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ID Activity Title Status
24778 27 months ago [CVE-2015-20107] mailcap.findmatch: document shell command Injection danger in filename parameter open
47261 27 months ago RFC: Clarify usage of macros for PySequence_Fast within the Limited C API open
47259 27 months ago Clarify SortingHOWTO regarding locale aware string sorting open
47255 27 months ago Many broken :meth: roles in the docs has PR open
47252 27 months ago socket.makefile documentation is missing data regarding the 'buffering' parameter open
47247 27 months ago Default arguments for access 'mode' parameters in pathlib and os should display as octal literals open
47236 27 months ago Document types.CodeType.replace() changes about co_exceptiontable open
47228 27 months ago Document that naïve datetime objects represent local time open
47209 27 months ago Documentation for asserting values of `unittest.mock.Mock.call_args_list` open
47207 27 months ago Switch datetime docstrings / documentation to using "Returns" rather than "Return"? open
47206 27 months ago pickle docs are wrong about nested classes open
47187 27 months ago locale module example is wrong for some platforms open
47184 27 months ago multiprocessing.set_start_method force argument is not documented has PR open
47142 27 months ago Document open
47138 27 months ago Pin Jinja2 to fix docs build has PR open
47134 27 months ago Document the meaning of the number in OverflowError open
47122 27 months ago Fix the table of methods in the documentation has PR open
47121 27 months ago math.isfinite() can raise exception when called on a number open
47115 27 months ago Documentation inconsistency with the stable ABI has PR open
47108 27 months ago asyncio-stream does not document exceptions open
47093 27 months ago Documentation Fix: Remove .bat when activating venv on windows open
47051 27 months ago Windows v3.10.3 .chm file (in python310\doc) page headings are messed up and spread out over several lines. Also the font has changed from the former san serif font to a smaller and harder to read serif font. open
46962 27 months ago Fix docstrings that do not honor --without-doc-strings has PR open
46938 27 months ago dataclass __post_init__ recursion open
46925 27 months ago Document dict behavior when setting equal but not identical key has PR open
46901 27 months ago Deprecate and eventually remove macOS-only PYTHONEXECUTABLE environ variable open
46888 27 months ago SharedMemory.close() destroys memory open
46883 27 months ago Add glossary entries to clarify the true/True and false/False distinction open
46882 27 months ago Clarify argument type of platform.platform(aliased, terse) to boolean has PR open
46879 27 months ago [doc] incorrect sphinx object names has PR open
46828 27 months ago can return integers (contradicts doc) open
46826 27 months ago prefixes argument to site.getsitepackages() missing documentation has PR open
46814 27 months ago Documentation for constructing abstract base classes is misleading has PR open
46782 27 months ago Docs error for 3.10 open
46759 27 months ago sys.excepthook documentation doesn't mention that it isn't called for SystemExit has PR open
46723 27 months ago SimpleQueue.put_nowait() documentation error open
46646 27 months ago `address` arg can be `bytes` for `ip_*` functions in `ipaddress` module has PR open
46620 27 months ago Documentation of ipaddress behavior for prefix length with leading zeros. open
46604 27 months ago Documentation fix in ssl module has PR open
46589 27 months ago Improve documentation for typing._GenericAlias has PR open
46586 27 months ago In documentation contents erroneously links to built-in property has PR open
46559 27 months ago base64 documentation is out-dated; altchars has to have the exact length of 2. open
46447 27 months ago datetime.isoformat() documentation does not point to the risk of using it with naive datetime objects has PR open
46439 27 months ago Clarify urllib.request.add_header documentation has PR open
46381 27 months ago Improve documentation of CFLAGS_NODIST, LDFLAGS_NODIST open
46334 27 months ago Glossary URLs with anchor link no longer jump to definitions open
46325 27 months ago Documentation for SubprocessTransport.get_pipe_transport return values readable/writable open
46291 27 months ago [doc] First argument to raise can also be BaseException has PR open
46282 27 months ago return value of builtins is not clearly indicated has PR open
46279 27 months ago [docs] Minor information-ordering issue in __main__ doc has PR open
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