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ID Activity Title Status
795081 1 month ago email.Message param parsing problem II has patch open
1227748 1 month ago doc: subprocess: inheritance of std descriptors inconsistent has patch open
1284670 1 month ago Allow to restrict ModuleFinder to get "direct" dependencies has patch has PR open
1375011 1 month ago http.cookies, Improper handling of duplicate cookies has patch open
1410680 1 month ago Add 'surgical editing' to ConfigParser has patch open
1490929 1 month ago urllib.retrieve's reporthook called with non-helpful value has patch open
1521051 1 month ago Allow passing DocTestRunner and DocTestCase in doctest has patch open
1705393 1 month ago Document select() failure with buffered file open
2756 1 month ago urllib.request.add_header fails with existing unredirected_header has patch open
3244 1 month ago multipart/form-data encoding has patch open
3991 1 month ago urllib.request.urlopen does not handle non-ASCII characters has patch open
4079 1 month ago urllib.request.Request 'timeout' attribute needs to have a default has patch open
4683 1 month ago tests missing in urllib2 has patch open
4712 1 month ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open
4849 1 month ago instantiating and populating xml.dom.minidom.Element is cumbersome has patch open
5038 1 month ago urrlib2/httplib doesn't reset file position between requests has patch has PR open
5430 1 month ago imaplib: must not replace LF or CR by CRLF in literals has patch has PR open
5714 1 month ago http.server._url_collapse_path should live elsewhere has patch open
5752 1 month ago xml.dom.minidom does not escape CR, LF and TAB characters within attribute values has patch open
7262 1 month ago [doc] + eol (windows) has patch has PR open
7275 1 month ago CoverageResult fails to merge input file with non-empty callers in open
7325 1 month ago tempfile.mkdtemp() does not return absolute pathname when relative dir is specified has patch open
7760 1 month ago [doc] ctypes: use_errno=True does not work open
7982 1 month ago extend captured_output to simulate different stdout.encoding has patch has PR open
8704 1 month ago cgitb sends a bogus HTTP header if the app crashes before finishing headers open
9004 1 month ago datetime.utctimetuple() should not set tm_isdst flag to 0 has patch has PR open
9182 1 month ago document “--” as a way to distinguish option w/ narg='+' from positional argument in argparse has patch has PR open
9267 1 month ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open
9305 1 month ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch has PR open
10149 1 month ago [doc] Data truncation in expat parser has patch has PR open
10434 1 month ago Document the rules for "public names" open
10572 1 month ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch has PR open
10835 1 month ago sys.executable default and altinstall open
10850 1 month ago inconsistent behavior concerning multiprocessing.manager.BaseManager._Server has PR open
10880 1 month ago do_mkvalue and 'boolean' has patch open
10936 1 month ago Simple CSS fix for left margin at open
11176 1 month ago [doc] give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch has PR open
11385 1 month ago [doc] TextTestRunner documentation improvements open
11479 1 month ago Add discussion of trailing backslash in raw string to tutorial has patch has PR open
11776 1 month ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open
12020 1 month ago [doc] Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open
12067 1 month ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch has PR open
12165 1 month ago [doc] clarify documentation of nonlocal has PR open
12217 1 month ago Cross-link docs for faulthandler, traceback and pdb has PR open
12387 1 month ago IDLE save keyboard shortcut problem has patch has PR open
12403 1 month ago Mention sys.displayhook in code module docs and the compile builtin docs has patch has PR open
12600 1 month ago Add example of using load_tests to parameterise Test Cases open
12706 1 month ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open
12750 1 month ago add cross-platform support for %s strftime-format code has patch open
13127 1 month ago is not labeled as read-only has PR open
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