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ID Activity Title Status
2818 5 months ago pulldom cannot handle xml file with large external entity properly open
9398 5 months ago Unify sys.settrace and sys.setprofile tests open
13745 5 months ago configuring --with-dbmliborder=bdb doesn't build the gdbm extension open
13822 5 months ago is(upper/lower/title) are not exactly correct open
14734 5 months ago Use binascii.b2a_qp/a2b_qp in email package header handling? open
15134 5 months ago urllib.request.thishost() fails on OSX 10.7 open
15992 5 months ago Strict aliasing violations in Objects/unicodeobject.c open
17229 5 months ago unable to discover preferred HTTPConnection class open
18611 5 months ago Mac: Some Python Launcher issues open
19517 5 months ago sysconfig variables introduced by PEP-3149 are currently undocumented open
20156 5 months ago does not treat growing input file properly open
20219 5 months ago ElementTree: allow passing XMLPullParser instance into iterparse() open
20224 5 months ago C API docs need a clear "defining custom extension types" section open
20432 5 months ago Argument Clinic: when cloning functions with path_t, path_t retains the old name open
20461 5 months ago Argument Clinic included return converters hard code use of ``_return_value`` open
20579 5 months ago OS X IDLE <option-> keyboard accelerators fail or misbehave with Cocoa Tk open
20623 5 months ago Run test_htmlparser with unbuffered source open
21033 5 months ago previous trace function still invoked after sys.settrace() open
21265 5 months ago ConfigParser allows "get(*, raw=True), but no corresponding "set(*, raw=True)" has patch open
21413 5 months ago urllib.request.urlopen dies on non-basic/digest auth schemes open
21473 5 months ago Idle: test startup scripts. open
21648 5 months ago urllib urlopener leaves open sockets for FTP connection has patch open
21660 5 months ago Substitute @TOKENS@ from sysconfig variables, for python-config and python.pc has patch open
21673 5 months ago Idle: hilite search terms in hits in Find in Files output window open
21674 5 months ago Idle: Add 'find all' in current file open
21787 5 months ago Idle: make 3.x Hyperparser.get_expression recognize ... open
21885 5 months ago shutil.copytree hangs (on copying root directory of a lxc container) (should succeed or raise exception nested) open
22164 5 months ago cell object cleared too early? open
22313 5 months ago Make PYLONG_BITS_IN_DIGIT always available to non-core extensions open
22344 5 months ago Reorganize unittest.mock docs into linear manner open
22679 5 months ago Add encodings of supported in glibc locales open
22700 5 months ago email's header_value_parser missing defect report for 'abc@xyz.c:om' open
22737 5 months ago Provide a rejected execution model and implementations for futures. open
22743 5 months ago Specify supported XML version open
22814 5 months ago TestProgram loading fails when a script is used open
22886 5 months ago TestProgram leaves defaultTestLoader.errors dirty open
22907 5 months ago Misc/ ensure sed invocations only match beginning of strings has patch open
23028 5 months ago CEnvironmentVariableTests and PyEnvironmentVariableTests test the same implementation open
23273 5 months ago traceback: formatting a traceback stats the filesystem open
23291 5 months ago Documentation about Py_Finalize(): Freeing objects open
23331 5 months ago Add non-interactive version of Bdb.runcall open
23384 5 months ago urllib.proxy_bypass_registry slow down under Windows if website has no reverse DNS and Fiddler is runing open
23405 5 months ago Tools/freeze "make" gets missing file error with unix shared builds open
23444 5 months ago HCI Bluetooth socket bind error on an arm crosscompiled environment has patch open
23455 5 months ago file iterator "deemed broken"; can resume after StopIteration open
23498 5 months ago Expose http.cookiejar.split_header_words() open
23525 5 months ago isbuiltin, isroutine, etc. open
23540 5 months ago Proposal for asyncio: SubprocessTransport.detach() to detach a process from a transport has patch open
23565 5 months ago local_clear walks the list of threads without holding head_lock. open
23664 5 months ago Modernize HTML output of difflib.HtmlDiff.make_file() open
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