ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
42725 1 week ago PEP 563: Should the behavior change for yield/yield from's has PR closed BTaskaya    
43355 1 week ago __future__.annotations breaks inspect.signature() open 1ace   behavior
43006 2 weeks ago Changed behaviour of inspect.signature() in Python 3.10 closed Zac Hatfield-Dodds    
37923 2 weeks ago Combining typing.get_type_hints and inspect.signature open dmontague   enhancement
28556 2 weeks ago upgrades has PR closed gvanrossum    
43901 2 weeks ago Lazy-create an empty annotations dict in all unannotated user classes and modules has PR closed larry larry enhancement
43817 2 weeks ago Add inspect.get_annotations() has patch has PR closed larry larry enhancement
42904 2 weeks ago get_type_hints does not provide localns for classes has PR closed pbryan   behavior
38605 2 weeks ago [typing] PEP 563: Postponed evaluation of annotations: enable it by default in Python 3.11 has PR open vstinner   behavior
43893 3 weeks ago typing.get_type_hints does not accept type annotations with leading whitespaces has PR open jarryshaw   behavior
41370 4 weeks ago PEP 585 and ForwardRef has PR open joperez   behavior
43646 1 month ago ForwardRef name conflict during evaluation closed tefra   behavior
43463 1 month ago typing.get_type_hints with TYPE_CHECKING imports / getting hints for single argument open The Compiler   behavior
41515 1 month ago typing.get_type_hints generates KeyError has PR closed eric.fahlgren    
43257 2 months ago get_type_hints evaluates class variables before type hints open xirdneh   behavior
43102 3 months ago namedtuple's __new__.__globals__['__builtins__'] is None has PR closed douglas-raillard-arm rhettinger behavior
42921 4 months ago Inferred Optional type of wrapper function arguments open joperez   behavior
42881 4 months ago Should typing.get_type_hints change None annotations? open larry   behavior
42829 4 months ago get_type_hints throws for nested class with __future__ annotations closed Prometheus3375    
42824 4 months ago get_type_hints throws for local class reference closed Fabian.M   behavior
41960 4 months ago Add globalns and localns to the inspect.signature and inspect.Signature.from_callable has PR closed BTaskaya   enhancement
42610 5 months ago Get the type from a variable open wlf100220   enhancement
39442 6 months ago from __future__ import annotations makes dataclasses.Field.type a string, not type open lopek   behavior
41987 6 months ago singledispatchmethod raises an error when relying on a forward declaration has PR open glyph   behavior
42288 6 months ago typing.get_type_hints() returns Optional[Any] if the default value of the argument is None closed tkomiya   enhancement
39679 6 months ago functools: singledispatchmethod doesn't work with classmethod open Viktor Roytman   behavior
36457 6 months ago functools.singledispatchmethod interacts poorly with subclasses open Tim Mitchell2   behavior
41967 7 months ago Handle annotations in the parser to avoid the need for roundtrip has PR open pablogsal    
41613 7 months ago get_type_hints regression for 3.9 and 3.10 closed BTaskaya    
41872 7 months ago get_type_hints fails to resolve forward references in nested function closed cjw296   behavior
40979 9 months ago typing module docs: keep text, add subsections has PR closed ramalho docs@python  
41496 9 months ago Create public API for typing._eval_type has PR open Dominik V.   enhancement
41341 9 months ago Recursive evaluation of ForwardRef (and PEP 563) has PR closed joperez   behavior
41249 10 months ago TypedDict inheritance doesn't work with get_type_hints and postponed evaluation of annotations across modules open keithblaha   behavior
40583 12 months ago Runtime type annotation mutation leads to inconsistent behavior closed ethereon   behavior
40464 12 months ago functools.singledispatch doesn't verify annotation is on FIRST parameter has PR open Dutcho   behavior
33453 12 months ago from __future__ import annotations breaks dataclasses ClassVar and InitVar handling has PR closed Ricyteach eric.smith behavior
39990 12 months ago help should evaluate forward reference has PR open McSinyx docs@python enhancement
40396 12 months ago Support GenericAlias in typing has PR closed serhiy.storchaka   enhancement
37948 14 months ago get_type_hints fails if there are un-annotated fields in a dataclass open arne eric.smith behavior
39866 14 months ago get_type_hints raises inconsistent TypeError closed j.tran4418    
37953 14 months ago Fix ForwardRef equality checks has PR closed plokmijnuhby   behavior
25087 16 months ago Type variable substitution in type instances closed skrah   behavior
34776 17 months ago Postponed annotations break inspection of dataclasses has PR closed drhagen yselivanov behavior
37838 18 months ago typing.get_type_hints not working with forward-declaration and decorated functions has patch has PR closed netbnd   behavior
38756 18 months ago Add generic versions of weakref types to typing module closed Nils Kattenbeck   enhancement
37806 20 months ago Infinite recursion with typing.get_type_hints has PR closed vg0377467 levkivskyi crash
37835 20 months ago typing.get_type_hints wrong namespace for forward-declaration of inner class open netbnd   behavior
36985 23 months ago typing.ForwardRef is undocumented has PR closed Anthony Sottile docs@python  
34700 24 months ago typing.get_type_hints doesn't know about typeshed open Ben.Darnell levkivskyi enhancement
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