ID Activity Title Status
16390 103 months ago re compilation slow in Python 3.3 due to functools.lru_cache overhead closed
16354 103 months ago Remember python version choice on closed
16284 102 months ago concurrent.futures ThreadPoolExecutor keeps unnecessary references to worker functions. has patch closed
16393 102 months ago typo in closed
7317 102 months ago Display full tracebacks when an error occurs asynchronously has patch closed
12759 102 months ago "(?P=)" input for Tools/scripts/ raises unnhandled exception has patch closed
9109 102 months ago absolute import cleanups for Python 3 closed
8401 102 months ago Strange behavior of bytearray slice assignment has patch closed
1605192 102 months ago Make Imap Error more helpful has patch closed
16336 102 months ago Check input in surrogatepass error handler has patch closed
11166 102 months ago No exit when daemon thread is running. closed
15076 102 months ago Sometimes couldn't import os, shown 'import site' failed, use -v for trackback closed
4711 102 months ago Wide literals in the table of contents overflow in documentation has patch closed
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