days ago "Modules" section in Tutorial contains incorrect description about open
39391 4 days ago Nondeterministic Pydoc output on functions that have functions as default parameters open
39374 4 days ago Key in sort -> Callable Object instead of function open
39369 6 days ago Doc: Update mmap readline method documentation has PR open
39364 6 days ago Automatically tabulate module contents in the docs open
38649 1 week ago tkinter messagebox is sloppy open
39222 1 week ago unittest.mock.Mock.parent is broken or undocumented open
39334 1 week ago python specific index directives in our doc has been deprecated 10 years ago has PR open
16575 1 week ago ctypes: unions as arguments has patch has PR open
39301 1 week ago Specification of bitshift on integers should clearly state floor division used open
23139 1 week ago syntax diagram after EBNF description? open
26515 1 week ago Update extending/embedding docs to new way to build modules in C has PR open
39231 1 week ago Mistaken notion in tutorial open
13305 1 week ago datetime.strftime("%Y") not consistent for years < 1000 has patch open
39287 1 week ago Document UTF-8 mode in the using/windows. has PR open
39285 1 week ago PurePath.match indicates case-sensitive nature and presents a case-insensitive example open
39282 2 weeks ago python-config --embed documentation open
39278 2 weeks ago add docstrings to functions in pdb module has PR open
39267 2 weeks ago Fix dict's __missing__ documentation has PR open
39229 2 weeks ago library/functions.rst causes translated builds to fail has PR open
38623 2 weeks ago Python documentation should mention how to find site-packages has PR open
21995 2 weeks ago Idle: review 'missing' attributes of pseudofiles open
38972 2 weeks ago [venv] Link to instructions to change PowerShell execution policy for venv activation open
39158 2 weeks ago ast.literal_eval() doesn't support empty sets has PR open
39130 2 weeks ago Dict is reversable from v3.8 and should say that in the doc has PR open
39224 2 weeks ago HTTPConnection.timeout None support has PR open
39210 2 weeks ago Sorting falls back to use __gt__ when __lt__ is not present open
39199 2 weeks ago Improve the AST documentation has PR open
39125 3 weeks ago Type signature of @property not shown in help() open
16399 3 weeks ago argparse: append action with default list adds to list instead of overriding has patch has PR open
39181 3 weeks ago Add `os.makedirs()` as `Path.mkdir()` equivalent in correspondence table open
39180 3 weeks ago Missing getlines func documentation from linecache module has PR open
34118 3 weeks ago Fix some class entries in 'Built-in Functions' has PR open
22593 3 weeks ago Automate update of doc references to UCD version when it changes. has PR open
39153 3 weeks ago Clarify refcounting semantics of PyDict_SetItem[String] open
39111 3 weeks ago Misleading documentation for NotImplemented open
39090 3 weeks ago Document various options for getting the absolute path from pathlib.Path objects open
39139 4 weeks ago Reference to depricated class in collections is unnecessary and confusing has PR open
39128 1 month ago Document happy eyeball parameters in loop.create_connection signature docs open
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