Title: create multiprocessing.SharedMemory by pointing to existing memoryview
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msg362754 - (view) Author: Dariusz Trawinski (Dariusz Trawinski) Date: 2020-02-26 23:46
Currently, in order to share numpy array between processes via multiprocessing.SharedMemory object, it is required to copy the memory content with:
input = np.ones((1,10,10,10))
shm = shared_memory.SharedMemory(create=True, size=input.nbytes)
write_array = np.ndarray(input.shape, dtype=input.dtype,buffer=shm.buf)
write_array1[:] = input[:]
In result the original numpy array is duplicated in RAM. It also adds extra cpu cycles to copy the content.

I would like to recommend adding an option to create shared memory object by pointing it to existing memoryview object, beside current method of using shared memory name. 
Is that doable?
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