ID Activity Title Status
37382 5 months ago Improve conditional check for test_gdb has PR open
33926 5 months ago test_gdb is skipped in builds since gdb is not installed as part of build script has PR open
36184 9 months ago [EASY] test_gdb.test_threads() is specific to _POSIX_THREADS, fail on FreeBSD open
17126 9 months ago test_gdb fails open
22035 9 months ago Fatal error in dbm.gdbm has patch open
23137 9 months ago Python 2.7.9 test_gdb fails on CentOS 7 open
32834 10 months ago test_gdb fails with Posix locale in 3.7 open
29685 14 months ago test_gdb failed open
32897 14 months ago test_gdb failed on Fedora 27 open
34401 15 months ago Make test_gdb work on HP-UX has PR open
34388 16 months ago collect_gdb fails for test.pythoninfo in several AMD64 FreeBSD buildbots open
32494 23 months ago interface to gdbm_count open
31398 27 months ago TypeError: gdbm key must be string, not unicode open
30159 28 months ago gdb autoloading open
29680 32 months ago gdb/ does not work with gdb 7.2 has PR open
26788 34 months ago test_gdb fails all tests on a profile-opt build configured --with-lto has patch open
25460 50 months ago Misc/.gdbinit uses preprocessor macro has patch open
17737 66 months ago test_gdb fails on armv7hl open
13745 66 months ago configuring --with-dbmliborder=bdb doesn't build the gdbm extension open
19463 67 months ago assertGdbRepr depends on hash randomization / endianess open
10566 71 months ago gdb debugging support additions (Tools/gdb/ has patch open
17951 73 months ago TypeError during gdb backtracing has patch open
18822 76 months ago poor proxyval() coverage in test_gdb open
17558 78 months ago gdb debugging python frames in optimised interpreters open
9420 81 months ago gdbm with /usr/include/ndbm.h has patch open
15911 84 months ago can't step through _frozen_importlib/importlib._bootstrap using gdb open
15652 86 months ago PEP 3121, 384 refactoring applied to gdbm module open
12605 89 months ago Enhancements to gdb 7 debugging hooks has patch open
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