ID Activity Title Status
35488 an hour ago pathlib Path.match does not behave as described has patch has PR open
35507 5 hours ago multiprocessing: seg fault when creating RawArray from numpy ctypes open
35482 5 hours ago can't open python368rc1.chm and python372rc1.chm open
35208 6 hours ago IDLE: Squeezed lines count ignores window width has PR open
35402 7 hours ago Upgrade macOS and Windows installers to Tcl 8.6.9 and Tk has PR open
35506 8 hours ago Doc: fix keyword `as` link from `import` and `try` has PR open
35504 9 hours ago `del OSError().characters_written` raises `SystemError` has PR open
35505 9 hours ago Test test_imaplib fail in test_imap4_host_default_value open
35502 9 hours ago Memory leak in xml.etree.ElementTree.iterparse has patch has PR open
35450 11 hours ago venv module doesn't create a copy of python binary by default has PR open
35495 12 hours ago argparse does not honor default argument for nargs=argparse.REMAINDER argument open
35486 12 hours ago subprocess module import hooks breaks back compatibility open
35472 12 hours ago python 3.7.2 rc1 bumped the build requirements for no reason open
35503 12 hours ago os.path.islink() works with cygwin installation but not open
35457 yesterday robotparser reads empty robots.txt file as "all denied" open
35453 yesterday pathlib.Path: glob and rglob should accept PathLike patterns open
35449 yesterday documenting objects open
35257 yesterday Avoid leaking linker flags into distutils: add PY_LDFLAGS_NODIST has patch has PR open
35448 yesterday ConfigParser .read() - handling of nonexistent files open
32810 yesterday Expose ags_gen and agt_gen in asynchronous generators has patch has PR open
35431 yesterday Add a function for computing binomial coefficients to the math module has PR open
35441 yesterday Dead (and buggy) code due to mishandling of PyList_SetItem() errors has PR open
35442 yesterday Chain of several subcommands in argparse open
35499 yesterday "make profile-opt" overrides CFLAGS_NODIST has PR open
35498 yesterday Parents objects in pathlib.Path don't support slices as __getitem__ arguments has PR open
35501 yesterday "make coverage" should use leak coverage flags to third party C extensions open
35500 yesterday Align expected and actual calls on mock.assert_called_with error message open
26415 yesterday Excessive peak memory consumption by the Python parser has patch has PR open
27715 yesterday call-matcher breaks if a method is mocked with spec=True open
35348 yesterday Problems with handling the file command output in platform.architecture() has PR open
35497 yesterday Libary select docs enhance has PR open
35494 yesterday Inaccurate error message for f-string has PR open
35496 yesterday left-to-right violation in match order open
35424 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool: emit ResourceWarning has PR open
2661 yesterday Mapping tests cannot be passed by user implementations has patch has PR open
35493 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool._worker_handler(): use SIGCHLD to be notified on worker exit open
35479 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool.join() always takes at least 100 ms has PR open
35478 yesterday multiprocessing: ApplyResult.get() hangs if the pool is terminated has PR open
35490 yesterday Remove the DecodeFSDefault return converter in Argument Clinic has PR open
34313 yesterday Tkinter crashes with Tk-related error on macOS with ActiveTcl 8.6 open
35485 yesterday Mac: tkinter windows turn black while resized open
26317 yesterday Build Problem with GCC + Macintosh OS X 10.11 El Capitain open
35465 yesterday [asyncio] Document loop.add_signal_handler has PR open
34766 yesterday BaseProxy cache should be cleaned when Manager client is reconnected has PR open
35484 yesterday Segmentation fault due to faulthandler on Solaris open
35483 yesterday tarfile.extractall on existing symlink in Ubuntu overwrites target file, not symlink, unlinke GNU tar open
35267 yesterday reproducible deadlock with multiprocessing.Pool has patch has PR open
35475 yesterday Docs do not show PyImport_AddModuleObject() returns a borrowed reference. has PR open
35164 2 days ago socket.getfqdn and socket.gethostbyname fail on MacOS open
35459 2 days ago Use PyDict_GetItemWithError() instead of PyDict_GetItem() has PR open
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