Title: functools.singledispatch does not support Union types
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msg408018 - (view) Author: Dave Evans (evansd) Date: 2021-12-08 13:34
It's not currently possible to use `singledispatch` with a function annotated with a Union type, although the desired behaviour is clear.

    from functools import singledispatch
    from typing import Union

    def test(arg):
        raise ValueError(arg)

    def _(arg: Union[int, float]):
        print(f"{arg} is a number")


This dies with:

    TypeError: Invalid annotation for 'arg'. typing.Union[int, float] is not a class.

I've implemented a workaround which digs the types out of the union and registers them one-by-one:
    from functools import singledispatch
    from typing import Union, get_type_hints

    def register_for_union_type(target_fn):
        def decorator(fn):
            arg_type = list(get_type_hints(fn).values())[0]
            assert arg_type.__origin__ is Union
            for type_ in arg_type.__args__:
                fn = target_fn.register(type_)(fn)
            return fn

        return decorator

    def test(arg):
        raise ValueError(arg)

    def _(arg: Union[int, float]):
        print(f"{arg} is a number")



Looking at the source for `singledispatch` is doesn't look like it would *too* difficult to add support for something like this, though of course there may be subtleties I've missed. Would you be open to a patch?

The only other mentions I've found of this online are:
msg408261 - (view) Author: Łukasz Langa (lukasz.langa) * (Python committer) Date: 2021-12-10 23:28
New changeset 3cb357a2e6ac18ee98db5d450414e773744e3c76 by Yurii Karabas in branch 'main':
bpo-46014: Add ability to use typing.Union with singledispatch (GH-30017)
msg408262 - (view) Author: Łukasz Langa (lukasz.langa) * (Python committer) Date: 2021-12-10 23:29
Support added as an enhancement in Python 3.11. Thanks, Yurii! ✨ 🍰 ✨
msg408272 - (view) Author: Alex Waygood (AlexWaygood) * (Python triager) Date: 2021-12-10 23:53
This is awesome! Should a note be added to the functools documentation mentioning the new feature? (Genuine question — I'm not sure whether it's necessary myself.)
msg409366 - (view) Author: wrobell (wrobell) Date: 2021-12-30 12:55
Will it support Optional as well?

According to PEP-604, these two shall be equivalent (using Python 3.10 below)?
type(int | None)


Also, IMHO, the documentation of singledispatch should be improved. It needs to state that only Python types are supported with few exceptions (union type now), but other annotation types are not supported, i.e. generics like `list[int]`.
msg409369 - (view) Author: Alex Waygood (AlexWaygood) * (Python triager) Date: 2021-12-30 13:42
>>> from typing import Optional, get_origin
>>> get_origin(Optional[int])

^Because of that, it will work with typing.Optional as well as typing.Union and types.UnionType, yes.

I am planning on submitting a docs PR at some point in the next few days (probably linked to a new BPO issue).
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