ID Activity Title Status
19050 6 months ago [Windows] fflush called on pointer to potentially closed file has patch open
14302 50 months ago Rename Scripts directory to bin and move python.exe to bin open
24732 42 months ago 3.5.0b3 Windows accept() on unready non-blocking socket raises PermissionError [now need unit test] open
26423 22 months ago Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows with len > 2**31-1 has patch open
24643 5 months ago VS 2015 pyconfig.h #define timezone _timezone conflicts with timeb.h open
35360 2 months ago Update SQLite to 3.26 in Windows and macOS installer builds open
6672 64 months ago Add Mingw recognition to pyport.h to allow building extensions has patch open
15556 64 months ago os.stat fails for file pending delete on Windows open
19575 64 months ago subprocess: on Windows, unwanted file handles are inherited by child processes in a multithreaded application open
12964 61 months ago Two improvements for the locale aliasing engine open
2941 61 months ago Propagate define to resurce mingw32 compile has patch open
1800 61 months ago ctypes callback fails when called in Python with array argument has patch open
1576120 61 months ago Support spawnvp[e] + use native execvp[e] on win32 has patch open
1244861 61 months ago Enable os.startfile and webbrowser.WindowsDefault on Cygwin has patch open
20788 60 months ago distutils.msvccompiler - flags are hidden inside initialize() open
19983 59 months ago When interrupted during startup, Python should not call abort() but exit() has patch open
13702 58 months ago relative symlinks in tarfile.extract broken (windows) open
21482 58 months ago get_versions() in cannot return correct gcc version open
14141 58 months ago 2.7.2 64-bit Windows library has __impt_Py* for several symbols instead of __imp__Py* open
12739 57 months ago read stuck with multithreading and simultaneous subprocess.Popen open
8579 57 months ago Add missing tests for FlushKey, LoadKey, and SaveKey in winreg open
9194 56 months ago winreg:fixupMultiSZ should check that P < Q in the inner loop open
12201 56 months ago Returning FILETIME is unsupported in msilib.SummaryInformation.GetProperty() has patch open
12653 56 months ago Provide accelerators for all buttons in Windows installers open
20513 56 months ago Python 2.7. Script interruption on logoff from 0 session under Win2003 and earlier has patch open
7182 56 months ago For non-debug builds, the should define NDEBUG open
9937 56 months ago _winreg.EnumValue causes MemoryError has patch open
14750 56 months ago Tkinter application doesn't run from source build on Windows has patch open
9524 56 months ago Document CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT usage on Windows open
10837 56 months ago Issue catching KeyboardInterrupt while reading stdin open
7405 56 months ago compiling python 3.1.1 using cygwin 1.7.0 and gcc 4.3.4 open
8526 56 months ago msilib doesn't support multiple CAB instances in same installer open
5773 56 months ago Crash on shutdown after os.fdopen(2) in debug builds open
2698 56 months ago Extension module build fails for MinGW: missing vcvarsall.bat open
12480 56 months ago urllib2 doesn't use proxy (fieddler2), configed the proxy with ProxyHandler open
9699 56 months ago invalid call of Windows API _popen() generating The input line is too long error message open
21927 56 months ago BOM appears in stdin when using Powershell open
17101 56 months ago Multiprocessing on Windows open
15411 56 months ago os.chmod() does not follow symlinks on Windows has patch open
21946 55 months ago 'python -u' yields trailing carriage return '\r' (Python2 for Windows) has patch open
8170 55 months ago Wrong Paths for distutils build --plat-name=win-amd64 open
4198 55 months ago os.path.normcase gets fooled on windows with mapped linux network drive open
4722 55 months ago _winreg.QueryValue fault while reading mangled registry values open
16100 55 months ago Compiling vim with Python 3.3 support fails open
10551 55 months ago mimetypes read from the registry should not overwrite standard mime mappings open
13123 55 months ago bdist_wininst uninstaller does not remove pycache directories has patch open
18477 55 months ago fix_import (2to3 fixer) is not case-sensitive has patch open
10071 55 months ago Should not release GIL while running RegEnumValue open
2200 55 months ago find_executable fails to find .bat files on win32 has patch open
10608 55 months ago Add a section to Windows FAQ explaining os.symlink has patch open
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