Title: pathlib.Path: add `username` argument to `home()`
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msg385472 - (view) Author: Barney Gale (barneygale) * Date: 2021-01-22 03:57
The `pathlib.Path.home()` function looks like:

    def home(cls):
        """Return a new path pointing to the user's home directory (as
        returned by os.path.expanduser('~')).
        return cls(cls()._flavour.gethomedir(None))

If we add a `username=None` parameter and pass this to `gethomedir()` we can easily add a lookup of another user's home directory, so:

    import pathlib
    username = 'phil'
    pathlib.Path.home(username) == pathlib.Path('~' + username).expanduser()
msg385473 - (view) Author: Barney Gale (barneygale) * Date: 2021-01-22 04:11
I should add that this is part of a plan to spin out some `Path` methods into a new `UserPath` class. Notably, in this case, `UserPath.expanduser()` will call `self.home()` under-the-hood. This is done to reduce the surface area of abstract methods that subclasses of `UserPath` need implement. More discussion here:
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