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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type
47225 2 months ago Issue in subtraction of float numbers closed MrPhenomenal3110    
46641 2 months ago multiplication error 2.2 and 2.1 closed jzradom   behavior
46444 2 months ago Wrong value of pi for larger values using math.cos() function closed darshan.kanade   behavior
46173 2 months ago Clarify conditions under which float(x) with large x raises OverflowError open cykerway docs@python behavior
45966 2 months ago Error in Multiplication closed M1kE   behavior
45620 2 months ago A misleading url in 'Floating Point Arithmetic' page closed hanhantw docs@python  
44950 2 months ago Math closed hamish555   behavior
44910 2 months ago Floating point issue closed afw2alan   behavior
44551 2 months ago Substraction: unprecise result closed user_0101   behavior
44034 2 months ago Incorrect type casting of float into int closed hbutt4319   compile error
43291 2 months ago elementary multiplication by 0.01 error closed tonys_0   behavior
42907 2 months ago Division betwen float and 100 not giving corect result closed DimoY   behavior
42890 2 months ago bug float to int closed wlodek   behavior
42148 2 months ago floating point representation issues closed atuccia   behavior
41920 2 months ago Weird add operation of "0.2222 + 0.1111" closed ungedummt   behavior
41269 2 months ago Wrong subtraction calculations closed Svabo   behavior
41057 2 months ago Division error closed Fenn Ehk   behavior
40206 2 months ago Multiplying 4.6*100 will result in 459.99999999999994 closed ahmad dana    
40030 2 months ago Error with math.fsum() regarding float-point error closed Mathias Talbo   behavior
39749 2 months ago python 3.8.1 (3.14 * 10 = 31.400000002 bug) closed 꿈돌    
39525 2 months ago math.remainder() give wrong answer on large integer closed David Hwang   behavior
39436 2 months ago Strange behavior of comparing int and float numbers closed Petr Pisl   behavior
38968 2 months ago int method works improperly closed Riccardo La Marca    
38025 2 months ago format closed Daniel_Python   behavior
38024 2 months ago adding or subtracting decimals closed QA.Nathaniel Logarta    
37727 2 months ago error past 15 places closed Whitequill Riclo   behavior
37020 2 months ago Invalid floating point multiplication result closed Tonimore   behavior
36655 2 months ago Division Precision Problem closed kulopo   behavior
36151 2 months ago Incorrect answer when calculating 11/3 closed azihdoeun   behavior
36055 2 months ago Division using math.pow and math.log approximation fails closed Marcelo Marotta   behavior
36028 2 months ago Integer Division discrepancy with float closed Au Vo   behavior
34942 2 months ago Add an FAQ note about floating point representation closed xtreak docs@python  
34923 2 months ago Decimal Multiplication problems: Wrong solution closed Shadow Raven    
34907 2 months ago calculation not working properly closed hwk_un1te    
34703 2 months ago Unexpected Arithmetic Result closed chengxuncc   behavior
34358 2 months ago round() combined with product outputs ugly result closed ursus    
34337 2 months ago Fail to get a right answer for 1.2%0.2 closed qq100460045   compile error
34153 2 months ago 10/3 - last digit closed wassersteinchen    
31435 2 months ago Addition giving incorrect result in certain circumstances closed Aodhán Collins   behavior
31157 2 months ago math.sqrt function wrong closed Mick Press   performance
30895 2 months ago Decimal arithmetic sum error closed Yelson Chevarrias Huaman   behavior
30752 2 months ago Basic subtraction is wrong ( 1.83 - 1.52 == 0.31000000000000005) closed René Podlogar    
30009 2 months ago Integer conversion failure closed nvutri   behavior
29022 2 months ago Aritmetic error closed r00ta   behavior
28744 2 months ago Basic precision calc error closed Renner   behavior
28345 2 months ago 8/3 is calculated incorrectly closed Jonas Wegelius   behavior
28285 2 months ago 35.5 - 29.58 = 5.920000000000002 (it's false !) closed Hogren   behavior
27697 2 months ago Obscure bug in the int() function closed nathan snobelen   behavior
27094 2 months ago Floating Point Printing Error with 2+.8553 or 3+.8553 closed Seth Norton   behavior
26736 2 months ago Use HTTPS protocol in links has patch closed serhiy.storchaka serhiy.storchaka security
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