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1100942 11 months ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open
33729 9 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open
34922 9 months ago hashlib segmentation fault has PR open
34313 7 months ago Tkinter crashes with Tk-related error on macOS with ActiveTcl 8.6 open
34776 4 months ago Postponed annotations break inspection of dataclasses has PR open
34172 3 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open
32604 2 months ago Expose the subinterpreters C-API in Python for testing use. has PR open
31961 1 month ago subprocess._execute_child doesn't accept a single PathLike argument for args has PR open
37149 2 weeks ago link to John Shipman's Tkinter 8.5 documentation fails: website no longer available has PR open
28440 1 week ago ensurepip and pip install failures on macOS Sierra with non-system Python 2.7.x has patch has PR open
release blocker
37428 2 weeks ago SSLContext.post_handshake_auth implicitly enables cert validation has PR open
37440 2 weeks ago httplib should enable post-handshake authentication for TLS 1.3 has PR open
37500 1 week ago 3.8.0b2 no longer optimizes away "if 0:" ? has PR open
37603 7 days ago parsetok(): Assertion `(intptr_t)(int)(a - line_start) == (a - line_start)' failed, when running has patch has PR open
37549 2 days ago os.dup() fails for standard streams on Windows 7 open
deferred blocker
36344 4 months ago install_certificates.command too complicated open
36205 4 months ago Python 3.7 and 3.8 process_time is not reported correctly when built on older macOS versions has PR open
35998 1 month ago test_asyncio: test_start_tls_server_1() TimeoutError on Fedora 29 has patch has PR open
37055 2 weeks ago Numerous warnings with blake2 module has PR open
34155 5 days ago email.utils.parseaddr mistakenly parse an email has patch has PR open
33295 15 months ago ERROR: test_sites_no_connection_close (test.test_urllib2net.OtherNetworkTests) has PR open
33738 13 months ago PyIndex_Check conflicts with PEP 384 has PR open
32745 11 months ago ctypes string pointer fields should accept embedded null characters has patch has PR open
17180 11 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open
19050 11 months ago [Windows] fflush called on pointer to potentially closed file has patch open
17305 8 months ago IDNA2008 encoding is missing open
31453 8 months ago Debian Sid/Buster: Cannot enable TLS 1.0/1.1 with PROTOCOL_TLS has patch has PR open
29406 7 months ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open
36795 2 months ago "make venv" failed in Docs open
36890 2 months ago python-3.7.3-macosx10.6.pkg verification error on macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard open
33725 1 month ago Python crashes on macOS after fork with no exec has PR open
17239 3 weeks ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch has PR open
1207466 98 months ago installer ignores changed installation directory open
11600 86 months ago PY_CFLAGS and PY_CPPFLAGS inconsistent open
12508 86 months ago Codecs Anomaly open
9405 81 months ago Test fix for past crash when calling urllib.getproxies() under OSX with subprocess / particular memory usage open
20125 67 months ago We need a good replacement for direct use of load_module(), post-PEP 451 open
2437 61 months ago Distutils runtime_library_dirs broken on Windows open
19693 56 months ago "make altinstall && make install" behaviour differs from "make install" open
14302 55 months ago Rename Scripts directory to bin and move python.exe to bin open
1508475 53 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open
6377 52 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open
20585 48 months ago urllib2 unrelease KQUEUE on Mac OSX 10.9+ open
23973 48 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open
24295 41 months ago Backport of #17086 causes regression in has patch open
3132 39 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open
8372 34 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open
27929 34 months ago asyncio.AbstractEventLoop.sock_connect broken for AF_BLUETOOTH open
24933 34 months ago socket.recv(size, MSG_TRUNC) returns more than size bytes open
28179 33 months ago Segfault in test_recursionlimit_fatalerror open
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