ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
40893 1 month ago tkinter: integrate TkDND support has patch has PR open epaine   enhancement
32545 2 months ago Unable to install Python 3.7.0a4 on Windows 10 - Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package. closed mwr256   behavior
26652 3 months ago Cannot install Python 2.7.11 on Windows Server 2008 R2 closed Hung-Hsuan Chen    
19351 3 months ago python msi installers - silent mode closed Jason.Bray loewis behavior
30725 3 months ago Windows installer for 2.7.13 doesn't install pip when installing to C:\Program Files closed KevKeating    
32049 3 months ago 2.7.14 does not uninstall cleanly if installation was run as SYSTEM account (SCCM) closed niemalsnever   behavior
32966 3 months ago Python 3.7.2 - 0x80070643 - Fatal Error during installation open exceltw   crash
39952 4 months ago Using VS2019 to automatically build Python3 and it failed to build open Lin   compile error
32592 4 months ago Drop support of Windows Vista and 7 in Python 3.9 has PR open vstinner    
20265 5 months ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch closed zach.ware docs@python enhancement
39586 5 months ago Deprecate bdist_msi: use bdist_wheel instead has PR closed hugovk    
35058 6 months ago Unable to Install Python on Windows closed alexbach   crash
39070 7 months ago Uninstalling 3.8.0 fails but it says it succeeds.. open tuijatuulia   behavior
22139 9 months ago python windows 2.7.8 64-bit did not install closed Andreas.Richter   behavior
34977 9 months ago Release Windows Store app containing Python has PR closed steve.dower steve.dower enhancement
35898 10 months ago The TARGETDIR variable must be provided when invoking this installer closed Thomas Trummer   behavior
36315 10 months ago Unable to install Python 3.7.2 closed   behavior
28494 10 months ago is_zipfile false positives has patch has PR open Thomas.Waldmann gregory.p.smith behavior
37981 11 months ago Can't install Python 3.7.4 x64 on Win 8.1 open Alexander Podgórski    
37991 11 months ago What is this? What is problem? closed yusif    
37756 11 months ago Error 0x80070643 when installing open bfbfbfb bfbfbf   behavior
34232 12 months ago Python3.7.0 exe installers (32 and 64 bit) failing on Windows7 closed wolma    
31534 12 months ago python 3.6.2 installation failed 0x80070002 error closed roie    
34470 12 months ago windows msi in headless mode fails to install Script directory on reinstall if the python folder was deleted but not uninstalled closed cdknorow   behavior
34562 12 months ago cannot install versions 3.6.5+ on Windows closed Zyg    
33779 12 months ago Error while installing python 3.6.5 on windows 10 closed sid1987   crash
36572 15 months ago python-snappy install issue during Crossbar install with Python 3.7.3 (Windows x86 executable installer) closed telatoa   behavior
35944 17 months ago Python 3.7 install error closed lasonjack steve.dower crash
35832 17 months ago Installation error closed Stefano Bonalumi   crash
21506 17 months ago Windows MSI installer should mklink (symlink) python.exe to python2.7.exe open edmorley   enhancement
34981 17 months ago Unable to install Python from web-based installer and executable installer closed skycraper   crash
35299 18 months ago LGHT0091: Duplicate symbol 'File:include_pyconfig.h' found has patch has PR closed neyuru steve.dower compile error
35440 20 months ago Setup failed 0x80072f7d - Unspecified error open DesignEngineer   behavior
23874 20 months ago Encrypted MSI fails to install with code 2755 closed jaraco    
35323 20 months ago Windows x86 executable installer can't install closed outofthink    
34737 22 months ago Python upgrade with SYSTEM account uninstalls python open JatinGoel    
34469 23 months ago windows msi in headless mode fails to install Script directory on reinstall if the python folder was deleted but not uninstalled closed cdknorow   compile error
25345 25 months ago Unable to install Python 3.5 on Windows 10 closed Gowtham NM   resource usage
33060 29 months ago Installation hangs at "Publishing product information" closed bobstones    
25910 29 months ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR closed SilentGhost docs@python  
20984 30 months ago 'Add/Remove Programs' dialog missing entries for 32-bit CPython 'current user only' installations on 64-bit Windows closed Jurko.Gospodnetić   behavior
32507 31 months ago Change Windows install to applocal UCRT has PR closed steve.dower steve.dower enhancement
32514 31 months ago 0x80070002 - The system cannot find the file specified open Beatty0111   behavior
31148 31 months ago Can we get an MSI installer for something past 3.4.4? closed D Gentry   behavior
25546 31 months ago python 3.5 installation problem; Error 0x80240017: Failed to execute MSU package closed rfrank1234   behavior
25144 32 months ago 3.5 Win install fails with "TARGETDIR" closed fov steve.dower  
31875 32 months ago Error 0x80070642: Failed to install MSI package. has patch has PR open Gareth Moger    
31767 34 months ago Windows Installer fails with error 0x80091007 when trying to install debugging symbols open Igor.Skochinsky   security
31741 34 months ago backports import path can not be overridden in Windows (Linux works fine) closed Chris Caron   behavior
31419 35 months ago Can not install python3.6.2 due to Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package open fernado   crash
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