ID Activity Title Status
36716 2 minutes ago Embedded Python fails to import module files with version_platform extensions open
22269 2 hours ago Resolve distutils option conflicts with priorities has patch open
36715 2 hours ago Dictionary initialization open
36670 2 hours ago test suite broken due to cpu usage feature on win 10/ german open
36541 3 hours ago Make lib2to3 grammar more closely match Python has PR open
36688 3 hours ago _dummy_thread lacks an RLock implementaiton has PR open
36654 4 hours ago Add example to tokenize.tokenize open
36710 5 hours ago Pass _PyRuntimeState as an argument rather than using the _PyRuntime global variable has PR open
36540 5 hours ago PEP 570: Python Positional-Only Parameters has PR open
35224 5 hours ago PEP 572: Assignment Expressions has PR open
21536 5 hours ago extension built with a shared python cannot be loaded with a static python open
36714 6 hours ago Tweak doctest 'example' regex to allow a leading ellipsis in 'want' line open
16079 6 hours ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open
19119 7 hours ago duplicate test name in Lib/test/ has patch open
19113 7 hours ago duplicate test names in Lib/ctypes/test/ open
26528 7 hours ago NameError for built in function open when re-raising stored exception from yielded function open
36713 7 hours ago uplicate method definition in Lib/ctypes/test/ open
36712 7 hours ago duplicate method definition in Lib/email/test/ open
36711 7 hours ago duplicate method definition in Lib/email/ open
36475 8 hours ago PyEval_AcquireLock() and PyEval_AcquireThread() do not handle runtime finalization properly. has PR open
36659 11 hours ago distutils UnixCCompiler: Remove standard library path from rpath has PR open
33608 11 hours ago Add a cross-interpreter-safe mechanism to indicate that an object may be destroyed. has PR open
36632 11 hours ago test_multiprocessing_forkserver: test_rapid_restart() leaked a dangling process on AMD64 FreeBSD 10-STABLE Non-Debug 3.x open
36669 12 hours ago weakref proxy doesn't support the matrix multiplication operator has PR open
36709 yesterday Asyncio SSL keep-alive connections raise errors after loop close. open
36689 yesterday docs: os.path.commonpath raises ValueError for different drives open
9633 yesterday pdb go stack up/down has patch has PR open
36697 yesterday inspect.getclosurevars returns wrong globals dict open
36465 yesterday Make release and debug ABI compatible has PR open
36700 yesterday base64 has old references that should be updated has PR open
22107 yesterday tempfile module misinterprets access denied error on Windows has patch open
36624 yesterday cleanup the stdlib and tests with regard to sys.platform usage has PR open
22135 yesterday allow to break into pdb with Ctrl-C for all the commands that resume execution has patch open
36704 yesterday logging.FileHandler currently hardcodes errors='strict' open
36706 yesterday Python script on startup stucks at import open
36703 yesterday [Easy][Windows] test_subprocess: test_close_fds_with_stdio() has a race condition open
34155 yesterday email.utils.parseaddr mistakenly parse an email open
18564 yesterday Integer overflow in the socket function parsing a Bluetooth address has patch has PR open
36702 yesterday test_dtrace failed open
35824 yesterday http.cookies._CookiePattern modifying regular expressions has PR open
36511 yesterday Add Windows ARM32 buildbot has PR open
29940 2 days ago Add follow_wrapped=True option to help() has PR open
29183 2 days ago Unintuitive error handling in wsgiref when a crash happens in write() or close() has patch has PR open
36699 2 days ago building for riscv multilib (patch attached) open
11588 2 days ago Add "necessarily inclusive" groups to argparse has patch open
36661 2 days ago Missing dataclass decorator import in dataclasses module docs open
36698 2 days ago Shell restart when error message contains non-BMP characters open
22742 2 days ago IDLE shows traceback when printing non-BMP character open
36672 2 days ago A compiler warning in winreg.SetValue() has PR open
28113 2 days ago Remove Py_CreateSymbolicLinkW has patch has PR open
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