ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
16221 6 months ago tokenize.untokenize() "compat" mode misses the encoding when using an iterator has patch closed eric.snow   behavior
5857 7 months ago Return namedtuples from tokenize token generator closed mallyvai rhettinger enhancement
42729 9 months ago tokenize, ast: No direct way to parse tokens into AST, a gap in the language processing pipiline has PR closed pfalcon    
38953 11 months ago Untokenize and retokenize does not round-trip open Zac Hatfield-Dodds   behavior
6143 14 months ago IDLE - clear and restart the shell window has patch has PR open roger.serwy terry.reedy enhancement
25661 16 months ago tokenize.untokenize does not maintain the order of tabbed indentations and leading spaces closed Blake Hilliard   behavior
38663 23 months ago Untokenize does not round-trip ws before bs-nl open edreamleo   behavior
35297 24 months ago untokenize documentation is not correct open csernazs docs@python  
35107 36 months ago untokenize() fails on tokenize output when a newline is missing open gregory.p.smith    
8478 38 months ago tokenize.untokenize first token missing failure case has patch closed rb terry.reedy behavior
24145 40 months ago Support |= for parameters in converters open larry larry enhancement
12486 41 months ago tokenize module should have a unicode API has patch has PR closed Devin Jeanpierre   enhancement
9969 41 months ago tokenize: add support for tokenizing 'str' objects has patch open meador.inge   enhancement
2495 42 months ago tokenize doesn't handle __future__.unicode_literals correctly has PR closed christian.heimes    
27112 62 months ago tokenize.__all__ list is incomplete has patch open Unit03   enhancement
12691 65 months ago tokenize.untokenize is broken has patch closed terry.reedy behavior
20739 67 months ago PEP 463 (except expression) implementation has patch closed twouters   enhancement
26199 69 months ago fix broken link to hamcrest.library.integration.match_equality in unittest.mock "getting started" documentation has patch closed das-g docs@python  
25977 70 months ago Typo fixes in Lib/ has patch closed johnwalker docs@python enhancement
20387 72 months ago tokenize/untokenize roundtrip fails with tabs has patch closed jaraco jaraco  
25317 73 months ago Convert test_tokenize to unittests has patch closed serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement
24447 77 months ago tab indentation breaks in tokenize.untokenize closed gumblex   behavior
9974 93 months ago tokenizer.untokenize not invariant with line continuations closed Brian.Bossé terry.reedy behavior
20750 93 months ago Roundtrip-test tokenize.untokenize(iterable_of_5_tuples) open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior
16223 93 months ago untokenize returns a string if no encoding token is recognized has patch open eric.snow terry.reedy behavior
16224 93 months ago tokenize.untokenize() misbehaves when moved to "compatiblity mode" has patch closed eric.snow terry.reedy behavior
12675 93 months ago tokenize module happily tokenizes code with syntax errors open   behavior
2134 118 months ago Add new attribute to TokenInfo to report specific token IDs has patch closed gpolo docs@python enhancement
12943 122 months ago tokenize: add python -m tokenize support back has patch closed meador.inge meador.inge enhancement
13012 122 months ago Allow keyword argument in str.splitlines() has patch closed mark.dickinson mark.dickinson enhancement
10386 133 months ago token module should define __all__ has patch closed belopolsky belopolsky  
10335 133 months ago open a file with encoding detected from a coding cookie has patch closed vstinner   enhancement
10258 133 months ago Fix resource warnings in test_tokenize has patch closed bbrazil brian.curtin resource usage
7092 136 months ago Test suite emits many DeprecationWarnings when -3 is enabled has patch closed exarkun ezio.melotti behavior
8566 139 months ago 2to3 should run under python 2.5 has patch closed jyasskin benjamin.peterson  
2621 163 months ago rename test_support to support has patch closed benjamin.peterson benjamin.peterson enhancement
719888 164 months ago tokenize module w/ coding cookie has patch closed barry trent  
1548388 167 months ago set comprehensions has patch closed georg.brandl georg.brandl  
1660500 167 months ago Hide iteration variable in list comprehensions has patch closed ncoghlan georg.brandl  
1675363 167 months ago PEP 3114 -- next() -> __next__() has patch closed georg.brandl gvanrossum  
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