ID Activity Title Status
37120 yesterday Provide knobs to disable session ticket generation on TLS 1.3 has PR open
34162 2 days ago idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.8.0 (and backports) has PR open
37309 2 days ago idlelib/NEWS.txt for 3.9.0 and backports open
21314 2 weeks ago Document '/' in signatures has PR open
29282 1 month ago Fused multiply-add: proposal to add math.fma() has patch open
2897 1 month ago Deprecate structmember.h has patch open
15347 3 months ago IDLE - does not close if the debugger was active has patch open
30290 5 months ago IDLE: add tests for has PR open
33486 7 months ago regen autotools related files has PR open
34370 8 months ago Tkinter scroll issues on macOS open
31203 8 months ago socket.IP_PKTINFO is missing from python has PR open
24954 11 months ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open
25729 11 months ago update pure python datetime.timedelta creation has patch open
29243 18 months ago --enable-optimizations makes common build commands always need to compile from scratch has PR open
31040 19 months ago mimetypes.add_type should complain when you give it an undotted ext has PR open
28087 22 months ago macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely has patch has PR open
28060 23 months ago Clean up division fast paths in Objects/longobject.c has patch open
30211 25 months ago Bdb: add docstrings has PR open
19899 31 months ago No test for thread.interrupt_main() has patch open
25235 33 months ago EmailMessage.add_attachment() creates parts with spurious MIME-Version header. has patch open
28083 33 months ago socket: finish constant to Enum/Flag conversion has patch open
26589 37 months ago Add HTTP Response code 451 has patch open
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