ID Activity Title Status
34764 2 hours ago Improve documentation example for using iter() with sentinel value open
29013 9 hours ago zipfile: inconsistent doc for ZIP64 file size open
31146 12 hours ago Docs: On non-public translations, language picker fallback to "English" open
34748 yesterday Incorrect HTML link in functools.partial open
34753 yesterday Use coroutine object or coroutine function instead of coroutine open
34648 yesterday Confirm the types of parameters of traceback.format_list and traceback.StackSummary.from_list post-3.5 open
16438 yesterday Numeric operator predecence confusing has patch open
31865 yesterday html.unescape does not work as per documentation open
31898 yesterday Add a `recommended-packages.txt` file open
32995 yesterday Add a glossary entry for context variables open
33117 yesterday asyncio example uses non-existing/documented method open
33545 yesterday Docs for uuid don't mention that uuid1 can repeat in some circumstances open
34344 yesterday Fix the docstring for AbstractEventLoopPolicy.get_event_loop open
29249 2 days ago Pathlib glob ** bug open
34518 3 days ago Documentation for coroutine objects open
34713 4 days ago csvwriter.writerow()'s return type is undocumented open
26979 4 days ago The danger of PyType_FromSpec() open
34682 5 days ago Typo reports on docs@ open
34701 5 days ago Asyncio documentation for recursive coroutines is lacking has patch has PR open
34484 6 days ago Unicode HOWTO incorrectly refers to Private Use Area for surrogateescape open
20906 6 days ago Issues in Unicode HOWTO has PR open
29341 6 days ago Missing accepting path-like object in docstrings of os module functions open
24937 6 days ago Multiple problems in getters & setters in capsulethunk.h has patch has PR open
34677 7 days ago Event scheduler page example open
31305 7 days ago 'pydoc -w import' report "no Python documentation found for 'import'" open
34552 7 days ago Clarify built-in types comparisons has PR open
34665 1 week ago Py_FinalizeEx() - Bugs & caveats - Add info that NumPy and Pandas don't support reinitialization open
33239 1 week ago tempfile module: functions with the 'buffering' option are incorrectly documented has PR open
33437 1 week ago Defining __init__ in enums has patch has PR open
34538 1 week ago Remove encouragement to author a base class for all Exception subclasses in a module open
34613 1 week ago asyncio.StreamReader initialization documentation incorrectly declare limit as None has PR open
28617 1 week ago Why isn't "in" called a comparison operation? has patch has PR open
21314 1 week ago Document '/' in signatures open
33460 1 week ago "..." is used to confusingly indicate many different things in chapter 3 has PR open
33609 1 week ago Document that dicts preserve insertion order has PR open
34580 1 week ago sqlite doc: clarify the scope of the context manager has PR open
34617 1 week ago socket.recvfrom(): docs should warn about packet truncation when bufsize is insufficient open
25514 1 week ago Improve IDLE's "subprocess didn't make connection" message has PR open
34564 1 week ago Tutorial Section 2.1 Windows Installation Path Correction open
34590 2 weeks ago "Logging HOWTO" should share an example of best practices for using logging in a library open
23460 2 weeks ago Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules has patch open
34226 3 weeks ago cgi.parse_multipart() requires undocumented CONTENT-LENGTH in Python 3.7 has PR open
25433 3 weeks ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() open
24632 3 weeks ago Improve documentation about open
34526 3 weeks ago Path.relative_to() taking multiple arguments could be better documented open
34512 3 weeks ago Document platform-specific strftime() behavior for non-ASCII format strings has PR open
34429 3 weeks ago On Windows tempfile.TemporaryFile behaves like NamedTemporaryFile open
33515 3 weeks ago subprocess.Popen on a Windows batch file always acts as if shell=True has PR open
28206 4 weeks ago signal.Signals not documented has PR open
33187 4 weeks ago Document ElementInclude (XInclude) support in ElementTree has PR open
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