ID Activity Title Status
29620 just now unittest.TestCase.assertWarns raises RuntimeEror if sys.modules changes size has PR open
34447 1/4 hour ago ttk.TreeView (and maybe other functions) is overzealous in converting item values to ints open
33187 1/2 an hour ago Document ElementInclude (XInclude) support in ElementTree open
34410 1 1/4 hours ago Segfault/TimeoutError: itertools.tee of multiprocessing.pool.imap_unordered open
26544 1 1/2 hours ago platform.libc_ver() returns incorrect version number has patch has PR open
34171 7 hours ago Lib/trace.cover not removed by the clean target has PR open
34446 9 hours ago ambiguous _max_size parameter in SpooledTemporaryFile open
34404 9 hours ago test_time incorrectly defined open
34007 9 hours ago test_gdb fails in s390x SLES buildbots open
1100942 9 hours ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open
34365 9 hours ago datetime's documentation refers to "comparison [...] falling back to the default scheme of comparing object addresses" has PR open
34407 9 hours ago datetime.time.isoformat function has inconsistent behavior with timezone open
34434 9 hours ago Removal of kwargs for built-in types not covered with "changed in Python" note in documentation open
33569 11 hours ago dataclasses InitVar does not maintain any type info open
34443 11 hours ago enum repr should use __qualname__ open
34445 11 hours ago asyncio support in doctests open
34444 12 hours ago Module's __file__ should be absolute always ("." in sys.path) open
31715 12 hours ago Add mimetype for extension .mjs has PR open
34403 yesterday test_utf8_mode.test_cmd_line() fails on HP-UX due to false assumptions open
34442 yesterday zlib module not built on windows open
34439 yesterday Expose venv --prompt value to an environment value open
14568 yesterday HP-UX local libraries not included has patch has PR open
34217 yesterday windows: cross compilation fails due to headers with uppercase has patch has PR open
34246 yesterday Gentoo Refleaks 3.7: test_smtplib has dangling threads has PR open
32657 yesterday Mutable Objects in SMTP send_message Signature has PR open
16533 yesterday HPUX: Unable to fork() in thread open
1648957 yesterday HP-UX: _ctypes/libffi/src/ia64/ffi/__attribute__/native cc open
12991 yesterday Python 64-bit build on HP Itanium - Executable built successfully but modules failed with HP Compiler has patch open
34401 yesterday Make test_gdb work on HP-UX has PR open
34423 yesterday Overflow when casting from double to time_t, and_PyTime_t. has PR open
30717 yesterday Add unicode grapheme cluster break algorithm has PR open
34062 yesterday Python launcher on Windows does not work with --list or --list-paths has PR open
34422 yesterday __name__ not available for classes in typing module open
34436 yesterday Overallocation is never disabled in _PyBytes_FormatEx() has PR open
34426 yesterday "__lltrace__" seems to be wrong , "__ltrace__" is correct in Misc/SpecialBuilds.txt has PR open
26901 yesterday Argument Clinic test is broken has PR open
13501 yesterday Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch open
18049 yesterday Re-enable threading test on OSX has patch open
34433 yesterday cancel all other pending child futures has PR open
25810 yesterday Python 3 documentation for eval is incorrect open
25711 yesterday Rewrite zipimport from scratch has patch has PR open
34392 yesterday Add sys.isinterned() has PR open
34427 2 days ago calling MutableSequence.extend on self produces infinite loop has PR open
5999 2 days ago compile error on HP-UX 11.22 ia64 - 'mbstate_t' is used as a type, but has not been defined as a type has patch open
2382 2 days ago [Py3k] SyntaxError cursor shifted if multibyte character is in line. has patch open
34188 2 days ago Allow dict choices to "transform" values in argpagse open
12568 2 days ago Add functions to get the width in columns of a character has patch open
34402 2 days ago strftime fails on HP-UX open
34382 2 days ago test_os.test_mode fails when directory base directory has g+s set has PR open
34431 2 days ago Docs does not eval allows code object as argument open
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