Title: unittest.mock: patched mocks do not propagate calls to parent when set via setattr
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msg373654 - (view) Author: (thinkingmachin6) Date: 2020-07-14 19:03
I expected the following code to print True:

import os
from unittest.mock import call, Mock, patch

parent = Mock()
parent.getenv = patch('os.getenv')
with parent.getenv:
    os.getenv('FOO', 'bar')
expected = [call.getenv('FOO', 'bar')]
print(expected, '==', parent.mock_calls, ':', expected == parent.mock_calls)

It works fine if you replace the statement `parent.getenv = patch('os.getenv')` with:
parent.getenv = patch('os.getenv', _mock_parent=parent,
                      _mock_new_parent=parent, _mock_new_name='getenv')


I was trying to make assertions about a mocked call within a mocked context generator.

from . import a
from . import b
def func():
    with a.context('c'):
from package.c import func
from unittest.mock import Mock, call, patch
parent = Mock()
parent.context = patch('package.a.context')
parent.operation = patch('package.b.operation')
with parent.context, parent.operation:
assert parent.mock_calls == [
   call.context().__exit__(None, None, None),

in other words, to ensure the correct order of the __enter__/__exit__ calls relative to the actual operation. I have my workaround but it's very awkward looking.
msg373656 - (view) Author: (thinkingmachin6) Date: 2020-07-14 19:47
This appears to be a case of RTFM ( For anybody that comes across this, the short answer is use `attach_mock()` instead of plain attribute-setting.
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