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46685 26 months ago Add additional tests for new features in `` has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46676 26 months ago ParamSpec args and kwargs are not equal to themselves. has PR closed GBeauregard   behavior
46655 26 months ago typing.TypeAlias is not in the list of allowed plain _SpecialForm typeforms has PR open GBeauregard   behavior
46644 26 months ago typing: remove callable() check from typing._type_check has PR closed GBeauregard   enhancement
46643 26 months ago typing.Annotated cannot wrap typing.ParamSpec args/kwargs has PR closed GBeauregard   behavior
46603 26 months ago `typing._strip_annotations` is not fully covered has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46581 26 months ago _typevar_types and _paramspec_tvars are missing from _GenericAlias.copy_with has PR closed posita   behavior
46571 26 months ago Strange `@typing.no_type_check` behavior for class variables has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46553 26 months ago typing: get_type_hints on stringified lone ClassVar raises TypeError has PR closed GBeauregard   behavior
46552 26 months ago typing: get_type_hints can't handle stringified annotations with leading spaces closed GBeauregard   behavior
46539 26 months ago typing: forward references don't understand special type forms has PR closed GBeauregard   behavior
46511 26 months ago dataclasses: Allow typing.Annotated to wrap dataclasses-specific annotations has PR open GBeauregard   behavior
46470 26 months ago `_remove_dups_flatten` in `` contains dead branch has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46373 26 months ago TypedDict and NamedTuple do not evaluate cross-module ForwardRef in all cases open andreash   behavior
46371 26 months ago A better way to resolve ForwardRefs in type aliases across modules open andreash   enhancement
46369 26 months ago get_type_hints does not evaluate ForwardRefs inside NewType open andreash   behavior
46345 26 months ago Add an explicit test for `get_type_hints` for a class field with `None` default has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46195 26 months ago Annotated and Optional get_type_hints buggy interaction has PR closed med2277   behavior
46162 26 months ago Make `` generic has PR closed sobolevn   behavior
46014 26 months ago functools.singledispatch does not support Union types has PR closed evansd   enhancement
45524 26 months ago Cross-module dataclass inheritance breaks get_type_hints has PR open aidan.b.clark eric.smith behavior
45380 26 months ago help() appears confused about the module of typing.Annotated open AlexWaygood docs@python behavior
45359 26 months ago TopologicalSorter is not Generic at runtime (but is in typeshed) has PR closed JacobHayes   enhancement
45283 26 months ago Top / function argument level ClassVar should not be allowed during `get_type_hints()` has PR open sobolevn   behavior
45166 26 months ago get_type_hints + Final + future annotations = TypeError has PR closed pawamoy   behavior
44926 26 months ago [DOC] typing.get_type_hints() raises for type aliases with forward references has PR closed mhils docs@python behavior
44799 26 months ago typing.get_type_hints() raises TypeError for a variable annotated by dataclasses.InitVar has PR closed tkomiya eric.smith  
44642 26 months ago Union of a type and the typing module function closed serhiy.storchaka    
44468 26 months ago Shouldn't `typing.get_type_hints()` default `globalns` to `{}` instead of skipping base classes? has PR closed WCA   behavior
44098 26 months ago Remove ParamSpec from __parameters__ of most typing generics has PR closed kj kj  
43901 26 months ago Lazy-create an empty annotations dict in all unannotated user classes and modules has PR closed larry larry enhancement
43893 26 months ago typing.get_type_hints does not accept type annotations with leading whitespaces has PR closed jarryshaw   behavior
43817 26 months ago Add inspect.get_annotations() has patch has PR closed larry larry enhancement
43646 26 months ago ForwardRef name conflict during evaluation closed tefra   behavior
43463 26 months ago typing.get_type_hints with TYPE_CHECKING imports / getting hints for single argument open The Compiler   behavior
43355 26 months ago __future__.annotations breaks inspect.signature() open 1ace   behavior
43257 26 months ago get_type_hints evaluates class variables before type hints closed xirdneh   behavior
43102 26 months ago namedtuple's __new__.__globals__['__builtins__'] is None has PR closed douglas-raillard-arm rhettinger behavior
43006 26 months ago Changed behaviour of inspect.signature() in Python 3.10 closed Zac Hatfield-Dodds    
42921 26 months ago Inferred Optional type of wrapper function arguments open joperez   behavior
42904 26 months ago get_type_hints does not provide localns for classes has PR closed pbryan   behavior
42881 26 months ago Should typing.get_type_hints change None annotations? open larry   behavior
42829 26 months ago get_type_hints throws for nested class with __future__ annotations closed Prometheus3375    
42824 26 months ago get_type_hints throws for local class reference closed Fabian.M   behavior
42725 26 months ago PEP 563: Should the behavior change for yield/yield from's has PR closed BTaskaya    
42610 26 months ago Get the type from a variable open wlf100220   enhancement
42288 26 months ago typing.get_type_hints() returns Optional[Any] if the default value of the argument is None closed tkomiya   enhancement
41987 26 months ago singledispatchmethod raises an error when relying on a forward declaration has PR open glyph   behavior
41967 26 months ago Handle annotations in the parser to avoid the need for roundtrip has PR open pablogsal    
41960 26 months ago Add globalns and localns to the inspect.signature and inspect.Signature.from_callable has PR closed BTaskaya   enhancement
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