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45116 26 months ago Performance regression 3.10b1: inlining issue in the big _PyEval_EvalFrameDefault() function with Visual Studio (MSC) has patch has PR open
release blocker
47194 26 months ago Upgrade to zlib v1.2.12 in CPython binary releases has PR open
46686 26 months ago [venv / PC/launcher] issue with a space in the installed python path open
14302 26 months ago Rename Scripts directory to bin and move python.exe to bin open
38856 26 months ago asyncio ProactorEventLoop: wait_closed() can raise ConnectionResetError has PR open
1005895 26 months ago curses for win32 has patch open
1576120 26 months ago Support spawnvp[e] + use native execvp[e] on win32 has patch open
1708316 26 months ago doctest work with Windows PyReadline has patch open
1763 26 months ago Get path to shell/known folders on Windows has patch open
1800 26 months ago ctypes callback fails when called in Python with array argument has patch open
2528 26 months ago Change os.access to check ACLs under Windows has patch open
2889 26 months ago curses for windows (alternative patch) has patch open
3905 26 months ago subprocess failing in GUI applications on Windows open
4722 26 months ago _winreg.QueryValue fault while reading mangled registry values open
6820 26 months ago Redefinition of HAVE_STRFTIME can cause compiler errors. has patch open
6839 26 months ago zipfile can't extract file has patch has PR open
7877 26 months ago Iterators over _winreg EnumKey and EnumValue results has patch open
8036 26 months ago raise ValueError for empty `path` in os.spawnv[e] has patch open
8077 26 months ago [Windows] cgi handling of POSTed files is broken in Windows has patch has PR open
8232 26 months ago incomplete on Windows has patch open
8304 26 months ago time.strftime() and Unicode characters on Windows open
8576 26 months ago test_support.find_unused_port can cause socket conflicts on Windows has patch open
8579 26 months ago Add missing tests for FlushKey, LoadKey, and SaveKey in winreg open
9116 26 months ago test_capi.test_no_FatalError_infinite_loop crash on Windows has patch open
9524 26 months ago Document CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT usage on Windows open
9699 26 months ago invalid call of Windows API _popen() generating The input line is too long error message open
10608 26 months ago [doc] Add a section to Windows FAQ explaining os.symlink has patch open
11361 26 months ago [Windows] suggestion for os.kill(pid,CTRL_C_EVENT) in tests has patch open
12480 26 months ago urllib2 doesn't use proxy (fieddler2), configed the proxy with ProxyHandler open
12964 26 months ago Two improvements for the locale aliasing engine open
13077 26 months ago Windows: Unclear behavior of daemon threads on main thread exit open
13368 26 months ago Possible problem in documentation of module subprocess, method send_signal open
13702 26 months ago relative symlinks in tarfile.extract broken (windows) open
14111 26 months ago IDLE Debugger should handle interrupts has patch has PR open
14243 26 months ago tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile not particularly useful on Windows has patch has PR open
14484 26 months ago missing return in win32_kill? open
14750 26 months ago Tkinter application doesn't run from source build on Windows has patch open
15244 26 months ago Support for opening files with FILE_SHARE_DELETE on Windows has patch open
15286 26 months ago normpath does not work with local literal paths has patch open
15411 26 months ago os.chmod() does not follow symlinks on Windows has patch open
15533 26 months ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation: Posix vs Windows has patch open
15556 26 months ago os.stat fails for file pending delete on Windows open
16066 26 months ago Truncated POST data in CGI script on Windows 7 open
16328 26 months ago sets wrong user path has patch open
18069 26 months ago Subprocess searches special directories before PATH on Windows open
18903 26 months ago IDLE file-completion is case-sensitive in Windows has patch open
19124 26 months ago os.execv executes in background on Windows open
19433 26 months ago Define PY_UINT64_T on Windows 32bit open
19453 26 months ago doesn't detect IronPython, help(foo) can hang open
19575 26 months ago subprocess: on Windows, unwanted file handles are inherited by child processes in a multithreaded application open
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