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47093 4 months ago Documentation Fix: Remove .bat when activating venv on windows open
46586 4 months ago In documentation contents erroneously links to built-in property has PR open
46291 4 months ago [doc] First argument to raise can also be BaseException has PR open
46279 4 months ago [docs] Minor information-ordering issue in __main__ doc has PR open
46168 4 months ago Incorrect format specified for the "style" key in the configuration file format formatter example open
45991 4 months ago Improve ambiguous docstrings in pkgutil open
45735 4 months ago Promise the long-time truth that `args=list` works has PR open
44158 4 months ago Clarify documentation for redirected stdout/stderr when using subprocess in Linux open
43286 4 months ago [doc] Clarify that Popen.returncode does not get auto-set when the process terminates open
41825 4 months ago os.waitid() documentation needs TLC has PR open
40899 4 months ago Document exceptions raised by importlib.import has PR open
40283 4 months ago Documentation of has PR open
40065 4 months ago py39: remove deprecation note for xml.etree.cElementTree open
39971 4 months ago [doc] Error in functional how-to example has PR open
39712 4 months ago Doc for `-X dev` option should mention PYTHONDEVMODE has patch has PR open
38825 4 months ago shutil.disk_usage - Lacking documentation open
37430 4 months ago [doc] range is not a built-in function open
35962 4 months ago [doc] Slight error in words in [ 2.4.1. String and Bytes literals ] open
35190 4 months ago doc: cannot be used to test whether a class provides a particular interface open
34526 4 months ago Path.relative_to() taking multiple arguments could be better documented has PR open
33601 4 months ago [doc] Py_UTF8Mode is not documented has patch has PR open
33590 4 months ago [doc] sched.enter priority has no impact on execution open
33426 4 months ago [doc] Behavior of os.path.join does not match documentation has PR open
32658 4 months ago Metacharacter (\) documentation suggestion has PR open
30718 4 months ago [doc] open builtin function: specifying the size of buffer has no effect for text files has PR open
30535 4 months ago [doc] Explicitly note that meta_path is not empty has PR open
29010 4 months ago Incorrect description about scope related with inheritance open
28973 4 months ago [doc] The fact that multiprocess.Queue uses serialization should be documented. open
28951 4 months ago re.flags not documented in Module Contents as promised. open
28661 4 months ago Fix code example in Python 3.5 telnetlib documentation open
28612 4 months ago str.translate needs a mapping example has patch open
28445 4 months ago Wrong documentation for GzipFile.peek has PR open
28356 4 months ago [easy doc] Document os.rename() behavior on Windows when src and dst are on different filesystems has patch has PR open
27901 4 months ago DOC: inspect.ismethod returns different results on the same basic code between Python2.7 Python3.5 open
27886 4 months ago Docs: the difference between Path.rename() and Path.replace() is not obvious open
27779 4 months ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module open
27583 4 months ago [doc ] configparser: modifying default_section at runtime has patch has PR open
26792 4 months ago docstrings of runpy.run_{module,path} are rather sparse has PR open
26608 4 months ago RLock undocumented behavior in case of multiple acquire open
26124 4 months ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords has PR open
25743 4 months ago [doc] Clarify exactly what \w matches in UNICODE mode open
25514 4 months ago Improve IDLE's "subprocess didn't make connection" message has PR open
25433 4 months ago whitespace in strip()/lstrip()/rstrip() has patch has PR open
25377 4 months ago Mention octal format of mode argument of os.chmod has PR open
24247 4 months ago Docs: "unittest discover" modifies sys.path open
24147 4 months ago Dialect class defaults are not documented. has patch has PR open
23747 4 months ago [doc] platform module exposes win32_ver function on posix systems has PR open
23560 4 months ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst has patch has PR open
23453 4 months ago [doc] Clarify bytes vs text with non-seeking tarfile stream has PR open
23323 4 months ago [doc] mention that flags arg to imaplib's append should be a string open
22593 4 months ago Automate update of doc references to UCD version when it changes. has PR open
22456 4 months ago __base__ undocumented has patch open
22021 4 months ago shutil.make_archive() root_dir do not work has patch has PR open
22014 4 months ago Improve display of OS exception <-> errno mapping has patch open
21761 4 months ago [doc] language reference describes the role of module.__file__ inaccurately has PR open
21760 4 months ago inspect documentation describes module type inaccurately has PR open
21254 4 months ago doc: PropertyMock refuses to raise AttributeErrror as a side effect open
21150 4 months ago Add quick links table to argparse docs has patch has PR open
20970 4 months ago [doc] contradictory documentation for prog option of argparse has patch has PR open
20823 4 months ago [doc] Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch has PR open
20803 4 months ago doc: clarify that struct.pack_into writes 0x00 for pad bytes has PR open
20749 4 months ago shutil.unpack_archive(): security concerns not documented has PR open
20741 4 months ago Documentation archives should be available also in tar.xz format open
20459 4 months ago [doc] No Argument Clinic documentation on how to specify a return converter open
20109 4 months ago TestProgram is mentioned in the unittest docs but is not documented open
19871 4 months ago json module won't parse a float that starts with a decimal point has patch open
19864 4 months ago [doc] multiprocessing Proxy docs need locking semantics explained open
19820 4 months ago docs are missing info about module attributes has PR open
19154 4 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' in http/ when using select when file descriptor is closed. open
18767 4 months ago csv documentation does not note default quote constant has patch open
18744 4 months ago doc: pathological performance using tarfile open
18697 4 months ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation has PR open
18534 4 months ago [doc] State clearly that open() 'file' param is "name" attr of the result open
18280 4 months ago Documentation is too personalized has patch has PR open
17972 4 months ago inspect module docs omits many functions has PR open
17545 4 months ago [doc] os.listdir and os.path.join inconsistent on empty path open
17505 4 months ago [doc] email.header.Header.__unicode__ does not decode header has PR open
17108 4 months ago [doc] import silently prefers package over module when both available open
15457 4 months ago consistent treatment of generator terminology has patch open
14995 4 months ago PyLong_FromString documentation should state that the string must be null-terminated has patch has PR open
13821 4 months ago [doc] misleading return from isidentifier open
13498 4 months ago os.makedirs exist_ok documentation is incorrect, as is some of the behavior has patch open
13305 4 months ago datetime.strftime("%Y") not consistent for years < 1000 has patch open
13127 4 months ago is not labeled as read-only has PR open
12706 4 months ago timeout sentinel in ftplib and poplib documentation has patch has PR open
12600 4 months ago Add example of using load_tests to parameterise Test Cases open
12403 4 months ago Mention sys.displayhook in code module docs and the compile builtin docs has patch has PR open
12217 4 months ago Cross-link docs for faulthandler, traceback and pdb has PR open
12165 4 months ago [doc] clarify documentation of nonlocal has PR open
12067 4 months ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch has PR open
12020 4 months ago [doc] Attribute error with flush on stdout,stderr open
11776 4 months ago Constructor signatures missing in types module documentation has patch open
11479 4 months ago Add discussion of trailing backslash in raw string to tutorial has patch has PR open
11385 4 months ago [doc] TextTestRunner documentation improvements open
11176 4 months ago [doc] give more meaningful argument names in argparse documentation has patch has PR open
10936 4 months ago Simple CSS fix for left margin at open
10434 4 months ago Document the rules for "public names" open
10149 4 months ago [doc] Data truncation in expat parser has patch has PR open
9305 4 months ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch has PR open
9267 4 months ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open
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