ID Activity Title Status
45548 4 minutes ago Update Modules/Setup has PR open
45659 7 minutes ago Add FrozenImporter.get_filename(). open
44828 1/4 hour ago tkinter.filedialog linked with Tk 8.6.11 crashes on macOS 12 Monterey, breaking IDLE saves has patch has PR open
45657 1/4 hour ago Enum behavior when values are functions open
45636 1/4 hour ago Merge BINARY_*/INPLACE_* into BINARY_OP/INPLACE_OP has PR open
45658 1/2 an hour ago Implement FrozenImporter.get_source() open
45656 1/2 an hour ago argparse bug: prefix_chars argument to add_argument_group doesn't really work open
45655 1/2 an hour ago List of PEPs at top of typing docs is too long to be readable has PR open
43656 3/4 hours ago TracebackException or StackSummary.extract with capture_locals=True fail to catch exceptions raised by repr() on value of frame local variable in FrameSummary.__init__. has PR open
45653 3/4 hours ago Freeze the encodings module. open
45654 3/4 hours ago Freeze the runpy module. open
45649 3/4 hours ago Add tarinfo.Path open
45652 1 1/4 hours ago co_filename does not match __file__ for frozen stdlib modules open
45522 1 1/2 hours ago Allow to build Python without freelists has PR closed
30082 1 3/4 hours ago hide command prompt when using subprocess.Popen with shell=False on Windows has patch has PR open
45651 1 3/4 hours ago -X frozen_modules not defaulting to "off" on Windows when running in source tree? open
45020 1 3/4 hours ago Freeze all modules imported during startup. has PR open
45562 1 3/4 hours ago python -d creates lots of tokenizer messages has PR closed
45630 1 3/4 hours ago Dump CodeObject API for debugging has PR open
45650 2 hours ago cgitb does not emit CGI headers when format='text' open
45629 2 hours ago Tools/freeze needs tests in the test suite. has PR closed
39679 3 hours ago functools: singledispatchmethod doesn't work with classmethod has PR closed
45641 3 hours ago Error In opening a file through tkinter on macOS Monterey closed
45644 3 hours ago Make json.tool soak up input before opening output for writing has PR open
45256 3 hours ago Remove the usage of the C stack in Python to Python calls has PR open
44525 4 hours ago Implement CALL_FUNCTION adaptive interpreter optimizations has PR open
45646 4 hours ago Star expression in comprehension wrongly indicates to use or_expression after the star open
45648 4 hours ago Better tp_version_tag overflow checks in specializer has PR open
45647 4 hours ago "expression" is erroneous in the doc open
45645 4 hours ago Deep recursion terminates script execution with no error (Windows, Python 3.9) open
45637 6 hours ago The fallback to find the current frame in the gdb helpers fails for inlined frames has PR open
45643 8 hours ago SIGSTKFLT is missing from the signals module on Linux has PR open
30570 8 hours ago issubclass segfaults on objects with weird __getattr__ has patch has PR open
45642 9 hours ago Unable to save open
45627 10 hours ago OpenSSL 1.1.1 still implements some disable-flags for Blake2, Scrypt has PR closed
45438 10 hours ago inspect not capturing type annotations created by __class_getitem__ has PR open
45530 10 hours ago Improve listobject.c's unsafe_tuple_compare() has patch has PR closed
44904 10 hours ago Classmethod properties are erroneously "called" in multiple modules has patch has PR closed
45640 yesterday Production tokens are not clickable has PR open
45620 yesterday A misleading url in 'Floating Point Arithmetic' page closed
45639 yesterday Support modern image formats in MIME types has PR open
45356 yesterday Calling `help` executes @classmethod @property decorated methods has patch has PR open
45638 yesterday Does ccbench still require 2.6 compatibility? open
45591 yesterday PathFinder does not find namespace packages children closed
45618 yesterday Documentation builds fail with Sphinx 3.2.1 has PR open
9351 yesterday argparse set_defaults on subcommands should override top level set_defaults has patch open
45235 yesterday argparse does not preserve namespace with subparser defaults has PR open
45635 yesterday Tidy up error handling in traceback.c / python run.c open
45634 yesterday [sqlite3] don't combine error checks when adding integer constants has PR open
28737 yesterday Document that tp_dealloc handler must call PyObject_GC_UnTrack if Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_GC is set has PR open
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