Title: types.SimpleNamespace.__repr__ documentation inconsistency
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msg379010 - (view) Author: Ben Avrahami (avrahami.ben) * Date: 2020-10-19 20:34
According to the documentation for types.SimpleNamespace, `repr(SimpleNamespace())` should return `"SimpleNamespace()"`, but in actuality returns `"namespace()"`. This is because SimpleNamespace is an alias for the C implemented type `_PyNamespaceObject`. Interestingly, `_PyNamespaceObject` names itself `"types.SimpleNamespace"`. This has the obvious issue of the documentation being wrong, but also the (perhaps less interesting issue) of `eval(repr(SimpleNamespace))` resulting in a NameError.

I propose that `_PyNamespaceObject`'s __repr__ method be changed to return `"SimpleNamespace(<args>)"`. This would require only the change of a constant in one line (currently this is line 75 on namespaceobject.c).

A smaller fix would be to change the documentation to correctly reflect this behavior.
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