Title: UUIDv1 is not RFC 4122 compliant
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msg397392 - (view) Author: László Görög (contact2) Date: 2021-07-13 11:14
Section 4.1.5 of RFC 4122 says the following about Clock Sequence:

   If the clock is set backwards, or might have been set backwards
   (e.g., while the system was powered off), and the UUID generator can
   not be sure that no UUIDs were generated with timestamps larger than
   the value to which the clock was set, then the clock sequence has to
   be changed.  If the previous value of the clock sequence is known, it
   can just be incremented; otherwise it should be set to a random or
   high-quality pseudo-random value.

However, the current implementation increments the timestamp and not the clock sequence. Ref:
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