ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
44482 yesterday Possible resource leeak in glob in non-refcount implementations has PR open serhiy.storchaka   resource usage
30966 3 days ago Add multiprocessing.queues.SimpleQueue.close() has PR closed arigo   resource usage
44310 4 days ago Document that lru_cache uses hard references has PR closed Wouter De Borger2 rhettinger resource usage
7464 6 days ago circular reference in HTTPResponse by urllib2 has patch closed kristjan.jonsson orsenthil resource usage
43475 1 week ago Worst-case behaviour of hash collision with float NaN has patch has PR closed congma rhettinger performance
43795 1 week ago Implement PEP 652 -- Maintaining the Stable ABI has PR open petr.viktorin    
42972 1 week ago [C API] Heap types (PyType_FromSpec) must fully implement the GC protocol has PR open vstinner   behavior
40240 1 week ago Expose public spelling of _PyGC_FINALIZED and _PyGC_SET_FINALIZED? closed Eric Cousineau   enhancement
44206 2 weeks ago Add a version number to dict keys. has PR closed Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance
43740 2 weeks ago Long paths in imp.load_dynamic() lead to segfault open xxm   crash
17792 3 weeks ago Unhelpful UnboundLocalError due to del'ing of exception target has patch has PR open barry   enhancement
42085 3 weeks ago Add dedicated slot for sending values has PR closed v2m   performance
41736 4 weeks ago test_site: test_s_option() failed on AMD64 Windows8.1 Refleaks 3.7 closed vstinner    
35134 4 weeks ago Add a new Include/cpython/ subdirectory for the "CPython API" with implementation details has PR closed vstinner    
36560 4 weeks ago test_functools leaks randomly 1 memory block has patch has PR closed vstinner    
2771 4 weeks ago Test issue has PR open gvanrossum ezio.melotti behavior
37788 1 month ago fix for bpo-36402 (threading._shutdown() race condition) causes reference leak has patch has PR closed anselm.kruis   resource usage
40092 1 month ago Crash in _PyThreadState_DeleteExcept() at fork in the process child open vstinner    
37658 1 month ago In some cases asyncio.wait_for can lead to socket leak. has patch has PR open Nikita Ilyasov   resource usage
44184 1 month ago crash on windows invoking flake8 has patch has PR closed Anthony Sottile steve.dower crash
31753 1 month ago Unnecessary closure in ast.literal_eval closed Aaron Hall   performance
40645 1 month ago Use OpenSSL's HMAC API has PR open christian.heimes christian.heimes enhancement
25716 1 month ago typeobject.c call_method & call_maybe can leak references on 'func' has patch closed Myron Walker   resource usage
26680 1 month ago Incorporating float.is_integer into Decimal has patch has PR closed robert_smallshire rhettinger enhancement
40137 1 month ago TODO list when PEP 573 "Module State Access from C Extension Methods" will be implemented has patch has PR closed vstinner   enhancement
1635741 1 month ago Py_Finalize() doesn't clear all Python objects at exit has PR open kylotan   resource usage
43762 1 month ago Add audit events for loading of sqlite3 extensions has patch has PR closed erlendaasland   security
43981 1 month ago test_idle is leaking references has PR closed pablogsal terry.reedy  
43995 1 month ago test_grammar fails if run sequentially has PR closed erlendaasland    
24912 1 month ago The type of cached objects is mutable has patch has PR closed serhiy.storchaka larry behavior
41713 1 month ago _signal module leak: test_interpreters leaked [1424, 1422, 1424] references has PR closed vstinner    
43911 1 month ago Queue.get() memory leak has patch closed multiks2200 rhettinger  
39812 1 month ago Avoid daemon threads in concurrent.futures has PR closed pitrou aeros behavior
26227 2 months ago Windows: socket.gethostbyaddr(name) fails for non-ASCII hostname has patch has PR closed vstinner steve.dower behavior
38119 2 months ago resource tracker destroys shared memory segments when other processes should still have valid access has patch has PR open davin davin behavior
43846 2 months ago Control stack usage in large expressions has PR closed Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance
35056 2 months ago Test leaks of memory not managed by Python allocator has patch open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement
13501 2 months ago Make libedit support more generic; port readline / libedit to FreeBSD has patch has PR closed ngie gregory.p.smith enhancement
31861 2 months ago add aiter() and anext() functions has patch has PR closed davide.rizzo    
43741 2 months ago http.client leaks from open HynekPetrak   crash
43599 2 months ago Setting long domain of locale.dgettext() crashes Python interpreter open xxm   crash
42968 2 months ago [Windows] multiprocessing handle leak when child process is killed during startup/unpickling open dgrunwald   behavior
43637 2 months ago winreg: SetValueEx leaks memory if PySys_Audit fails has PR closed nulano   resource usage
43662 2 months ago test_tools: test_reindent_file_with_bad_encoding() fails RHEL7 on x86-64 and s390x with GCC 4.8.5 and LTO closed vstinner    
39318 2 months ago NamedTemporaryFile could cause double-close on an fd if _TemporaryFileWrapper throws has PR open nneonneo serhiy.storchaka behavior
43605 2 months ago Eval/exec and comprehension scopes unclear in documentation has PR open bruno.loff docs@python behavior
2001 3 months ago Pydoc interactive browsing enhancement closed ron_adam ncoghlan enhancement
25130 3 months ago Make tests more PyPy compatible has patch open serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka enhancement
15751 3 months ago [subinterpreters] Make the PyGILState API compatible with subinterpreters open ncoghlan   enhancement
43579 3 months ago Leak in asyncio.selector_events._SelectorSocketTransport open begnac   performance
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