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Title: Translation Error in in Functional Programming HOWTO page
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msg374713 - (view) Author: 李冰 (mydairyyao) Date: 2020-08-03 04:18
There seems a translation error in Python Documentation in Functional Programming HOWTO page.

The page's English version's url is
And the Japanese version's url is

In English version, there is a paragraph: 

"In declarative languages, you write a specification that describes the problem to be solved, and the language implementation figures out how to perform the computation efficiently. SQL is the declarative language you’re most likely to be familiar with; a SQL query describes the data set you want to retrieve, and the SQL engine decides whether to scan tables or use indexes, which subclauses should be performed first, etc."

The corresponding Japanses translation is this:

"宣言型 言語で書くのは、解くべき問題を説明する仕様書であって、それを効率的に計算処理する方法を見付けるのは言語実装の役目です。SQL はおそらく一番よく知られた宣言型言語です; SQL のクエリは取得したいデータセットを説明しているだけで、テーブルを走査するかインデックスを使うか、どのサブクローズから実行するか等々を決めるのは SQL エンジンなのです。"

In the above paragraph, I think the translator translate the word "subclauses" to "サブクローズ", which is wrong.

In Japanese, サブ means sub and クローズ means close, so it is just "subclose", not "subclause".

That is all. Thank you.
msg375016 - (view) Author: Terry J. Reedy (terry.reedy) * (Python committer) Date: 2020-08-07 19:10
This tracker is only for the original English version of the docs.  The translations are by a different group with different tools and workflow.  This page
should not literally translate the instructions for the English version.

Julien, I thought there was something about translations in the devguide but cannot find it. would seen line a good place.
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