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Title: argparse: help parameter not documented in add_subparsers().add_parser
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msg363932 - (view) Author: Nazime Koussaila Lakehal (Nazime Koussaila Lakehal) Date: 2020-03-11 16:25
The parameter help in the method add_parser of _SubParsersAction (that we obtain with ArgumentParser.add_subparsers()) Is not documented.

In the documentation we can find:
The add_subparsers() method is normally called with no arguments and returns a special action object. This object has a single method, add_parser(), which takes a command name and any ArgumentParser constructor arguments, and returns an ArgumentParser object that can be modified as usual.

I found the parameter by accident and then I checked in the source code, it's unfortunate because the help parameter give really nice output when having sub commands.

the parameter 'aliases' is also not documented.
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