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Title: pathlib: Highlight pathlib operator behavior with anchored paths
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msg388904 - (view) Author: (diegoe) * Date: 2021-03-17 04:04
In the '/' operator documentation for `pathlib`, the behavior for anchored paths is not described:

The behavior (prefer the second/right-hand root/anchor) is only explained in the `PurePath` class:

I ran into this while helping migrate a code base that was using "naive" concatenation of strings, so this:

PROJECT_DIR = ROOT_DIR + "/project-name"

was migrated to:
PROJECT_DIR = ROOT_DIR / "/project-name"

Note that, of course, we missed the leading "/".

Although the docs _do_ describe the behavior somewhere else, I believe it's worth being redundant in the operator section.

I believe it's a reasonable mistake to warn new users against, specially since "naive" concatenation is a common "ugly" pattern that many would be migrating from. Plus, a leading "/" is easy to miss, which would only compound the confusion if you are seeing your path "omit the (left-hand) Path object" (because the anchored string took precedence).
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