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29143 1 month ago Logger should ignore propagate property for disabled handlers. closed Oleg Serov    
36318 3 months ago Adding support for setting the "disabled" attribute of loggers from logging.config.dictConfig has PR closed maggyero   enhancement
35722 5 months ago disable_existing_loggers does not apply to the root logger has PR closed maggyero docs@python behavior
35069 8 months ago Unexecuted import in function causes UnboundLocalError closed jhewitt   behavior
34356 11 months ago Add support for args and kwargs in logging.conf has PR closed xavier.hardy   enhancement
33978 12 months ago logging.config.dictConfig with file handler leaks resources has patch has PR closed maggyero   resource usage
25910 16 months ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR closed SilentGhost docs@python  
11129 24 months ago logging: allow multiple entries in qualname config closed techtonik vinay.sajip  
16312 25 months ago New command line option supported by unittest.main() for running initialization code before tests open piotr.dobrogost michael.foord enhancement
18967 25 months ago Find a less conflict prone approach to Misc/NEWS has patch closed ncoghlan   enhancement
29955 27 months ago logging decimal point should come from locale has PR closed skip.montanaro   behavior
15452 31 months ago Improve the security model for logging listener() has patch closed ncoghlan   security
28499 32 months ago Logging module documentation needs a rework. open Pierre Bousquie docs@python enhancement
28335 33 months ago Exception reporting in `logging.config` has patch closed cool-RR vinay.sajip enhancement
26533 34 months ago logging.config does not allow disable_existing_loggers=True has patch closed Grazfather x   enhancement
27924 35 months ago ensurepip raises TypeError after pip uninstall closed jayvdb   crash
19504 35 months ago Change "customise" to "customize". has patch closed eric.smith rhettinger  
13516 35 months ago Gzip old log files in rotating handlers has patch closed ramhux vinay.sajip enhancement
26462 35 months ago Patch to enhance literal block language declaration has patch closed mdk docs@python enhancement
23921 38 months ago Standardize documentation whitespace, formatting has patch closed jedwards serhiy.storchaka enhancement
26199 42 months ago fix broken link to hamcrest.library.integration.match_equality in unittest.mock "getting started" documentation has patch closed das-g docs@python  
18689 44 months ago add argument for formatter to logging.Handler and subclasses in logging module closed underrun   enhancement
25123 46 months ago Logging Documentation - dictConfig disable_existing_loggers closed coderobot docs@python enhancement
24656 48 months ago remove "assret" from mock error checking has patch closed ethan.furman   behavior
23536 51 months ago Add explicit information on config file format not supporting filters closed piotr.dobrogost docs@python enhancement
23010 55 months ago "unclosed file" warning when defining unused logging FileHandler in dictConfig open wdoekes    
22646 57 months ago Set SMTPHandler's "credentials" through "logging.config.dictConfig". closed vinay.sajip enhancement
22482 58 months ago logging: fileConfig doesn't support formatter styles closed domzippilli   enhancement
22447 58 months ago logging.config.fileConfig attempts to write to file even when none configured closed esesek   enhancement
21495 62 months ago Sane default for logging config closed guettli   enhancement
21203 64 months ago logging configurators ignoring documented options has patch closed Jure.Koren   behavior
20985 64 months ago Add new style formatting to logging.config.fileConfig closed py.user   enhancement
17855 65 months ago Implement introspection of logger hierarchy has patch closed vinay.sajip vinay.sajip enhancement
16110 65 months ago Provide logging.config.configParserConfig has patch closed thbach vinay.sajip enhancement
18529 67 months ago Use long dash has patch closed serhiy.storchaka docs@python enhancement
18345 69 months ago logging: file creation options with FileHandler and friends has patch closed pitrou   enhancement
18476 72 months ago No way to pass custom arguments for loggers and formatters. closed piotr.dobrogost   enhancement
12718 76 months ago Logical mistake of importer method in logging.config.BaseConfigurator has patch closed Alexandr vinay.sajip  
17508 77 months ago logging.config.ConvertingDict issue with MemoryHandler closed plemarre vinay.sajip behavior
16391 81 months ago add "terminator" ctor argument to logging.StreamHandlers derived handlers closed nikicat vinay.sajip enhancement
15616 83 months ago logging.FileHandler not correctly created with PyYaml (unpickling problems?) closed jordipf vinay.sajip crash
12168 98 months ago SysLogHandler incorrectly appends \000 to messages closed Carl.Crowder vinay.sajip behavior
11071 101 months ago What's New review comments has patch closed ncoghlan rhettinger  
11008 103 months ago logging.dictConfig not documented as new in version 2.7 closed daybarr vinay.sajip  
876421 109 months ago logging handlers raise exception on level closed jimjjewett vinay.sajip  
8698 111 months ago PEP 391: Adding documentation of logging.config.dictConfig has patch closed akuchling vinay.sajip  
8696 111 months ago PEP 391: Adding documentation of logging.config.dictConfig has patch closed akuchling akuchling  
8697 111 months ago PEP 391: Adding documentation of logging.config.dictConfig has patch closed akuchling vinay.sajip  
8201 113 months ago test_logging fails if the loggerDict contains non-ASCII loggers. has patch closed flox vinay.sajip behavior
6615 114 months ago multiprocessing logging support test has patch closed OG7 jnoller behavior
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