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Title: Prepare CPython for opaque PyObject structure.
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Components: C API, Interpreter Core Versions: Python 3.10
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msg372775 - (view) Author: William Pickard (WildCard65) * Date: 2020-07-01 17:43
The goal of issue 39573 is to make "PyObject" and opaque structure in the limited API.

To do that, a few mandatory changes will be required to CPython in order to allow for seamless implementation.

1) User types need to get away from directly referencing PyObject.
    - This can be done by adding a new variable to "PyTypeObject" who's value is an offset into the object's pointer to the type's internal structure.
        -- Example: 'PyType_Type.tp_obj_offset' would be the value of "sizeof(PyVarObject)".
        -- For custom types with another base: The value would be calculated from the base's "tp_obj_offset" + "tp_basicsize"

2) Create a linkable static library to facility method calls requiring internal implementation.
    - This static library will be implementation defined, IE: using internal methods specific to the runtime that created it.
    - Public facing methods will use generic names for example, "PyObject_GetType" will get the object's ob_type (or whatever the target runtime calls it).
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