ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
3905 yesterday subprocess failing in GUI applications on Windows open twhitema   behavior
41299 3 days ago Python3 threading.Event().wait time is twice as large as Python27 open SD   performance
41972 4 days ago bytes.find consistently hangs in a particular scenario has patch has PR open Zeturic   performance
27263 6 days ago Tkinter sets the HOME environment variable, breaking scripts open Jarrod Petz docs@python behavior
43139 2 weeks ago test_ttk test_compound and test_tk test_type fails with Tk open felixonmars   behavior
38946 3 weeks ago IDLE on macOS 10.15 Catalina does not open double-clicked files if app already launched open RM ned.deily  
43122 3 weeks ago Python Launcher doesn't open a terminal window open kjw   behavior
42988 1 month ago [security] Information disclosure via pydoc -p: /getfile?key=path allows to read arbitrary file on the filesystem has PR open hroncok   security
24790 1 month ago Idle: improve stack viewer has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior
42507 1 month ago test_ttk_guionly test failures on macOS with Tcl/Tk 8.6.10 open ned.deily    
43013 1 month ago IDLE: update code, mostly by cleanups of 2.x or 2to3 artifacts has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement
27477 1 month ago IDLE: Switch search dialogs to ttk widgets, and other refinement has patch open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement
10572 1 month ago Move test sub-packages to Lib/test has patch has PR open michael.foord   enhancement
42560 2 months ago Improve Tkinter Documentation has PR open hpmason docs@python enhancement
7057 2 months ago tkinter doc: more 3.x updates open terry.reedy asvetlov  
42068 2 months ago For macOS, package the included Tcl and Tk frameworks in a rational way. open culler ned.deily enhancement
38649 2 months ago tkinter messagebox is sloppy open David Lambert serhiy.storchaka enhancement
35728 2 months ago Tkinter font nametofont requires default root has PR open terry.reedy   behavior
34550 2 months ago UnicodeDecodeError when invoke method configure() of Menu instance pending sbellct   resource usage
4343 2 months ago tkinter: add _get_master() and use it consistently has patch pending gpolo   enhancement
41969 2 months ago ttk.RadioButtons mis-sized under Windows 10 UI Scaling, with dpiAware set true pending Athanasius   behavior
41349 2 months ago Tk window not going full screen on 90° rotated screen on mac pending Tim Z   enhancement
21521 2 months ago Tkinter + OSX + Spaces : Multiple file dialogues created pending rovf   behavior
24893 2 months ago Tk occasionally mispositions Text() insert cursor on mouse click. pending rhettinger   behavior
37945 2 months ago [Windows] test_locale.TestMiscellaneous.test_getsetlocale_issue1813() fails open tim.golden tim.golden behavior
40452 2 months ago Tkinter/IDLE: preserve clipboard on closure has patch has PR open epaine terry.reedy behavior
42370 3 months ago test_ttk_guionly: test_to() fails on the GitHub Ubuntu job has PR open vstinner    
42491 3 months ago Tkinter wait_visibility hanging when used in thread open spcmicro   behavior
41111 3 months ago [C API] Convert a few stdlib extensions to the limited C API (PEP 384) open vstinner    
14390 3 months ago Tkinter single-threaded deadlock has patch open jcbollinger   behavior
41611 3 months ago IDLE: problems with completions on Mac open rhettinger terry.reedy  
32426 3 months ago Tkinter: reference document of possible cursor names open alex.75 docs@python  
42225 3 months ago Tkinter hangs or crashes when displaying astral chars open terry.reedy   behavior
42305 3 months ago Added Auto_Complete DropBox Suggestion For Tkinter has PR open RajvirSingh1313   enhancement
13829 3 months ago exception error in when called after fork pending Dan.kamp   crash
1250 3 months ago Building external modules using Sun Studio 12 open anilj niemeyer compile error
26216 4 months ago run error when test tkinter open allensll   behavior
33962 4 months ago IDLE: use ttk.spinbox with configdialog has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement
17942 4 months ago IDLE Debugger: Improve GUI has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy enhancement
24845 4 months ago IDLE functional/integration testing has patch has PR open markroseman terry.reedy enhancement
37903 4 months ago IDLE Shell sidebar. has patch has PR open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior
40075 5 months ago _tkinter PythonCmd fails to acquire GIL has patch has PR open speleo3   crash
41851 5 months ago tkinter: add font equal methods has PR open epaine docs@python enhancement
28694 5 months ago tkinter interface to fontchooser has patch open Lance Ware   enhancement
18280 5 months ago Documentation is too personalized has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka fdrake  
41730 5 months ago Show deprecation warnings for tkinter.tix has PR open wyz23x2   behavior
35228 6 months ago Index search in CHM help crashes viewer open chrullrich docs@python behavior
40553 6 months ago Python 3.8.2 Mac freezing/not responding when saving new programs open Zain terry.reedy crash
35276 6 months ago Document thread safety open vstinner docs@python  
40468 6 months ago IDLE: configdialog tab rearrange open epaine terry.reedy enhancement
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