Title: Automatically tabulate module contents in the docs
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msg360148 - (view) Author: alex c (alexchandel) * Date: 2020-01-16 22:05
By default, the page for a module does not list or tabulate the contents of that module. This makes it difficult to browse a module's functions or get a bird's-eye view.

For example, the logging module ( has almost 70 functions, methods, and attributes. But it's impossible to scan them without scrolling the entire length of the entry (~18 pages of US letter). Compare to the browsability of itertools (, which manually tabulates its functions in the first section. should automatically generate a TOC of the module's contents (classes, functions, etc) in the navigation sidebar, below the existing sidebar sections (perhaps in a collapsible section). Rust's documentation does this (example:, and also effectively allows the entire page to function as a TOC by providing a "collapse page" button.
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