ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
35027 yesterday distutils.core.setup does not raise TypeError when if classifiers, keywords and platforms fields are not specified as a list has patch has PR open TilmanKrummeck   behavior
8525 2 days ago Display exceptions' subclasses in help() has patch has PR closed robcliffe CuriousLearner enhancement
35003 3 days ago Provide an option to venv to put files in a bin/ directory on Windows open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement
34725 4 days ago Py_GetProgramFullPath() odd behaviour in Windows has patch has PR open mariofutire    
32174 4 days ago nonASCII punctuation characters can not display in python363.chm. has patch has PR closed zaazbb docs@python behavior
34022 7 days ago 6 tests fail using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH env var has patch has PR open vstinner    
33450 1 week ago unexpected EPROTOTYPE returned by sendto on MAC OSX open racitup   behavior
34922 1 week ago hashlib segmentation fault has PR open shuoz ned.deily crash
34919 1 week ago Crash caused by certain characters in a string open cwickens   crash
27682 1 week ago wsgiref: Windows Error 10053, ConnectionAbortedError: [WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine open SG    
31660 2 weeks ago sys.executable different in os.execv'd python3.6 virtualenv session in python2 vs python3 closed Stephen Moore    
22490 1 month ago Using realpath for __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ makes Homebrew installs fragile has patch has PR open tdsmith ronaldoussoren behavior
32718 1 month ago Install PowerShell activation scripts for venv for all platforms has PR closed brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement
34011 1 month ago Default preference not given to venv DLL's has PR closed jonathan-lp steve.dower behavior
31898 1 month ago Add a `recommended-packages.txt` file open ncoghlan ncoghlan enhancement
34749 1 month ago improve performance of binascii.a2b_base64() has PR open sir-sigurd   performance
34733 1 month ago Missing search bar on has PR closed Harrison Chudleigh docs@python behavior
29465 1 month ago Modify _PyObject_FastCall() to reduce stack consumption has patch closed vstinner   resource usage
28908 1 month ago pydoc getdocloc() is broken open nascheme   behavior
34688 1 month ago Segfault in pandas that works fine on 3.7 open xtreak   crash
34480 1 month ago fails with UnboundLocalError on invalid keyword in marked section open kodial ezio.melotti behavior
34068 1 month ago traceback.clear_frames(): Objects/typeobject.c:3086: _PyType_Lookup: Assertion `!PyErr_Occurred()' failed. has PR closed serhiy.storchaka   crash
34599 1 month ago improve performance of _Py_bytes_capitalize() has PR closed sir-sigurd   performance
17480 1 month ago pyvenv should be installed someplace more obvious on Windows closed jason.coombs   enhancement
34556 1 month ago Add --upgrade to venv module open cooperlees   enhancement
34355 1 month ago SIGSEGV (Address boundary error) closed ybon   crash
34507 1 month ago Add path expansion interpolation in pyvenv.cfg home key open chnlior   enhancement
32973 1 month ago Importing the same extension module under multiple names breaks non-reinitialisable extension modules open twouters   behavior
34488 2 months ago improve performance of BytesIO.writelines() by avoiding creation of unused PyLongs has PR open sir-sigurd   performance
34439 2 months ago Expose venv --prompt value to an environment value open Tomer   behavior
30811 2 months ago A venv created and activated from within a virtualenv uses the outer virtualenv's site-packages rather than its own. closed Antony.Lee    
34324 2 months ago Doc README wrong directory name for venv has PR closed lys.nikolaou docs@python  
34296 2 months ago Speed up python startup by pre-warming the vm open cykerway   performance
34359 2 months ago Wrong virtual environment found closed sfx2k   behavior
29804 2 months ago test_ctypes test_pass_by_value fails on arm64 (aarch64) architecture has PR closed ishcherb    
34303 2 months ago micro-optimizations in functools.reduce() has PR open sir-sigurd   performance
14266 2 months ago pyunit script as shorthand for python -m unittest has patch closed michael.foord michael.foord  
24356 2 months ago venv documentation incorrect / misleading has PR closed Graham.Oliver docs@python enhancement
34241 2 months ago Segfault while Django template rendering closed vhelke   crash
33193 3 months ago Cannot create a venv on Windows when directory path contains dollar character open Stuart Cuthbertson   crash
34224 3 months ago python 3.7 inside venv tries to write back to read-only installation directory ( open ajung    
34205 3 months ago Ansible: _PyImport_LoadDynamicModuleWithSpec() crash on an invalid object (UNREF invalid object) open mdk   crash
29336 3 months ago merge tuples in module has patch closed inada.naoki   enhancement
25150 3 months ago 3.5: Include/pyatomic.h is incompatible with OpenMP (compilation of the third-party module fails on Python 3.5) has patch open axh   compile error
34144 3 months ago venv activate.bat reset codepage fails on windows 10 has PR open LorenzMende   behavior
34087 3 months ago int(s), float(s) and others may cause segmentation fault has patch has PR closed fenrrir   crash
33597 3 months ago Compact PyGC_Head has PR closed inada.naoki   resource usage
33996 3 months ago Crash in gen_send_ex(): _PyErr_GetTopmostException() returns freed memory closed vstinner    
15533 4 months ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation: Posix vs Windows has patch open chris.jerdonek gregory.p.smith behavior
32519 4 months ago venv API docs - symlinks default incorrect has PR closed jason.coombs    
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