ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
8891 124 months ago shutil: sort files before archiving for consistency has patch open techtonik tarek
14899 114 months ago Naming conventions and guidelines for packages and namespace packages has patch open benoitbryon docs@python
13476 111 months ago Simple exclusion filter for unittest autodiscovery open ncoghlan michael.foord
3290 105 months ago python-config --cflags includes irrelevant flags has patch open sacha doko
2953 105 months ago _zip_directory_cache untested and undocumented open fijal  
19615 98 months ago "ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function" when deleting and recreating .so files from different machines over NFS has patch open ecatmur  
1653457 95 months ago Python misbehaves when installed in / (patch attached) has patch open  
10318 93 months ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs has patch open allan  
14302 84 months ago Rename Scripts directory to bin and move python.exe to bin open brian.curtin brian.curtin
23469 82 months ago Delete Misc/*.wpr files has patch open berker.peksag  
23743 81 months ago Python crashes upon exit if importing g++ compiled mod after importing gcc compiled mod open matham docs@python
24198 79 months ago please align the platform tag for windows has patch open doko  
16310 77 months ago zipfile: allow surrogates in filenames has patch open stefanholek  
5901 69 months ago missing meta-info in documentation pdf open ZeD docs@python
27152 66 months ago Additional assert methods for unittest has patch open serhiy.storchaka  
5404 65 months ago Cross-compiling Python open kumba  
28273 63 months ago Make os.waitpid() option parameter optional. has patch open StyXman  
18235 59 months ago wrong on AIX installations has patch open David.Edelsohn  
29997 56 months ago Suggested changes for open ArthurGoldberg docs@python
30002 56 months ago Minor change to open ArthurGoldberg docs@python
29929 54 months ago Eliminate implicit __main__ relative imports open ncoghlan  
1649329 51 months ago Extract file-finding and language-handling code from gettext.find has patch open jjinux  
9033 47 months ago cmd module tab misbehavior has patch open slcott ronaldoussoren
32843 46 months ago More revisions to docs has PR open cheryl.sabella docs@python
3177 45 months ago Add has patch open ganadist  
14102 42 months ago argparse: add ability to create a man page has PR open Daniel.Walsh  
32007 41 months ago nis module fails to build against glibc-2.26 open floppymaster  
28908 39 months ago pydoc getdocloc() is broken open nascheme  
32797 37 months ago Tracebacks from Cython modules no longer work has PR open jdemeyer  
21880 36 months ago IDLE: Ability to run 3rd party code checkers has patch has PR open Saimadhav.Heblikar terry.reedy
10112 34 months ago Use -Wl,--dynamic-list=x.list, not -Xlinker -export-dynamic has patch open jankratochvil  
29541 34 months ago Python3 error while building on Alt-F open Honza Skýpala  
36079 33 months ago pdb on setuptools "ValueError: underlying buffer has been detached" open Gerrit.Holl  
32387 33 months ago Disallow untagged C extension import on major platforms has patch has PR open pitrou  
36081 33 months ago Cannot set LDFLAGS containing $ open Dakon  
10948 33 months ago Trouble with dir_util created dir cache pending diegoqueiroz  
15749 33 months ago cgitb prints html for text when display disabled. has patch has PR open aliles  
23311 33 months ago Update PC/example_nt and extending/windows.rst open steve.dower docs@python
8214 33 months ago Add exception logging function to syslog module has patch open eric.smith jafo
11212 31 months ago Python memory limit on AIX has patch open sable  
18188 31 months ago ERROR: test_no_optimize_flag on Mageia Linux Cauldron x86-64 with certain configure flags open shlomif  
35195 31 months ago [Windows] Python 3.7 initializes LC_CTYPE locale at startup, causing performance issue on msvcrt isdigit() open Dragoljub  
15590 30 months ago --libs is inconsistent for python-config --libs and pkgconfig python --libs has patch has PR open doko  
22024 28 months ago Add to shutil the ability to wait until files are definitely deleted has patch open zach.ware  
23670 27 months ago Modifications to support iOS as a cross-compilation target has patch open freakboy3742 ned.deily
3559 26 months ago IDLE: Pasted newline doesn't trigger execution when typed newline would has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy
38318 26 months ago Issues linking with ncurses and tinfo (cannot resolve symbols) has patch open veremitz  
37631 26 months ago EXTRA_CFLAGS get overrided by CFLAGS_NODIST has PR open Dormouse759  
16079 24 months ago list duplicate test names with patchcheck has patch has PR open xdegaye  
36414 24 months ago Multiple test failures in GCC and Clang optional builds on Travis CI open xtreak  
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