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(no priority set)
33729 37 months ago Hashlib/blake2* missing 'data' keyword argument has PR open
34172 24 months ago multiprocessing.Pool and ThreadPool leak resources after being deleted has PR open
32604 16 months ago [subinterpreters] PEP 554 implementation: add interpreters module has PR open
release blocker
45317 4 weeks ago Document the removal the usage of the C stack in Python to Python calls open
45618 10 hours ago Documentation builds fail with Sphinx 3.2.1 has PR open
36795 30 months ago "make venv" failed in Docs open
26979 36 months ago The danger of PyType_FromSpec() open
11352 32 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open
28124 32 months ago Rework SSL module documentation has PR open
32824 6 months ago Docs: Using Python on a Macintosh has bad info per Apple site open
11151 130 months ago Arguments to various types not specified in types module open
11573 129 months ago Improve Unicode Documentation with Known Caveats open
12476 125 months ago ctypes: need example how to pass raw data from Python open
10149 124 months ago Data truncation in expat parser has patch open
12880 122 months ago ctypes: clearly document how structure bit fields are allocated has patch open
14899 113 months ago Naming conventions and guidelines for packages and namespace packages has patch open
15555 112 months ago Default newlines of io.TextIOWrapper open
15775 111 months ago Add StopParser(), ResumeParser, and GetParsingStatus to expat open
10665 110 months ago Expand unicodedata module documentation has patch open
16207 110 months ago distinguish methods from non-methods in classes in the stdtypes docs open
11160 109 months ago ZipFile.comment expects bytes open
16568 108 months ago allow constructors to be documented separately from class open
16831 107 months ago Better docs for ABCMeta.__subclasshook__ open
14393 107 months ago Incorporate Guide to Magic Methods? open
16633 106 months ago os.environ updates only one copy of env vars under Windows (GetEnvironmentVariable vs. getenv) open
10994 106 months ago implementation details in sys module open
17108 106 months ago import silently prefers package over module when both available open
17179 105 months ago Misleading error from type() when passing unknown keyword argument open
17279 105 months ago Document which named built-in classes can be subclassed open
13604 105 months ago update PEP 393 (match implementation) has patch open
17337 104 months ago input() and raw_input() do not work correctly with colored prompts open
1525919 104 months ago email package content-transfer-encoding behaviour changed open
17505 104 months ago email.header.Header.__unicode__ does not decode header open
10799 104 months ago Improve webbrowser (.open) doc and behavior open
2953 104 months ago _zip_directory_cache untested and undocumented open
17858 103 months ago Different documentation for identical methods has patch open
16901 101 months ago In http.cookiejar.FileCookieJar() the .load() and .revert() methods don't work has patch open
16418 101 months ago argparse with many choices can generate absurdly long usage message has patch open
10434 100 months ago Document the rules for "public names" open
15939 99 months ago make *.rst files in Doc/ parseable by doctest has patch open
19153 98 months ago Embedding into a shared library fails again open
16195 98 months ago Difficult or impossible to figure out how garbage collector and weak references should interact for user-defined extension types open
19154 97 months ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' in http/ when using select when file descriptor is closed. open
19517 97 months ago sysconfig variables introduced by PEP-3149 are currently undocumented open
19864 96 months ago multiprocessing Proxy docs need locking semantics explained open
20153 94 months ago New-in-3.4 weakref finalizer doc section is already out of date. open
12558 94 months ago Locale-dependent exception for float width argument to Tkinter widget constructor open
7262 93 months ago + eol (windows) has patch open
20970 92 months ago contradictory documentation for prog option of argparse has patch open
10318 91 months ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs has patch open
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