ID Activity Title Status
3017 151 months ago Verify doc updates for the decimal module closed
3043 151 months ago Recursion bug in deepcopy closed
2701 151 months ago csv.reader accepts string instead of file object (duck typing gone bad) closed
1044479 151 months ago docs for Py_UNICODE are wrong closed
2569 151 months ago default_scheme in urlparse.urlparse() useless closed
1817 151 months ago module-cgi: handling GET and POST together has patch closed
1083895 151 months ago functions replaced by subprocess should point to its docs closed
1199808 151 months ago installation problem with python 2.4.1 on Win2k system closed
888830 151 months ago POP3 lib timeout closed
1556 151 months ago Failure when calling __str__ for MIMEBase(message, rfc822) objects closed
2732 151 months ago curses.textpad loses characters at the end of lines closed
3164 151 months ago cPickle calls to save_string and save_unicode with unicode objects. has patch closed
3157 151 months ago sqlite3 minor documentation issues closed
3146 151 months ago Sphinx/LaTeX fails on Python 3.0b1 documentation closed
3069 151 months ago Let set.union and set.intersection accept multiple arguments has patch closed
1003935 151 months ago xrange overflows closed
2888 151 months ago pprint produces different output in 2.6 and 3.0 has patch closed
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