ID Activity Title Status
35884 7 hours ago Add variable access benchmark to Tools/Scripts has PR closed
33234 yesterday Improve list() pre-sizing for inputs with known lengths has PR closed
34433 3 days ago cancel all other pending child futures has PR closed
35980 4 days ago Py3 BIF random.choices() is O(N**2) but I've written O(N) code for the same task closed
34003 2 weeks ago csv.DictReader can return basic dict instead of OrderedDict has PR closed
35757 1 month ago slow subprocess.Popen(..., close_fds=True) has PR closed
35582 1 month ago Argument Clinic: inline parsing code for functions with only positional parameters has patch has PR closed
34838 1 month ago Improve arg clinic code generation for cases with type checking has PR closed
35719 1 month ago Optimize multi-argument math functions has PR closed
35664 1 month ago Optimize itemgetter() has PR closed
35636 1 month ago remove redundant check in unicode_hash(PyObject *self) has PR closed
35588 1 month ago Speed up mod/divmod/floordiv for Fraction type has PR closed
35604 1 month ago Is python used more than Java Nowadays? closed
35559 1 month ago Optimize base64.b16decode to use compiled regex has PR closed
30561 1 month ago sync-up gammavariate and expovariate code has PR closed
25638 2 months ago Verify the etree_parse and etree_iterparse benchmarks are working appropriately has patch has PR closed
35369 2 months ago List sorting makes duplicate comparisons has patch closed
35249 3 months ago Docs Makefile always rebuilds entire doc has PR closed
33695 3 months ago Have shutil.copytree(), copy() and copystat() use cached scandir() stat()s has patch has PR closed
34751 3 months ago Hash collisions for tuples has patch has PR closed
34070 4 months ago Superfluous call to isatty in open() when buffering >= 0 has PR closed
26301 4 months ago ceval.c: reintroduce fast-path for list[index] in BINARY_SUBSCR has patch has PR closed
28397 4 months ago Faster index range checks has patch has PR closed
34925 4 months ago 25% speed-up to common case for bisect() has PR closed
21165 4 months ago Optimize str.translate() for replacement with substrings and non-ASCII strings closed
13607 4 months ago Move generator specific sections out of ceval. has patch closed
30198 5 months ago distutils build_ext: don't run newer_group() in parallel in multiple threads when using parallel has PR closed
29419 5 months ago Argument Clinic: inline PyArg_UnpackTuple and PyArg_ParseStack(AndKeyword)? closed
29451 5 months ago Use _PyArg_Parser for _PyArg_ParseStack(): support positional only arguments closed
34636 5 months ago re module microoptimization: speed up bytes \w \s \d matching has PR closed
34633 5 months ago Simplify __reduce__ for ordered dict iterators has PR closed
17781 5 months ago optimize compilation options has patch closed
34599 5 months ago improve performance of _Py_bytes_capitalize() has PR closed
34436 5 months ago Overallocation is never disabled in _PyBytes_FormatEx() has PR closed
34151 6 months ago use malloc() for better performance of some list operations has PR closed
29259 6 months ago Add tp_fastcall to PyTypeObject: support FASTCALL calling convention for all callable objects has patch has PR closed
34141 7 months ago Speed up pickling simple non-recusive values has PR closed
34017 7 months ago Tkinter CheckButton not working in EXE closed
23493 7 months ago optimize sort_keys in json module by using operator.itemgetter() has PR closed
34043 7 months ago Optimize tarfile uncompression performance has PR closed
34010 7 months ago tarfile stream read performance regression has PR closed
33945 7 months ago concurrent.futures ProcessPoolExecutor submit() blocks on results being written closed
33671 7 months ago Efficient zero-copy for shutil.copy* functions (Linux, OSX and Win) has patch has PR closed
18932 7 months ago Optimize selectors.EpollSelector.modify() has patch closed
28240 8 months ago Enhance the timeit module: display average +- std dev instead of minimum has patch has PR closed
4896 8 months ago Faster why variable manipulation in ceval.c closed
33737 8 months ago Multiprocessing not working closed
29301 8 months ago decimal: Use FASTCALL and/or Argument Clinic has patch closed
26251 8 months ago Use "Low-fragmentation Heap" memory allocator on Windows closed
33505 8 months ago Optimize asyncio.ensure_future by reordering if conditions has patch has PR closed
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