ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
34032 1 week ago Add platlibdir to allow distinction between /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 for Linux has patch has PR closed mcepl    
15631 1 week ago Python 3.3/3.4 installation issue on OpenSUSE lib/lib64 folders has patch closed ita1024    
34788 1 week ago ipaddress module fails on rfc4007 scoped IPv6 addresses has PR open Jeremy McMillan asvetlov enhancement
37749 2 weeks ago ipaddress - is_global method all multicast addresses and networks return true has PR open bjames    
26317 1 month ago Build Problem with GCC + Macintosh OS X 10.11 El Capitain has patch has PR open Robert P Fischer ned.deily compile error
37387 1 month ago test_compileall fails randomly on Windows when tests are run in parallel open vstinner    
20215 1 month ago socketserver.TCPServer can not listen IPv6 address has patch has PR open dazhaoyu   enhancement
38750 1 month ago Solve IPv4 categorisation issues with the ipaddress module open Wicken   behavior
38784 3 months ago ip_network does not clear/update the broadcast_address cache when network_address is changed. open 992jo docs@python behavior
38655 3 months ago ipaddress.ip_network('').is_private == True open pascalhofmann   behavior
28577 3 months ago ipaddress.ip_network(...).hosts() returns nothing for an IPv4 /32 open era   behavior
32081 3 months ago ipaddress should support fast IP lookups open Attila Nagy   enhancement
7897 3 months ago Support parametrized tests in unittest open fperez michael.foord enhancement
36338 3 months ago urlparse of urllib returns wrong hostname has patch has PR open sanebow   security
20271 4 months ago urllib.parse.urlparse() accepts wrong URLs has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior
25430 4 months ago speed up ipaddress __contain__ method has patch has PR closed gescheit   performance
27542 4 months ago Segfault in gcmodule.c:360 visit_decref closed mdk    
38335 4 months ago simplify overlaps function in has patch has PR open Sanjay    
32820 4 months ago Add and document __format__ method for IPv[46]Address has PR open ewosborne docs@python enhancement
37492 7 months ago should email.utils.parseaddr treat a@b. as invalid email ? closed jpic   behavior
19645 7 months ago decouple unittest assertions from the TestCase class open Gregory.Salvan   enhancement
37463 7 months ago ssl.match_hostname() ignores extra string after whitespace in IPv4 address has PR closed christian.heimes christian.heimes security
34022 7 months ago 6 tests fail using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH env var has patch has PR closed vstinner    
15629 8 months ago Add to regrtest the ability to run Lib and Doc doctests has patch closed chris.jerdonek docs@python enhancement
27860 8 months ago Improvements to ipaddress module has patch has PR closed moritzs   enhancement
35990 9 months ago ipaddress.IPv4Interface won't accept 2-tuple (address, mask) closed John Florian   behavior
35989 9 months ago ipaddress.IPv4Network allows prefix > 32 has PR open John Florian   behavior
36845 9 months ago ipaddres.IPv4Network and ipaddress.IPv6Network tuple construction will accept out of valid range prefixlen has PR closed niconorsk   behavior
35734 10 months ago Remove unused _BaseV4._is_valid_netmask in ipaddress has patch has PR closed lin.lin   behavior
36384 10 months ago ipaddress Should not reject IPv4 addresses with leading zeroes as ambiguously octal has PR open Joel Croteau docs@python behavior
16954 10 months ago Add docstrings for ElementTree module has patch open serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement
36485 10 months ago Establish a uniform way to clear all caches in a given module has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement
36401 11 months ago Readonly properties should be marked as such in help() has PR closed rhettinger   enhancement
36392 11 months ago IPv4Interface Object has no attributte prefixlen open Eddgar Rojas   behavior
30903 11 months ago IPv4Network's hostmask attribute doesn't returns string value as mentioned in Documentation. closed Abhijit Mamarde docs@python behavior
31659 12 months ago ssl module should not use textwrap for wrapping PEM format. has PR closed inada.naoki    
35820 13 months ago Inconsistent behavior when parsing IP address open tinutomson   behavior
27200 15 months ago make doctest in CPython has failures has patch has PR closed Jelle Zijlstra Mariatta behavior
35019 16 months ago Allow ipaddres.IPv4/v6Address in asyncio.create_server has PR open bassford   enhancement
32174 16 months ago nonASCII punctuation characters can not display in python363.chm. has patch has PR closed zaazbb docs@python behavior
28908 17 months ago pydoc getdocloc() is broken open nascheme   behavior
34465 17 months ago ipaddress should accept bytearray in addition to bytes has PR open joernheissler   enhancement
34453 18 months ago ipaddress module accepts some strange IPv6 addresses that it shouldn't open lkcl   behavior
29804 18 months ago test_ctypes test_pass_by_value fails on arm64 (aarch64) architecture has PR closed ishcherb    
33666 19 months ago Document removal of os.errno has PR closed hroncok docs@python behavior
34087 19 months ago int(s), float(s) and others may cause segmentation fault has patch has PR closed fenrrir   crash
33784 20 months ago hash collision in instances of ipaddress.ip_network closed Francois Schneider   behavior
33433 21 months ago ipaddress is_private misleading for IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses open Thomas Kriechbaumer    
32185 22 months ago SSLContext.wrap_socket sends SNI Extension when server_hostname is IP has PR closed nitzmahone christian.heimes behavior
23239 23 months ago SSL match_hostname does not accept IP Address has patch open Ádám.Zsigmond   enhancement
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