Title: Add os.path.fileuri() function
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msg395756 - (view) Author: Barney Gale (barneygale) * Date: 2021-06-13 16:10

- Introduce `os.path.fileuri()` function that produces a 'file://' URI
- Adjust `PurePosixPath.to_uri()` to call `posixpath.fileuri()`
- Adjust `PureWindowsPath.to_uri()` to call `ntpath.fileuri()`
- Adjust `nturl2path.pathname2url()` to call `ntpath.fileuri()`


- pathlib is 95% a wrapper around `os` and `os.path`. It implements
  little itself except the OOP interface. `as_uri()` is one of only a
  tiny handful of pathlib features that have no decent antecedents.
- the existence of these OS-specific features complicates pathlib's
  internals, necessitating the existence of OS-specific '_Flavour'
  classes that greatly complicate work on bpo-24132
- this is a useful feature with lots of stackoverflow posts. It seems
  silly to /require/ users to use pathlib for this, as the rest of their
  codebase may work just fine using traditional path manip.

Further discussion on python-ideas:

Related: bpo-44403, bpo-44136, bpo-24132
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