ID Activity Title Status
3132 64 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open
28971 26 months ago nntplib is broken when responses are longer than _MAXLINE has patch open
12508 8 months ago codecs.StreamReader doesn't pass final=1 to the UTF-8 codec open
17305 1 month ago IDNA2008 encoding is missing has patch has PR open
11573 126 months ago Improve Unicode Documentation with Known Caveats open
11909 122 months ago Doctest sees directives in strings when it should only see them in comments has patch open
10149 121 months ago Data truncation in expat parser has patch open
7983 118 months ago The encoding map from Unicode to CP932 is different from that of Windows' open
14170 114 months ago print unicode string error in win8 cmd console open
7304 111 months ago email.message.Message.set_payload and as_string given charset 'us-ascii' plus 8bit data produces invalid message open
15938 108 months ago expose way to count examples in doctest.DocFileSuite() open
10665 107 months ago Expand unicodedata module documentation has patch open
4818 107 months ago Patch for thread-support in md5module.c has patch open
11160 106 months ago ZipFile.comment expects bytes open
4805 105 months ago Make python code compilable with a C++ compiler has patch open
3232 102 months ago Wrong str->bytes conversion in Lib/encodings/ open
13229 102 months ago Improve tools for iterating over filesystem directories open
13604 101 months ago update PEP 393 (match implementation) has patch open
17337 101 months ago input() and raw_input() do not work correctly with colored prompts open
17505 101 months ago email.header.Header.__unicode__ does not decode header open
17683 99 months ago socket.getsockname() inconsistent return type with AF_UNIX has patch open
6284 98 months ago C/API PyErr_AsUnicode() has patch open
18614 97 months ago Enhanced \N{} escapes for Unicode strings has patch open
18778 96 months ago email docstrings and comments say about Unicode strings open
10284 94 months ago NNTP should accept bytestrings for username and password open
7839 94 months ago Popen should raise ValueError if pass a string when shell=False or a list when shell=True open
15490 93 months ago Correct __sizeof__ support for StringIO has patch open
19942 92 months ago UTF-8 encoding not enforced open
20028 92 months ago Confusing error message when giving invalid quotechar in initializing csv dialect has patch open
6335 91 months ago Add support for mingw has patch open
10566 91 months ago gdb debugging support additions (Tools/gdb/ has patch open
7615 91 months ago unicode_escape codec does not escape quotes has patch open
1704134 91 months ago minidom Level 1 DOM compliance has patch open
1437699 91 months ago allow unicode arguments for robotparser.can_fetch open
20405 90 months ago Add io.BinaryTransformWrapper and a "transform" parameter to open() open
16223 90 months ago untokenize returns a string if no encoding token is recognized has patch open
7262 89 months ago + eol (windows) has patch open
10318 88 months ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs has patch open
12489 88 months ago email.errors.HeaderParseError if base64url is used has patch open
18061 87 months ago m68k Python 3.3 test results open
20083 86 months ago smtplib: support for IDN (international domain names) open
3423 86 months ago DeprecationWarning message applies to wrong context with exec() open
21331 86 months ago Reversing an encoding with unicode-escape returns a different result open
3173 86 months ago external strftime for Python? has patch open
17984 85 months ago io and _pyio modules require the _io module open
11445 85 months ago python.exe on OS X shared-llbrary build erroneously linked to MacPorts python library open
13916 84 months ago disallow the "surrogatepass" handler for non utf-* encodings has patch open
18234 82 months ago Unicodedata module should provide access to codepoint aliases open
10581 82 months ago Review and document string format accepted in numeric data type constructors open
10803 82 months ago ctypes: better support of bytearray objects has patch open
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