Title: runtime_library_dirs broken under OS X
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Components: Distutils Versions: Python 2.2
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Created on 2003-04-18 04:41 by zenzen, last changed 2003-05-23 22:46 by jackjansen. This issue is now closed.

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msg15493 - (view) Author: Stuart Bishop (zenzen) Date: 2003-04-18 04:41
gcc and ld on OSX don't seem to support the -R option, breaking 
runtime_library_dirs and any distutils installed extensions that require 

I've only checked Python 2.2.2 so far.
msg15494 - (view) Author: Jack Jansen (jackjansen) * (Python committer) Date: 2003-04-18 08:58
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Could you elaborate a bit on what breaks, and/or give an example that breaks?
msg15495 - (view) Author: Stuart Bishop (zenzen) Date: 2003-04-18 11:08
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Looks like this has been fixed in 2.3a2:
       if sys.platform[:6] == "darwin":
            # MacOSX's linker doesn't understand the -R flag at all
            return "-L" + dir
        elif compiler[:3] == "gcc" or compiler[:3] == "g++":
            return "-Wl,-R" + dir
            return "-R" + dir

I can't find a bug report or patch on this fix, and I don't know if it is in any 
2.2.x branch.
msg15496 - (view) Author: Jack Jansen (jackjansen) * (Python committer) Date: 2003-04-18 11:35
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It looks like backporting the rev. 1.48 fix to Lib/distutils/ should do the trick. I've attached the patch that should do the trick, if you could try this that would be helpful.
msg15497 - (view) Author: Stuart Bishop (zenzen) Date: 2003-04-24 05:41
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Yup - that looks like all that is needed to be done.
msg15498 - (view) Author: Jack Jansen (jackjansen) * (Python committer) Date: 2003-04-24 13:15
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Ok, I'll fix if there's a 2.2.3 release upcoming. Thanks for the report!
msg15499 - (view) Author: Jack Jansen (jackjansen) * (Python committer) Date: 2003-05-23 22:46
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Fixed in unixccompiler rev
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