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8008 133 months ago Allow Arbitrary OpenID providers in this bug tracker closed
6312 132 months ago httplib fails with HEAD requests to pages with "transfer-encoding: chunked" has patch closed
7467 130 months ago The zipfile module does not check files' CRCs, including in ZipFile.testzip has patch closed
10637 126 months ago Calling CloseHandle twice (Modules/posixmodule.c) has patch closed
11053 124 months ago OS X IDLE 3 with Tk 8.4 appears to hang with syntax error has patch closed
10842 124 months ago Update third-party libraries for OS X installer builds has patch closed
11054 124 months ago OS X installer build script for 3.2 can no longer build with system Python on OS X 10.5 has patch closed
10940 124 months ago IDLE 3.2 hangs with Cmd-M hotkey on OS X 10.6 with 64-bit installer and A/S Tk 8.5 has patch closed
10907 122 months ago OS X installer: warn users of buggy Tcl/Tk in OS X 10.6 has patch closed
11609 122 months ago urllib-related buildbot failures closed
13975 111 months ago packaging: change_root() test for os2 has patch closed
14115 110 months ago 2.7.3rc and 3.2.3rc hang on test_asynchat and test_asyncore on 32-bit Windows closed
11442 107 months ago list_directory() in should add charset=... to Content-type header has patch closed
14790 106 months ago use packaging in closed
1285086 98 months ago urllib.quote is too slow has patch closed
19553 90 months ago PEP 453: "make install" and "make altinstall" integration has patch closed
19551 90 months ago PEP 453: Mac OS X installer integration closed
20644 85 months ago OS X installer build broken by changes to documentation build closed
20671 79 months ago test_create_at_shutdown_with_encoding() of test_io hangs on "SPARC Solaris 10 OpenCSW 3.x" closed
27384 58 months ago itertools islice consumes items when given negative range closed
10910 56 months ago pyport.h FreeBSD/Mac OS X "fix" causes errors in C++ compilation has patch closed
27736 56 months ago repeated Py_Initialize/PyRun_SimpleString/Py_Finalize segfaults has patch closed
28008 56 months ago PEP 530, asynchronous comprehensions implementation has patch closed
28471 54 months ago Python 3.6b2 crashes with "Python memory allocator called without holding the GIL" has patch closed
28092 54 months ago Build failure for 3.6 on Centos 5.11 closed
28199 54 months ago Compact dict resizing is doing too much work has patch closed
28208 53 months ago update sqlite to 3.14.2 has patch closed
28897 53 months ago Python 3.6.0rc1 breaks NumPy tests. closed
28898 52 months ago Can't compile gdb with Python 3.6 closed
28783 52 months ago Embedded/nuget packages incorrectly reference bdist_wininst has patch closed
28089 52 months ago asyncio: Document that TCP_NODELAY is now used by default has patch closed
28979 52 months ago What's New entry on compact dict mentions "faster" implementation has patch closed
28091 52 months ago Document PEP 525 & 530 has patch closed
28900 52 months ago update 'docs for other versions' closed
28990 52 months ago asyncio SSL hangs if connection is closed before handshake completed closed
28770 52 months ago Update for fastcalls has patch closed
28689 51 months ago OpenSSL 1.1.0c test failures closed
29775 50 months ago There appears to be a spurious ^0 in sys.version for 3.6.1rc1 closed
28932 49 months ago Fail compile Python 3.6.0rc1 on OpenBSD 6.0 has PR closed
28835 49 months ago Change in behavior when overriding warnings.showwarning and with catch_warnings(record=True) has patch has PR closed
28797 49 months ago Modifying class __dict__ inside __set_name__ has patch has PR closed
28782 49 months ago SEGFAULT when running a given coroutine has patch has PR closed
28314 49 months ago ElementTree: Element.getiterator(tag) broken in 3.6 has patch has PR closed
28963 49 months ago Use-after-free in _asyncio_Future_remove_done_callback() of _asynciomodule.c has patch has PR closed
27030 49 months ago Remove deprecated re features has patch has PR closed
28896 49 months ago Embeddable zip allows Windows registry to override module location has patch has PR closed
29550 46 months ago Mac build-installer touch step fails after github conversion has PR closed
27425 46 months ago Tests fail because of git's newline preferences on Windows has patch has PR closed
30585 45 months ago [security][3.3] Backport smtplib fix for TLS stripping vulnerability, CVE-2016-0772 has PR closed
28095 45 months ago test_startup_imports of test_site fails on OS X due to new import of enum in re has PR closed
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