Title: pathlib.Path should not call str() internally to allow inheritance
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msg378710 - (view) Author: Etienne POT (conchylicultor) * Date: 2020-10-16 10:48
I'm writing a subclass of `pathlib.Path` with custom `__fspath__`.

To prevent bad usages (users should use `os.fspath(path)` instead of `str(path)` to access the underlying path), I would like to overwrite `str`:

class MyPath(pathlib.PosixPath):

  def __fspath__(self) -> str:
    # Custom fspath

  def __str__(self) -> str:
    raise TypeError(
        f'Please do not use `str()` directly:'
        ' * For display: Use, f-string, `.format` or `repr`'
        ' * To access the path string: Use `os.fspath`, as per PEP 519'

  def __format__(self, format_spec) -> str:
    return format(super().__str__(), format_spec)

However, this is breaking pathlib internal, as `str(self)` is used at many places. It would be nice if all internal `str()` calls where replaced by some `self._str()`.

I also think it would be more semantically correct if some of the `__str__` call where replaced by `__fspath__`, like:
msg378713 - (view) Author: Etienne POT (conchylicultor) * Date: 2020-10-16 13:47
Closing this as I realize that even if this was solved, it would still not fully resolve the issue. Basically I want to control how __fspath__ and __str__ behave externally (for users), but internal fspath and str should always call `super()`
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