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Title: inspect.getsourcefile documentation doesn't mention it can return None
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msg370547 - (view) Author: Pekka Klärck (pekka.klarck) Date: 2020-06-01 11:41
The docs of inspect.getsourcefile [1] mention the function can raise TypeError, but there's nothing about the function possibly returning None. This caused a bug in our project [2].

If I understand the code [3] correctly, None is returned if getsourcefile cannot determine the original source file of the file returned by getfile. That's understandable but should definitely be documented. Raising TypeError that getfile itself may raise might be even better, but such a backwards incompatible API change is probably not worth the effort.

While looking at the code, I also noticed there's getabsfile [4] that uses getfile if getsourcefile returns None. That looks handy but since the function isn't included in the inspect module documentation [5] using it feels pretty risky.

msg370548 - (view) Author: Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard (Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard) * Date: 2020-06-01 12:47
For a more comprehensive list, we currently have for `get*` functions in `inspect`:

`inspect.getdoc`: Returns `None` if the documentation string isn't present, either directly on the object or through it mro. This *isn't* documented.

`inspect.getfile`: Explicitly seems to handle None cases. After peeking a bit in the `PyCode_*` interface, it doesn't seem to be possible to assign `None` to the `co_filename` so the returning the `object.co_filename` in the function appears to not be able to return `None`.

`inspect.getmodule`: Returns None in a number of cases. This *isn't* documented.

`inspect.getsourcefile`: Returns None if the filename indicates an extension module or when none of the ifs are matched. This *isn't* documented.

Some (getmodulename, getcomments) do document this. Agreed that the rest of the cases where `None`s might be returned should be documented.
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