ID Activity Title Status
32133 1/4 hour ago documentation: numbers module nitpick open
43760 1/2 an hour ago The DISPATCH() macro is not as efficient as it could be (move PyThreadState.use_tracing) has PR open
44126 1/2 an hour ago Cross Compile Cython Modules closed
44130 1/2 an hour ago GIL Improvement closed
44095 1/2 an hour ago Add suffix property to zipfile.Path has PR open
44132 3/4 hours ago Local import conflict with system import open
42972 an hour ago [C API] Heap types (PyType_FromSpec) must fully implement the GC protocol has PR open
44108 1 1/4 hours ago [sqlite3] normalise SQL quoted literals in sqlite3 test suite has PR open
44098 2 hours ago Remove ParamSpec from __parameters__ of most typing generics has PR closed
42109 2 hours ago Use hypothesis for testing the standard library, falling back to stubs has PR open
37891 3 hours ago Exceptions tutorial page does not mention raise from open
44113 4 hours ago [C API] Deprecate legacy API for configure Python initialization has PR closed
24871 4 hours ago doesn't work on x86_64 Linux out of the box has patch closed
44131 4 hours ago [C API] Add tests on Py_FrozenMain() has PR open
41111 4 hours ago [C API] Convert a few stdlib extensions to the limited C API (PEP 384) has PR open
1662 5 hours ago [patch] assert tp_traverse in PyType_GenericAlloc() has patch closed
43795 7 hours ago Implement PEP 652 -- Maintaining the Stable ABI has PR open
44123 7 hours ago make function parameter sentinel value true singletons open
26032 8 hours ago Use scandir() to speed up pathlib globbing has patch has PR closed
28146 8 hours ago Confusing error messages in str.format() has PR closed
44117 8 hours ago [C API] Remove deprecated PyEval_InitThreads() has PR open
38693 8 hours ago Use f-strings instead of str.format within importlib has PR open
43977 10 hours ago Implement the latest semantics for PEP 634 for matching collections has PR closed
44129 10 hours ago zipfile: Add descriptive global variables for general purpose bit flags has PR open
43757 11 hours ago pathlib: move 'resolve()' logic out of path flavour has PR closed
44128 12 hours ago zipfile: Deduplicate ZipExtFile code for init and resetting when seeking has PR open
43012 yesterday Remove pathlib accessors has PR open
43908 yesterday array.array should remain immutable: add Py_TPFLAGS_IMMUTABLETYPE flag has patch has PR open
44127 yesterday urllib.parse.ParseResult._replace() does not allow replacing username, password, hostname, port open
38291 yesterday Deprecate the and pseudo-modules has PR open
35089 yesterday Remove and from documentation has PR closed
44109 yesterday missing dataclass decorator in match-statement example open
44114 yesterday Incorrect function signatures in dictobject.c has PR closed
43952 yesterday Multiprocessing UNIX socket connection: client freeze if authkey is an empty byte string has PR open
8557 yesterday subprocess PATH semantics and portability open
44094 yesterday Remove PyErr_Set...WithUnicodeFilename APIs has PR closed
43504 yesterday Site linked in docs,, down open
44125 yesterday "make patchcheck" fails has PR closed
44074 yesterday patchcheck checks against branch "master" not "main" has PR closed
43933 yesterday Regression in python3.10 with traceback frame having lineno of -1 has PR closed
44124 yesterday Unhelpful error messages with mis-ordering of f-string specifiers open
37788 yesterday fix for bpo-36402 (threading._shutdown() race condition) causes reference leak has patch has PR open
38552 yesterday Colored Prompt broken in REPL in Windows in 3.8 closed
37658 yesterday In some cases asyncio.wait_for can lead to socket leak. has patch has PR open
44104 yesterday http.cookies.CookieError: Illegal key closed
40938 yesterday urllib.parse.urlunsplit makes relative path to absolute (http:g -> http:///g) open
39906 yesterday pathlib.Path: add `follow_symlinks` argument to `stat()` and `chmod()` has PR closed
44122 yesterday let linter allow defining attribute outside __init__ if called in __init__ closed
44115 yesterday Improve conversions for fractions has PR open
42130 yesterday AsyncIO's wait_for can hide cancellation in a rare race condition has PR open
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