ID Activity Title Status
30744 9 minutes ago Local variable assignment is broken when combined with threads + tracing + closures has patch has PR open
28286 1/4 hour ago gzip guessing of mode is ambiguous has patch has PR open
28416 2 hours ago defining persistent_id in _pickle.Pickler subclass causes reference cycle open
31838 2 hours ago Python 3.4 supported SSL version open
31815 3 hours ago Make itertools iterators interruptible has PR open
28292 3 hours ago Make Calendar.itermonthdates() behave consistently in edge cases open
24567 4 hours ago random.choice IndexError due to double-rounding has patch open
28197 4 hours ago range.index mismatch with documentation open
28022 4 hours ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open
16700 4 hours ago Document that bytes OS API can returns unusable results on Windows open
31839 7 hours ago datetime: add method to parse isoformat() output open
25083 9 hours ago Python can sometimes create incorrect .pyc files has patch open
31831 11 hours ago EmailMessage.add_attachment(filename="long or sp├ęcial") crashes or produces invalid output open
6721 yesterday Locks in the standard library should be sanitized on fork has patch has PR open
27640 yesterday add the '--disable-test-suite' option to configure has patch open
31836 yesterday test_code_module fails after test_idle has PR open
31827 yesterday Remove os.stat_float_times() has PR open
31589 yesterday Links for French documentation PDF is broken: LaTeX issue with non-ASCII characters? has PR open
28655 yesterday Tests altered the execution environment in isolated mode open
31486 yesterday calling a _json.Encoder object raises a SystemError in case obj.items() returned a tuple open
31837 yesterday ParseError in test_all_project_files() open
30156 yesterday PYTHONDUMPREFS segfaults on exit has PR open
26858 yesterday setting SO_REUSEPORT fails has patch open
16737 yesterday Different behaviours in script run directly and via runpy.run_module open
31835 yesterday _PyFunction_FastCallDict and _PyFunction_FastCallKeywords: fast path not used open
31829 yesterday Portability issues with pickle has PR open
31314 yesterday email throws exception with oversized header input open
31834 yesterday BLAKE2: the (pure) SSE2 impl forced on x86_64 is slower than reference has PR open
31828 yesterday Support Py_tss_NEEDS_INIT outside of static initialisation has PR open
31833 yesterday Compile fail on gentoo for MIPS CPU of loongson 2f open
20825 yesterday containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch has PR open
31811 yesterday async and await missing from keyword list in lexical analysis doc open
31830 yesterday asyncio.create_subprocess_exec doesn't capture all stdout output open
31756 yesterday should alias universal_newlines to text has PR open
31761 yesterday Failures and crashes when running tests by import open
31812 yesterday Document PEP 545 (documentation translation) in What's New in Python 3.7 has PR open
31814 yesterday subprocess_fork_exec more stable with vfork open
9842 yesterday Document ... used in recursive repr of containers has PR open
31817 yesterday Compilation Error with Python 3.6.1/3.6.3 with Tkinter open
31203 yesterday socket.IP_PKTINFO is missing from python has PR open
31794 yesterday Issues with test.autotest open
31810 yesterday Travis CI, buildbots: run "make smelly" to check if CPython leaks symbols has PR open
31826 yesterday Misleading __version__ attribute of modules in standard library open
31803 yesterday time.clock() should emit a DeprecationWarning has PR open
31813 yesterday python -m ensurepip hangs open
31807 yesterday unitest.mock: Using autospec=True conflicts with 'wraps' open
31798 yesterday `site.abs__file__` fails for modules where `__file__` cannot be modified open
31793 yesterday Allow to specialize smart quotes in documentation translations has PR open
31790 yesterday double free or corruption (while using smem) open
31783 yesterday Race condition in ThreadPoolExecutor when scheduling new jobs while the interpreter shuts down open
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