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Title: Globalize lonely augmented assignment
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Components: Interpreter Core Versions: Python 3.3
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Created on 2010-06-11 20:26 by serprex, last changed 2022-04-11 14:57 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg107581 - (view) Author: Demur Rumed (serprex) Date: 2010-06-11 20:26
def f(x):

This throws an error. The solution: state "global a". I find it odd that augmented assignment should be viewed the same as assignment in descerning local variables. This patch repairs such to maintain a as a variable of the global namespace

Some might find the following an issue

def f(x):
    if x:
def g(x):
    if not x:

In f, A is a global variable. In g, A is a local variable. Thus g(1) throws UnboundLocalError while f(1) appends 4 to A
msg107582 - (view) Author: Demur Rumed (serprex) Date: 2010-06-11 20:33
A note on the patch, ste->ste_tmpname... lines, along with changes to Lambda_kind, were not added by me. The additional newlines prior to symtable_visit_stmt's declaration are accidental, apologies. I'll avoid patching a snapshot and then pull the old version from hg after realizing I need the old version to run diff on next time
msg107584 - (view) Author: Mark Dickinson (mark.dickinson) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-06-11 20:59
This seems evil to me, when you consider the effect of this patch on immutable types:

>>> A = 3
>>> def f():
...     A += 5
>>> f()
>>> A

I find the possibility that a function can implicitly (i.e., without any 'global' declarations) mutate my global module constants... disturbing.

Anyway, such a fundamental change would need proper discussion;  the right place for that is the python-ideas mailing list rather than the tracker:

Note also that there's a moratorium on core language changes in effect at the moment, so the earliest this could change is Python 3.3.

I'm going to close this issue for now;  if the idea gets a good reception on python-ideas it can be reopened.
msg107586 - (view) Author: Guido van Rossum (gvanrossum) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-06-11 21:48
It's not that much more evil than this:

A = []

def f(x):

print(A)  # []
print(A)  # [4]

I've always thought this is a borderline case.
msg107594 - (view) Author: Mark Dickinson (mark.dickinson) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-06-11 22:08
True.  I guess there's a mismatch either way around:  currently,
"A += [4]" and "A.append(4)" behave differently for (e.g.,) a list A.  With the proposed change, "n += 3" and "n = n + 3" behave differently for a integer n.  I'm not sure why I find the latter idea more disturbing than the former.
msg107603 - (view) Author: Guido van Rossum (gvanrossum) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-06-11 23:07
Because the latter (n += 1) is more fundamental, since it uses integers (arguably the most fundamental type).

This is why we've never done it before.
msg107665 - (view) Author: Demur Rumed (serprex) Date: 2010-06-12 15:53
I've modified the patch to be less aggressive, as suggested by Nick at

As an aside, should have executable permissions
msg107671 - (view) Author: Mark Dickinson (mark.dickinson) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-06-12 16:53
> As an aside, should have executable permissions.

Doesn't it already?  On my system (without having ever messed with any permissions as far as I can recall), I have:

newton:py3k dickinsm$ ls -l 
-rwxr-xr-x  1 dickinsm  staff  2168 28 Aug  2009
newton:py3k dickinsm$ svn pl
Properties on '':

And I get the same with a fresh hg checkout from
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