ID Activity Title Status
29108 8 hours ago Documentation: Clarify role of callback with map_async open
41805 yesterday types.GenericAlias and types.Union have no documentation open
34422 yesterday __name__ not available for classes in typing module open
39452 yesterday Improve the __main__ module documentation has PR open
37105 yesterday Add deprecated-remove information on stream doc has PR open
19270 2 days ago Document that sched.cancel() doesn't distinguish equal events and can break order has patch open
41787 2 days ago adding PEP references to documentation has PR open
34394 3 days ago Descriptors HowTo doesn't mention __set_name__ open
41790 3 days ago C-API documentation ignores heap types and says type objects must never be deallocated has PR open
41793 3 days ago Inaccuracy about reflected operands in datamodel docs. has PR open
38486 4 days ago Dead links in mailbox doc has PR open
28499 5 days ago Logging module documentation needs a rework. open
12174 5 days ago Multiprocessing logging levels unclear has patch open
41745 5 days ago BoundArguments.arguments used in the recommended way to call a callable silently succeeds for nonexistent arguments open
41774 5 days ago While removing element from list using for and remove(), which has same items output is not right open
41742 7 days ago Request for improvement open
25963 7 days ago strptime not parsing some timezones open
25343 7 days ago Document atomic operations on builtin types open
25467 7 days ago Put “deprecated” warnings first has patch open
25509 7 days ago PyImport_ImportModule inaccurately described open
19438 1 week ago Where is NoneType in Python 3? has PR open
41726 1 week ago Update refcounts info of PyType_FromModuleAndSpec in refcounts.dat has PR open
20468 1 week ago resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open
41727 1 week ago Confusing presentation for configuration settings references open
35228 2 weeks ago Index search in CHM help crashes viewer open
41411 2 weeks ago Improve and consolidate f-strings docs has PR open
41706 2 weeks ago docs: operator dunder (`__add__`, et al.) invocations described incorrectly has PR open
41191 2 weeks ago PyType_FromModuleAndSpec is not mentioned in 3.9 What's new has PR open
41698 2 weeks ago io.[Text] doesn't take keyword parameter - revisited open
41684 2 weeks ago argparse: unexpected subparser behaviour on parse_args with namespace option open
41400 2 weeks ago Remove references to nonexisting __ne__ methods has PR open
41676 2 weeks ago asyncio.Event.wait broken link from asyncio.Event has PR open
39671 2 weeks ago Mention in docs that asyncio.FIRST_COMPLETED does not guarantee the completion of no more than one task has PR open
41615 2 weeks ago sys.argv may be None or an empty list open
41645 2 weeks ago Typo First Page of Documentation open
41661 2 weeks ago os.path.relpath does not document ValueError on Windows with different drives open
39375 3 weeks ago Document os.environ[x] = y and os.putenv() as thread unsafe open
41644 3 weeks ago builtin type kwargs open
41636 3 weeks ago distutils.util.strtobool documented behaviour open
35276 3 weeks ago Document thread safety open
41376 3 weeks ago site.getusersitepackages() incorrectly claims that PYTHONNOUSERSITE is respected has PR open
13828 3 weeks ago Further improve casefold documentation open
41621 3 weeks ago defaultdict miss behave when using default_factory passed as kwargs has PR open
37426 3 weeks ago getpass.getpass not working with on windows when ctrl+v is used to enter the string open
41576 3 weeks ago document BaseException in favour of bare except in error tutorial has PR open
41575 4 weeks ago Please use active voice in async docs. open
41591 1 month ago Comprehensions documentation open
41590 1 month ago "zip()" very slowly for this open
41584 1 month ago Clarify documentation for binary arithmetic operation subclass __r*__ precedence open
41570 1 month ago Add DearPyGui to faq/gui.rst has PR open
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