ID Activity Title Status
9965 126 months ago Loading malicious pickle may cause excessive memory usage closed
1646068 126 months ago Dict lookups fail if sizeof(Py_ssize_t) < sizeof(long) has patch closed
10134 126 months ago test_email failures on Windows: end of line issue? has patch closed
10391 126 months ago obj2ast's error handling can lead to python crashing with a C-level assertion failure has patch closed
10183 126 months ago test_concurrent_futures failure on Windows has patch closed
10325 126 months ago PY_LLONG_MAX & co - preprocessor constants or not? has patch closed
2244 126 months ago urllib and urllib2 decode userinfo multiple times has patch closed
10465 126 months ago gzip module calls getattr incorrectly has patch closed
10463 126 months ago Wrong return type for xml.etree.ElementTree.parse() closed
10439 126 months ago PyCodec C API is not documented in reST has patch closed
10460 126 months ago Misc/ does not reflect PEP 7 closed
10462 126 months ago Handler.close is not called in subclass while Logger.removeHandler is called closed
9732 126 months ago Addition of getattr_static for inspect module has patch closed
5412 126 months ago extend configparser to support mapping access(__*item__) closed
10377 126 months ago cProfile incorrectly labels its output closed
10467 126 months ago io.BytesIO.readinto() segfaults when used on BytesIO object seeked beyond end. has patch closed
10319 126 months ago SocketServer.TCPServer truncates responses on close (in some situations) closed
10371 126 months ago Deprecate trace module undocumented API has patch closed
8569 126 months ago Upgrade OpenSSL in Windows builds closed
4925 126 months ago Improve error message of subprocess when cannot open has patch closed
8340 126 months ago bytearray undocumented on trunk has patch closed
10255 126 months ago refleak in initstdio closed
8078 126 months ago add more baud constants to termios has patch closed
10471 126 months ago include documentation in python docs and under python -h for other commandline options closed
9500 126 months ago urllib2: Content-Encoding closed
10407 126 months ago missing errno import in distutils/ closed
1520831 126 months ago urrlib2 max_redirections=0 disables redirects closed
10472 126 months ago Strange tab key behaviour in interactive python 2.7 OSX 10.6.2 closed
7804 126 months ago test_readline failure closed
10448 126 months ago Add Mako template benchmark to Python Benchmark Suite has patch closed
10474 126 months ago range.count returns boolean closed
8645 126 months ago PyUnicode_AsEncodedObject is undocumented closed
10043 126 months ago UnboundLocalError with local variable set by setattr, caused by code run later closed
8647 126 months ago PyUnicode_GetMax is undocumented closed
9746 126 months ago All sequence types support .index and .count has patch closed
6799 126 months ago mimetypes does not give canonical extension for guess_extension with text/plain closed
10476 126 months ago __iter__ on a byte file object using a method to return an iterator closed
10473 126 months ago Strange behavior for socket.timeout closed
10477 126 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name' ( closed
10370 126 months ago py3 readlines() reports wrong offset for UnicodeDecodeError closed
9199 126 months ago distutils upload command crashes when displaying server response closed
7226 126 months ago IDLE right-clicks don't work on Mac OS 10.5 closed
8381 126 months ago IDLE 2.6 freezes on OS X 10.6 closed
8590 126 months ago test_httpservers.CGIHTTPServerTestCase failure on 3.1-maint Mac OS X closed
10489 126 months ago configparser: remove broken `__name__` support has patch closed
1699853 126 months ago locale.getlocale() output fails as setlocale() input closed
10491 126 months ago Insecure Windows python directory permissions closed
8561 126 months ago Install .exes generated with distutils to not do a CRC check closed
10488 126 months ago Improve documentation for 'float' built-in. has patch closed
10345 126 months ago fcntl.ioctl always fails claiming an invalid fd closed
10356 126 months ago hash of -1 has patch closed
5353 126 months ago Improve IndexError messages with actual values closed
3292 126 months ago Position index limit; s.insert(i,x) not same as s[i:i]=[x] closed
8705 126 months ago shutil.rmtree with empty filepath closed
7770 126 months ago sin/cos function in decimal-docs has patch closed
1560032 126 months ago confusing error msg from random.randint has patch closed
6722 126 months ago collections.namedtuple: confusing example closed
7212 126 months ago Retrieve an arbitrary element from a set without removing it has patch closed
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