Title: Cannot locate MSBuild.exe on PATH or as MSBUILD variable
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msg373020 - (view) Author: Amine (Amen8) Date: 2020-07-05 09:09
I am running windows10. I HAVE to use python 3.6 for a project
downloaded it and followed the instructions in PCBuild/readme.txt
and I got the following output: (I would like to mention i checked this issue #33675 but I had no idea what is it talking about, am not using a "Buildbot")

C:\Users\Amine\Downloads\Python-3.6.11\Python-3.6.11\PCbuild>build.bat -e
Using "C:\Users\Amine\Downloads\Python-3.6.11\Python-3.6.11\PCbuild\\..\externals\pythonx86\tools\python.exe" (found in externals directory)      
Fetching external libraries...
bzip2-1.0.6 already exists, skipping.
openssl-1.0.2q already exists, skipping.
sqlite- already exists, skipping.
tcl-core- already exists, skipping.
tk- already exists, skipping.
tix- already exists, skipping.
xz-5.2.2 already exists, skipping.
Fetching external binaries...
nasm-2.11.06 already exists, skipping.
Cannot locate MSBuild.exe on PATH or as MSBUILD variable

msg373023 - (view) Author: Amine (Amen8) Date: 2020-07-05 09:31
I added the path manually to env variables. and this particular issue has been resolved
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