ID Activity Title Status
32586 6 hours ago urllib2 HOWTO URLError example minor error open
32573 yesterday sys.argv documentation should include caveat for embedded environments open
8243 yesterday curses writing to window's bottom right position raises: `_curses.error: addstr() returned ERR' has patch has PR open
32565 yesterday Document the version of adding opcodes has PR open
32553 yesterday venv says to use python3 which does not exist in 3.6.4 open
32554 2 days ago random.seed(tuple) uses the randomized hash function and so is not reproductible open
15115 2 days ago Duplicated Content-Transfer-Encoding header when applying email.encoders open
17972 3 days ago inspect module docs omits many functions open
32537 5 days ago multiprocessing.pool.Pool.starmap_async - wrong parameter name open
32540 5 days ago venv docs - doesn't match behavior open
19431 5 days ago Document PyFrame_FastToLocals() and PyFrame_FastToLocalsWithError() has patch open
17799 6 days ago settrace docs are wrong about "c_call" events has PR open
32532 6 days ago improve sys.settrace and sys.setprofile documentation open
32523 1 week ago inconsistent spacing in changelog.html open
32374 1 week ago Document that m_traverse for multi-phase initialized modules can be called with m_state=NULL has PR open
24459 1 week ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch has PR open
32471 1 week ago Add an UML class diagram to the module documentation has patch has PR open
32501 1 week ago Documentation for dir([object]) open
32500 1 week ago PySequence_Length() raises TypeError on dict type open
29086 1 week ago Document C API that is not part of the limited API has patch open
12706 1 week ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch open
32413 2 weeks ago Document that locals() may return globals() has PR open
32145 2 weeks ago Wrong ExitStack Callback recipe open
30449 2 weeks ago Improve __slots__ datamodel documentation has PR open
31907 2 weeks ago Clarify error message when attempting to call function via str.format() open
32444 2 weeks ago python -m venv symlink dependency on how python binary is called is not documented open
31584 3 weeks ago Documentation Language mixed up open
32412 3 weeks ago help() of bitwise operators should mention sets as well open
32216 3 weeks ago Document PEP 557 Data Classes (dataclasses module) open
32400 3 weeks ago inspect.isdatadescriptor false negative open
30607 3 weeks ago Extract documentation theme into a separate package has PR open
32393 3 weeks ago nav menu jitter in old documentation open
32392 4 weeks ago documentation does not have **kwargs open
30492 4 weeks ago 'make clinic' does not work for out of tree builds / is not in the devguide has PR open
32362 1 month ago multiprocessing.connection.Connection misdocumented as multiprocessing.Connection open
32353 1 month ago Add docs about Embedding with an frozen module limitation. has PR open
32263 1 month ago Template string docs refer to "normal %-based substitutions" open
32322 1 month ago Heap type with Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_GC leads to segfault due to not incrementing type object refcout in PyObject_GC_New open
32309 1 month ago Implement asyncio.run_in_executor shortcut has PR open
10344 1 month ago buffering doc needs fix has PR open
32288 1 month ago Inconsistent behavior with slice assignment? open
32289 1 month ago Glossary does not define "extended slicing" open
26256 1 month ago Fast decimalisation and conversion to other bases has patch has PR open
26103 1 month ago Contradiction in definition of "data descriptor" between (dotted lookup behavior/datamodel documentation) and (inspect lib/descriptor how-to) has PR open
29247 1 month ago Document return value of epoll.poll has patch has PR open
13553 1 month ago Tkinter Tk args and Gnome Shell application name has patch has PR open
27505 1 month ago Missing documentation for setting module __class__ attribute open
20285 1 month ago Improve object.__doc__ and help(object) output has PR open
8722 1 month ago Documentation for __getattr__ has PR open
29249 1 month ago Pathlib glob ** bug open
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