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ID Activity Title Status
2771 19 months ago Test issue has PR open
24778 19 months ago [CVE-2015-20107] mailcap.findmatch: document shell command Injection danger in filename parameter open
47261 20 months ago RFC: Clarify usage of macros for PySequence_Fast within the Limited C API open
47260 20 months ago os.closerange() can be no-op in a seccomp sandbox has PR closed
47259 20 months ago Clarify SortingHOWTO regarding locale aware string sorting open
47258 20 months ago Python 3.10 hang at exit in drop_gil() (due to resource warning at exit?) open
47257 20 months ago add methods to get first and last elements of a range closed
47256 20 months ago re: limit the maximum capturing group to 1,073,741,823, reduce sizeof(match_context). has PR open
47255 20 months ago Many broken :meth: roles in the docs has PR open
47254 20 months ago enhanced dir? has PR open
47253 20 months ago LOAD_GLOBAL instruction with wrong source position open
47252 20 months ago socket.makefile documentation is missing data regarding the 'buffering' parameter open
47251 20 months ago Merge BINARY_SUBSCR_LIST_INT with BINARY_SUBSCR_LIST_TUPLE has PR open
47250 20 months ago New object.__getstate__() method introduced refleaks has PR closed
47249 20 months ago test_multiprocessing_fork probabilistic failure open
47248 20 months ago Possible slowdown of regex searching in 3.11 open
47247 20 months ago Default arguments for access 'mode' parameters in pathlib and os should display as octal literals open
47246 20 months ago Race condition in `threadig.Thread._wait_for_tstate_lock` closed
47245 20 months ago potential undefined behavior with subprocess using vfork() on Linux? closed
47244 20 months ago email.utils.formataddr does not respect double spaces open
47243 20 months ago Duplicate entry in 'Objects/unicodetype_db.h' has PR open
47242 20 months ago Annoying white bar in IDLE (line 457 in open
47241 20 months ago [C API] Move the PyCodeObject structure to the internal C API (make the structure opaque) open
47240 20 months ago Python 3.x built for ppc+ppc64 errs on: No module named 'msvcrt', '_posixsubprocess' open
47239 20 months ago Python Launcher for Windows (`py -0`) no longer shows star ("*") for default version has PR closed
47238 20 months ago Python threading.Event().wait() depends on the system time open
47237 20 months ago Inheritance from base class with property in class makes them non-instantiatable open
47236 20 months ago Document types.CodeType.replace() changes about co_exceptiontable open
47235 20 months ago Clarify that `assret_called_once_with` sample code is intended typo has PR closed
47234 20 months ago PEP-484 "numeric tower" approach makes it hard/impossible to specify contracts in documentation open
47233 20 months ago show_caches option affects code positions reported by dis.get_instructions(...) has patch has PR open
47232 20 months ago Difficulties building tip of tree Python for emscripten closed
47231 20 months ago TarFile.getmember cannot work on tar sourced directory over 100 characters open
47230 20 months ago New compiler warnings with latest zlib has PR closed
47229 20 months ago IDLE UI crashes on Chromebook Linux/Bullseye closed
47228 20 months ago Document that naïve datetime objects represent local time open
47227 20 months ago Suppress expression chaining for RE parsing errors has PR closed
47226 20 months ago Unexpected indent message closed
47225 20 months ago Issue in subtraction of float numbers closed
47224 20 months ago The variable __module__ in the class body getting an undesirable value from __prepare__ of the metaclass closed
47223 20 months ago (closed mistakingly, see the next issue) The variable __module__ in the class body getting an undesirable value from __prepare__ of the metaclass closed
47222 20 months ago subprocess.Popen() should allow capturing output and sending it to stdout and stderr has PR open
47221 20 months ago chained comparisons slower than using `and` closed
47220 20 months ago Document the optional callback parameter of weakref.WeakMethod has PR open
47219 20 months ago asyncio with two interpreter instances open
47218 20 months ago adding name to lzmafile has PR open
47217 20 months ago adding name to BZ2File has PR open
47216 20 months ago adding mtime option to gzip open() has PR open
47215 20 months ago Add "unstable" frame stack api has PR open
47214 20 months ago builtin_function_or_method is also either a function or a method open
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