ID Activity Title Status
37062 4 hours ago `AutoNumber` class in enum documentation: support *args in constructor open
36913 7 hours ago Missing documentation for decorators open
21314 8 hours ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open
37051 9 hours ago Glossary item "hashable" incorrect has PR open
33071 yesterday Document that PyPI no longer requires 'register' has PR open
36853 yesterday inconsistencies in docs builds (Sphinx 2) open
31163 yesterday Return destination path in Path.rename and Path.replace has PR open
37052 yesterday Add examples for mocking async for and async context manager in unittest.mock docs open
36985 2 days ago typing.ForwardRef is undocumented open
37014 2 days ago [First easy issue] fileinput module should document that openhook and mode are ignored when reading from stdin has PR open
24653 4 days ago Mock.assert_has_calls([]) is surprising for users has PR open
36997 5 days ago Document that spwd is considered harmful open
36984 6 days ago typing docs "versionadded" is inaccurate for many attributes has PR open
36971 6 days ago Add subsections in C API "Common Object Structures" page has PR open
36960 1 week ago Make datetime docs more user-friendly has PR open
36947 1 week ago [Good first issue] Fix Metaclasses Documentation open
10669 1 week ago Document Deprecation Warnings and how to fix open
26515 1 week ago Update extending/embedding docs to new way to build modules in C has PR open
36675 1 week ago Doctest directives and comments missing from code samples has patch has PR open
36927 1 week ago traceback docstrings should explicitly state return values instead of referring to other functions has PR open
18911 1 week ago minidom does not encode correctly when calling Document.writexml has PR open
34648 1 week ago Confirm the types of parameters of traceback.format_list and traceback.StackSummary.from_list post-3.5 open
36345 1 week ago Doc: make serve uses http.server instead of Tools/scripts/ has PR open
26124 1 week ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords has PR open
2897 1 week ago Deprecate structmember.h has patch open
9267 1 week ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open
30535 1 week ago Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open
22021 1 week ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open
13474 2 weeks ago Mention of "-m" Flag Missing From Doc on Execution Model has PR open
36896 2 weeks ago clarify in types.rst that FunctionTypes & co constructors don't have stable signature has PR open
36689 2 weeks ago docs: os.path.commonpath raises ValueError for different drives open
36892 2 weeks ago "Modules" section in Tutorial contains incorrect description about open
36794 2 weeks ago asyncio.Lock documentation in Py3.8 lacks parts presented in documentation in Py3.6 has PR open
36868 2 weeks ago New behavior of OpenSSL hostname verification not exposed, incorrectly documented has PR open
36879 2 weeks ago bug with round() and "numpy floats" open
36858 2 weeks ago f-string '=' debugging output needs to be documented open
32604 2 weeks ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open
36873 2 weeks ago http.server: Document explicitly that symbolic links are followed open
32523 2 weeks ago inconsistent spacing in changelog.html has PR open
22630 2 weeks ago `concurrent.futures.Future.set_running_or_notify_cancel` does not notify cancel has patch open
33187 2 weeks ago Document ElementInclude (XInclude) support in ElementTree has PR open
31968 2 weeks ago exec(): method's default arguments from dict-inherited globals has PR open
24195 2 weeks ago Add `Executor.filter` to concurrent.futures has patch open
33971 2 weeks ago os.mknod is subject to "umask" open
36165 2 weeks ago DOC: ssl.rst is missing formatting on two links has PR open
36754 2 weeks ago Remove smart quotes in pydoc text has PR open
26303 2 weeks ago Shared execution context between doctests in a module open
36270 2 weeks ago DOC: Add link to sys.exc_info for "Reference Manual" has PR open
33340 2 weeks ago Inaccurate docs on `import` behaviour open
36654 3 weeks ago Add example to tokenize.tokenize has PR open
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