Title: Improve tests and docs of how `pickle` works with `SharedMemory` obejcts
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msg401219 - (view) Author: Nikita Sobolev (sobolevn) * Date: 2021-09-07 10:17
As we've discussed in we need to improve how `SharedMemory` is documented and tested. Right now docs do not cover `pickle` at all ( And this is an important aspect in multiprocessing.

`SharedMemory` and `pickle` in `test_shared_memory_basics` (

sms.buf[0:6] = b'pickle'
pickled_sms = pickle.dumps(sms)
sms2 = pickle.loads(pickled_sms)
self.assertEqual(bytes(sms.buf[0:6]), bytes(sms2.buf[0:6]), b'pickle')

`ShareableList` has better coverage in this regard (

    def test_shared_memory_ShareableList_pickling(self):
        sl = shared_memory.ShareableList(range(10))

        serialized_sl = pickle.dumps(sl)
        deserialized_sl = pickle.loads(serialized_sl)
            isinstance(deserialized_sl, shared_memory.ShareableList)
        self.assertTrue(deserialized_sl[-1], 9)
        self.assertFalse(sl is deserialized_sl)
        deserialized_sl[4] = "changed"
        self.assertEqual(sl[4], "changed")

        # Verify data is not being put into the pickled representation.
        name = 'a' * len(
        larger_sl = shared_memory.ShareableList(range(400))
        serialized_larger_sl = pickle.dumps(larger_sl)
        self.assertTrue(len(serialized_sl) == len(serialized_larger_sl))


So, my plan is:
1. Improve testing of `SharedMemory` after pickling/unpickling. I will create a separate test with all the `pickle`-related stuff there
2. Improve docs: user must understand what will have when `SharedMemory`  / `SharableList` is pickled and unpickled. For example, the fact that it will still be shared can be a surprise to many.

I am going to send a PR with both thing somewhere this week.

I will glad to head any feedback before / after :)
msg401229 - (view) Author: Serhiy Storchaka (serhiy.storchaka) * (Python committer) Date: 2021-09-07 10:36
Go ahead. Fix also other issues in tests:

* All pickling tests should test with all supported protocols, not just with the default one.

* self.assertTrue(
            isinstance(deserialized_sl, shared_memory.ShareableList)
assertIsinstance() can be used here.

* self.assertTrue(deserialized_sl[-1], 9)
What is this? If it tests that deserialized_sl[-1] is true, 9 should be removed. Should it be assertEqual() instead?

* self.assertFalse(sl is deserialized_sl)
assertIs() can be used here.

* self.assertTrue(len(serialized_sl) == len(serialized_larger_sl))
assertEqual() can be used here.

* All close() should either be called in the finally block, or registered with addCleanup(). Otherwise we will heave resource leaks if tests fail.

There may be other issues in other tests. Seems these tests need a clean up.
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